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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 29 Recap

Zhou Youdu chose the finest jade pull finger for Haishi and asked Fang Zhuoying to pass it on to her. Although Fanghai City was unwilling to accept such an expensive gift, it was not easy to refuse it immediately, so he simply waited for an opportunity to return it later. Returning to Zhaoming Palace, Fanghai City personally presented a congratulatory gift. Fang Jianming felt complicated for this.

Considering that the big wedding was imminent, Fang Jianming and Di Xu asked to transfer the sea market back to Huangquanguan, but they were rejected. Di Ji once expressed her favor to Fang Jian, but the other side’s attitude remained alienated, and she seemed indifferent to this marriage. In fact, Fang Jianming was thinking about how to persuade Haishi to leave Tianqi, and simply ordered her to pack her things and set off as soon as possible as a “master”.

Fang Jianming believes that she has grown up now and she should be considering marrying. If there is a man in her heart, she can find a place to sell her to the military and change her status to become a woman. When Fang Hai heard what Master said, he felt ironic and sad, and asked him why he knew his intentions.

That night, Ji Chang reported to Di Xu about the big wedding. Although he did it carefully, his indecisive character was a little lacking. Tilan knew that Dixu was still dealing with official duties, so she specially guarded the way back to Jincheng Palace, hoping that he could be accompanied by someone on this deep cold night.

While the two were talking, Fanghai City came in a hurry, just to ask Emperor Xu to allow her to return to Huangquan Pass as scheduled. Due to Fang Haishi’s resolute attitude and unwillingness to let his teacher down, Dixu didn’t want to interfere too much, so he had to agree. After he left, Di Xu temporarily set aside Fang Jianming’s true intentions and led Ti Lan to the palace.

At the time of parting, Fang Haishi bid farewell to Zhou Youdu and returned the finger to him. Even though the other party was a good-natured person, he was a close friend, but there was nothing else to do. Gazing at the Jifeng tree in Zhaoming Palace, Fanghai City was full of emotion. He had seen Jifeng flowers fall with his seniors, and even appreciated the flowers of Jifeng flowers with Zhou Youdu. Only without the master, it seemed that God had deliberately beat her. In recent years, Qingming has been given to Jifeng Pavilion, like looking at flowers in the mist, living in a trick.

The window was half open the next day, and Fang Jianming seemed to get up very early, and only stopped at the window and looked at the opposite room. At this moment, Fang Haishi stroked the master’s jade finger, gently kissed and left with the letter, Fang Jianming was taken aback, until the figure rushed to the outside of the city, suddenly feeling sad.

Dixu sent someone to prepare a brocade dress for Ti Lan and sent Di Ji to marry with her. It was regarded as a great honor. After all, in the past, it was only a queen who was able to accept Di Ji’s goodbye. At the same time, Fang Jianming held his finger and stood alone at the tower, silently condensing like a stone statue, indifferently overlooking the distance, ignoring and seeming to see nothing until dawn.

In the cold season of early autumn this year, a grand wedding in Tianqi City was held in the palace. Fang Jianming married Emperor Yanling under the eyes of Emperor Xu and Baiguan. On the other hand, Emperor Ji’s mansion was decorated with red Luo, and the servants were busy like a school of fish, and there was no time to pay attention to the strangely dressed men who sneaked into the mansion.

But for a long time, Di Xu came to the main hall to observe the ceremony. When he drank Di Ji’s toast, he suddenly fell to the ground with poison. Di Ji showed a successful smile, and took the opportunity to press the dagger against Fang Jianming’s neck, accusing the monarchs of all sorts of evil deeds. In an instant, Su Ming led a large number of Huku people into the door and surrounded them, threatening to help the princess get rid of the scourge of the crusade. Other ministers saw that the situation was not good and turned back.

However, they did not know that Fang Jian had made preparations in the morning, and had arranged for Fang Zhuoying and others to set up ambushes around. Originally, Fanghai City was going to Huangquan Pass, but when she was leaving the city, she found many Huku people. Their hair and faces were hidden under the shawl. They were the easiest to identify. She noticed something unusual in the city, so as to avoid rushing the grass and frightening the snakes. He hid in a secret place during the day, and waited for him to sneak into the palace at night to meet with Emperor Xu, only then did he know Master’s plan.

Su Ming was shocked when he saw Fanghai City’s in-house attendant in disguise. Even Di Xu, who died of the poison, was unscathed. He was just acting for Di Ji just to elicit Su Ming. Since the Beifu Army were all the cronies of Emperor Xu, there was no rebellious plan at all. Instead, it was logical to kill the Huku warriors and take down the rebellious officials and thieves in one fell swoop. After Emperor Xu ordered, Fang Jianming immediately activated the organs, and countless poisonous arrows were shot from all directions, and Ji Chang was injured to protect Emperor Xu.

The imperial puppet Ji was covered in the British years, and he resolutely died under the gun of the Beifu army. Unfortunately, all the sacrifices he made were useless. Di Ji attempted to escape and was intercepted on both sides. Fang Haishi didn’t want to hurt the other party, hoping that she could catch her with nothing, and confess her guilt with her back to the palace. The pseudo-emperor Ji heard that the British had died, knowing that she had no hope of revenge, and collapsed to the ground in despair. On the other hand, Fang Jianming tracked Su Ming to the outskirts, forcibly suppressed the poison in his body, and sealed his throat with a single knife.

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