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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 29 Recap

Ren Rufeng found that all of Shu Fang’s clothes and things were gone, and knew that she had moved away from Ren’s house. So he started to learn abacus, and his hands hurt when he was new to abacus. Shen Cuixi said that when Shu Fang first started to learn abacus, it was the same. After the Ren family turmoil, the head of the house became Zeng Baoqin. There was some gossip in the market, and Ren Xuetang refuted them after hearing it.

The next day, many weaving households gathered spontaneously and asked Ren Xuetang to write an article about everything that happened in Suzhou and Ren’s family over the years. Ren Xuetang picked up the pen, and the words and sentences flowed out from the pen, all sincere and all untrue. Sitting in the small courtyard, Shen Cuixi looked at the small door in a daze. She remembered what Wei Lianggong said back then.

Ren Xuetang appeared behind her and scared her, just like when she was a child. He sat down and talked to Shen Cuixi. He wanted Shen Cuixi to have a child so that she could also have a biological son next to her. He took Zeng Baoqin and Xiushan and took office from a distance. Shen Cuixi couldn’t help crying, and then offered to reconcile with him. Ren Xuetang remembered that when he was writing the stele today, he overheard others talking about Wei Lianggong.

At night, he went to see Ren Rufeng, and wanted him to tell himself about Wei Lianggong. Ren Rufeng thought he had heard the gossip, and quickly explained that the relationship between Shen Cuixi and Wei Lianggong was innocent. Ren Xuetang always wanted to know what Wei Lianggong was like, but it was a pity that he had never seen Wei Lianggong.

Shen Cuixi went to worship in front of Wei Lianggong’s tomb, and Ren Xuetang rode over, but did not bother. He returned to Ren’s house and saw the picture of flowers and birds in Shen Cuixi’s silk room. He remembered that he once thought that Zeng Baoqin’s tapestry was more dexterous than Shen Cuixi’s, but he didn’t realize that the tapestry works are of great importance, but they have to go on, day by day, and continuous tempering to achieve success.

The old lady said that Shen Cuixi would be enlightened one day, and she hoped that Ren Xuetang was the one who made her spiritually enlightened. Zeng Baoqin saw Shen Cuixi packing things up, so he ran to ask Ren Xuetang about the ins and outs of the whole thing. Only then did Ren Xuetang tell her that Shen Cuixi offered to reconcile with herself.

Zeng Baoqin was going to find Shen Cuixi, she felt that Shen Cuixi could not leave Ren’s house anyway. Ren Xuetang asked her that if Shen Cuixi left, there would only be two of them left in the Ren family, and they could have one pair for the rest of their lives. Zeng Baoqin didn’t make a statement, she only said that Ren Xuetang had her in his heart. Shen Cuixi called them out to eat noodles at Shen Shiniang’s noodle shop and talked to them about Shen Shiniang’s experience.

After the noodles were served, Shen Cuixi ate very fragrantly, and Zeng Baoqin and Ren Xuetang did not move their chopsticks. Shen Cuixi said that she wanted to reconcile with Ren Xuetang, not because she wanted to fulfill Zeng Baoqin and Ren Xuetang. On the contrary, she was selfish and wanted to live the life she wanted.

For most of her life, she has lived for the words of others. Now she has become self-confident and self-reliant. She wants to be her own Shen Cuixi, not the Shen Cuixi who is dependent on anyone. Ren Xuetang finally let go and promised to write and leave the book for her so that she can live the life she wants. Zeng Baoqin couldn’t help crying, but he didn’t say anything. Later, she wanted to persuade Ren Xuetang to withdraw this idea. She knew how difficult it was for a woman to live outside after she was separated from her husband. Ren Xuetang comforted her, perhaps Shen Cuixi had suffered enough outside, and it might not be certain that she would come back by herself.

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