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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 4 Recap

After the negotiations just now, Lin Dalu knew that Liu Baolong must have studied law. After a background check, Liu Baolong and others prevented the owner of the Chengezhuang Bathing Center from being able to open the business in order to defend their rights. Explain that Qi Feng and the others should start with their interests first, while they will continue to be busy looking for family members for Uncle Huang.

Time is running out and Qi Feng is facing pressure about his future. On the other side, Yu Jia and Lin Dallu also discussed Qi Feng. Yu Jia did not misunderstand Qi Feng, but he happened to know the character of Qi Feng very well. Immature handling methods have left hidden dangers for the incident. Lin Dalu knew that Yu Jia would not be really angry because of this incident, but he still comfortably handed Yu Jia a piece of toffee. Turning his head and leaving the office, Lin Dalu found Qi Feng, a few words simply cheered Qi Feng, and let Qi Feng turn pressure into motivation. The two went out separately, Qi Feng rushed to find the murderer, and Lin Dalu was also busy. Looking for family members for Uncle Huang.

After visiting several communities, there is no news. Lin Dalu speculates that Uncle Huang is not under the jurisdiction of this jurisdiction. Qi Feng has been busy for a day, and found that there is a peculiar smell among the migrant workers who are decorating. Wu Li has not been seen in the past few days. This may be one of the clues. However, Uncle Huang didn’t make any progress. Lin Dalu’s enthusiasm began to reappear, and he brought Uncle Huang home again. Xiaonian said that he was unwilling, but under Lin Dalu’s teachings he still moved with compassion. , It’s just a birthday wish that I can’t say. Lin Dalu’s discipline to Xiaonian is very strict.

Xiaonian feels a little uncomfortable. My friend Xuanxuan continues to urge Xiaonian to clarify the matter with Lin Dalu, but this At that time, Lin Dalu didn’t seem to think about him. From the eyes of Xiao Nian, his father cared about him no more than any single case or a lost old man. Yu Jia called and cared about Xiaonian. When Xiaonian’s emotions broke out, he was very happy. There was a broken sound at the door. Xiaonian rushed out of the door. It turned out that it was Uncle Huang who broke Xiaonian’s mother’s relics. Xiao Nian was reluctant to take it out to touch it.

This time, it was broken to the old man. Xiao Nian was distressed, and loudly accused Uncle Huang. His unceremonious words made Lin Dalu a little disgusted, and he was about to act like a parent to teach the two. Sentence, the emotional point of the middle and small years, all of them broke out at once. Xiaonian grabbed the key and ran out of the house. As soon as he opened the door, he ran into the strong son who had been guarding the door.

Qiangzi knew that his father was staying at Lin Dalu’s house, so he kept secretly guarding the door from time to time, hesitating whether I have to knock on the door. Now I was bumped by Lin Dalu because of Xiaonian’s leaving home. It was too late to find Xiaonian. The neighbors upstairs misunderstood that Qiangzi was a thief, and they were calling for Lin Dalu, only Uncle Huang.

Looking at Qiangzi tightly, stubbornly curling his mouth, and turning back into the house silently, Qiangzi looked at his father and didn’t dare to make a sound. Tears kept coming out of his eyes. Lin Dalu heard Uncle Huang slightly. His voice called the man in front of him called his son. He probably guessed that he was the son of Uncle Huang in front of him, so he welcomed them into the room temporarily.

The heartbroken Xiaonian ran to the police station and came to Yu Jia’s side. Since childhood, the young year without his mother has habitually relied on Yu Jia. Yu Jia seems to be straightforward and non-trivial, but is actually very careful. He took out a gift for Xiaonian from his pocket. Xiaonian was very touched by Yu Jia’s care, but on the other side he was disappointed with his father’s negligence. I wonder if it was a revenge mentality. Xiaonian silently made a decision in his heart. Unknowingly Yu Jia asked Qi Feng to send Xiaonian first. go home.

In Lin Dallu’s house, the mutual confession of Qiangzi and Uncle Huang revealed all mysteries. Uncle Huang’s Alzheimer’s disease not only affected his own life, but also affected the matter of Qiangzi’s finding a partner. Qiangzi did not want to refuse support. Father, it’s just that the great pressure made Qiangzi out of breath, and the hardship of life also made Qiangzi keep his head down. Uncle Huang knew that he was a burden, and his heart was very negative.

Lin Dalu had to let the two stay at home temporarily, and so on. Everyone fell asleep, and then quietly knocked on Xiaonian’s door, saying that he would definitely repair the relic broken by Uncle Huang—mother’s accordion. Xiaonian promised, but he has actually begun to pack his luggage. Nian decided to cut first and then play, freely go on a trip with Xuan Xuan, but everything had to be concealed from Lin Dalu.

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