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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 30 Recap

Shen Cuixi handed Qingyuefang to Zeng Baoqin, finally hugged Baoxiushan, and then left Ren’s house without looking back. Shen Cuixi really left the Ren family, and both Ren Xuetang and Zeng Baoqin felt empty in their hearts. Ren Xuetang said that even though Shen Cuixi left the gate of Ren’s family, she was still their relatives.

After leaving Ren’s family with Xiaolan, she settled down in a small courtyard called Jinxifang, and she has lived since then. A free life that is not bound by the rules, and Shu Fang and Xiaolan no longer have the previous rules. Shen Cuixi started classes at Jinxifang and took apprentices publicly. Together, she and Xiaolan posted the notices all over the city of Suzhou. When the Ren family clan learned, they were very dissatisfied, and several uncles came to Ren Xuetang to express their dissatisfaction.

Ren Xuetang and Xi Ni did not hold Shen Cuixi accountable because of them. Several uncles were also dissatisfied with the peace between him and Shen Cuixi, and Ren Xuetang didn’t care about their opinions. Soon afterwards, he took the initiative to find Shen Cuixi at Jinxifang. On the way, he remembered what she had said to herself. Shen Cuixi always wanted to create her own Kesi skills instead of repeating the techniques of her predecessors.

This time Ren Xuetang came here to persuade her to consider her own words and accept some well-known ladies as disciples first, instead of just confining to the children of the surname Ren. Shen Cuixi promised to consider his words carefully. On the day of the enrollment of the apprentice, a little girl wanted to learn Kesi, but her mother firmly disagreed. Not only did she disagree, she also looked down upon Shen Cuixi when she came out to show her face and said very ugly.

Ding Rong brought her two children to learn Kesi, and Shen Cuixi accepted Zhaodi and Yindi in front of everyone. This time, Ren Rufeng met Shu Fang, who hadn’t seen him for a long time. After Shufang returned to the general ledger, Shen Cuixi asked Ren Rufeng to chase her. Ren Rufeng recently contacted the account and understood a lot of things, but didn’t dare to go to Shufang.

Shu Fang had been busy working in Qingyuefang and Jinxifang some time ago, and only recently took the time to come to the general ledger to settle the accounts. She settled on the branch of the moon, and finally couldn’t help but fall asleep on the table. Ren Rufeng intimately helped her cover her clothes, and then helped her settle the rest of the account. Shu Fang woke up the next day and found that the remaining accounts had been settled by Ren Rufeng. She finally calmed down and reconciled with Ren Rufeng.

A mother sent her daughter to Jinxifang to learn craftsmanship, but she herself did not show up. Shen Cuixi accepted her and named her Shen Yuan. Xiaolan’s father asked the matchmaker to tell his daughter Xiaolan about marriage. Aunt Fu learned that he wanted Xiaolan to be a concubine in a big family, so she persuaded her and was beaten with a cane by her husband. Xiaolan asked Shen Cuixi to help herself in this matter. She didn’t want to marry, and she didn’t want to be beaten by her husband after marrying like her own mother.

The next day, Aunt Fu went to see Shen Cuixi. Before she explained her intentions, Shen Cuixi knew that she had come to talk to herself about Xiaolan’s marriage. They remembered what happened back then, when Aunt Fu’s family was collected for debts, and Shen Cuixi saved their family. Taking advantage of this, Shen Cuixi said that Xiaolan’s marriage was in charge of her.

Ren Fu was angrily carried himself to Jinxifang, where he staged a show of grief and bitter meat. He knelt down in front of the gate of Jinxifang and begged and cried. The people around him made irresponsible remarks, but he was no one beside him. Shen Cuixi was about to go out, Aunt Fu ran over and said ashamed that she caused her trouble. Xiaolan took the initiative to say that she would go out and drive Ren Fu away. Aunt Fu was a little worried, and Shen Cuixi comforted her, just taking advantage of this incident to let Xiaolan go out for the business.

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