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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 5 Recap

When Lao Lin knocked on Xiaonian’s door to explain to him for breakfast, he didn’t realize that Xiaonian had other plans in his heart. When Lao Lin took Uncle Huang to go to the police station, Xiao Nian carried the packed suitcases, ran out secretly, and got on the bus to meet his friends. A few people have already prepared the strategy, and some students in the school helped to ask for leave. The three of them prepared for such a simple trip. According to the plan, they will be able to go home safely tomorrow morning.

The fact that Qiangzi ignored Uncle Huang in the past few days has made the police station very angry. Lao Lin stood up to speak for Qiangzi. This time Uncle Huang deliberately left to relieve Qiangzi’s burden and could only pretend to be confused. And these days, the strong son has been silently guarding his father’s side, for fear that the old man might be out of trouble. The two father and son who learned the truth cried and hugged each other. In order to solve this problem, Yu Jia found a nursing home. The expenses were covered by the volunteer work of Qiang Son. With such a great good thing, Qiang Son was deeply moved. Deeply bowed to Yu Jia.

Unexpectedly, they encountered difficulties as soon as they left the house. The sky-high taxi fare made Xiaonian few people hesitate. They were walking down the street disappointedly. A man driving a jeep and wearing sunglasses came to the three of them and rolled down the car window to shout. So, as long as 600 fuel costs can send three people to the music festival, which is a lot cheaper than the more than 1,000 chartered car fare. Although Xiao Nian is suspicious, there is really nothing to do at this moment, unable to stand the persuasion of his companions, Xiao Nian. Had to follow along in the stranger’s car.

Lao Lin and several people called Wu Li, pretending to be a fellow accent, saying that they were working for Wu Li, and they made an appointment near the crime office. At this time, Yu Jia brought Longcheng Daily reporter Xiao Liu into the office, and Lao Lin took Xiao Liu to experience life around the clock. Liu Xiaoxiao said hello to Lao Lin. There will be an important action tomorrow that Lao Lin needs to participate in. There is no Lao Lin now. Qi Feng’s time limit is only one day left, and he can’t help feeling depressed. Who knows that Liu Xiaoxiao spoke to Qi Feng and asked about the dereliction of duty this time, which directly hit Qi Feng’s pain points. Let Qi Feng lose face and leave with a black face.

The unfamiliar driver talked to the three people enthusiastically. The driver who likes rock and roll seemed particularly enthusiastic. Although the three young men were brave, they were still defensive. Several conversations had no results. The owner was obviously a little unhappy. The atmosphere can only be dull. The appointment time with Wu Li was almost up, but Wu Li still didn’t reply. Qi Feng called back anxiously, and Lao Lin hurriedly picked up the conversation, finally induced Wu Li again and eavesdropped on the side. Liu Xiaoxiao felt that the scene of a direct conversation with the suspect in front of him was very exciting, so he strongly urged to go together…

Xiaonian didn’t expect that the driver’s elder brother who likes to rock and his own taste a little bit close, the two chatted fiercely, like old friends, Xiaonian’s conversation finally made the driver’s elder brother a little more happy. Lao Lin arrived as scheduled, Liu Xiaoxiao hid in the dark and wanted to take some photos secretly. When Wu Li finally appeared, Qi Feng and Xu Yifan also stood up and took Wu Li back first.

Chen Lin made a special trip to the police station to make an appointment with Yu Jia for dinner, but Yu Jia chose to slumped in the gym. Chen Lin always couldn’t figure it out. After chasing Yu Jia for ten years, why Yu Jia has not been tempted, always listening to Yu Jia saying that Chen Lin is in love with his girlfriends, and sometimes Chen Lin reluctantly wants to put Yu Jia down. On the contrary, this sentence completely aroused Yu Jia’s ambition. The two officially started a duel. Yu Jia directly gave Chen Lin a shoulder throw, which made Chen Lin lose his temper.

Sitting opposite Qi Feng, Wu Li seemed to answer questions honestly, but he was silent on the key issues. It was not a solution all the time. In order to make a quick fight, Lao Lin decided to go out and came to the interrogation room. Lao Lin First, he made an eye attack, then asked about Wu Li’s household registration, approached as a fellow, and deliberately talked about a decorator hitting someone to escape in front of Wu Li, deliberately stimulating Wu Li.

So many people in the bathing center did not pay their wages. Only Wu Li took the money to go home. Sure enough, under the stimulation of Lao Lin, Wu Li confessed that he saw the owner of the bathing center lead people to find Liu Baolong on the day of the incident. One of the security guards was The name Wu Li knew was Zhang Tao. Then Qi Feng and Lao Lin went to the neighborhood committee. Under the search list, they saw Zhang Tao’s address and phone number.

The driver’s car drove a quarter of the distance and it completely broke down. Fortunately, Xiao Nian took the initiative to find the driver. He tried to get back four hundred and five out of six hundred. Several people wanted to get the money back, and they continued to embark on a stranger. Journey.

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