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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 18 Recap

Xu Qingyou also intimately wiped off the lipstick mark on Mo Lingze’s face, which made Lin Siyu even more angry. She accidentally fell to the ground and happened to be heard by Wang Ji who was on the phone. Wang Ji hurried to find Lin Siyu.

Mo Lingze left because of something in the company, leaving Xu Qingyou alone in the hotel. Lin Siyu ran into the teacher to ask the guilt. Xu Qingyou admitted that she was in a relationship with Mo Lingze and also admitted that Mo Lingze was with her that night. In the room, Lin Siyu blamed Xu Qingyou for being unbelievable, saying that he would help to stare at Mo Lingze, but he got on board first, but Xu Qingyou said that he never agreed.

Xu Qingyou asked Lin Siyu why she liked Mo Lingze. Lin Siyu thought that Mo Lingze was very good to her. She always tolerated her and cleaned up the mess for her. She thought that Mo Lingze just liked Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou told Lin Siyu that Mo Lingze was very tolerant of Wang Ji and Fang Qi. If he was not tolerant, Fang Qi would have been kicked out of the company. This is not a liking, but Mo Lingze is such a person, Xu Qingyou said Lin Siyu wakes up like a dream but is also hit hard. Wang Ji rushed to comfort the sad Lin Siyu in time.

Wang Ji was angry because of Mo Lingze’s attitude towards Lin Siyu, and he had a temper at work. Mo Lingze discovered Wang Ji’s emotions and took the initiative to talk. Wang Ji blamed Mo Lingze for not treating Lin Siyu that way. He knew he was. Such a ruthless person stopped following him. Mo Lingze didn’t look up to remind Wang Ji to chase him if he liked it. Wang Ji left the room speechlessly.

Xu Qingyou put on the dress prepared by Mo Lingze to go to the reception, but Fan Yunxi called and told Xu Qingyou to rush to the hospital. Mo Lingze waited for a long time at the reception and did not see Xu Qingyou coming, so he called and asked. Qing You truthfully stated that Fan Yunxi’s mother was staying in the hospital because of her worsening illness. Mo Lingze expressed his understanding.

Lin Siyu, who came in a formal dress, offered to be Mo Lingze’s female companion, but was rejected by Mo Lingze. Lin Siyu reminded Mo Lingze that he would end up with nothing if he liked Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou was just an ordinary woman who helped everything. Without him, Mo Lingze definitely expressed that he admired Xu Qingyou, and that he liked his woman, and he didn’t need a reason.

Mo Lingze worried that Lin Siyu was in a bad mood and was drinking too much, so he called Wang Ji and asked Wang Ji to rush over to help him. Fan Yunxi was worried when he watched his mother in the operating room. His mother was already sixty. For fear that she would not be able to get out of the operating room, he had never been so afraid of losing two important women on the same day. Fan Yunxi shook Xu Qingyou’s hand excitedly, and when Mo Lingze confessed emotionally, Mo Lingze rushed over. Seeing this scene, Mo Lingze quietly left, but handed over the food for Xu Qingyou to the nurse.

When Xu Qingyou learned that Mo Lingze was here, he called him, hoping that Mo Lingze would not be angry. Mo Lingze generously expressed his understanding, but also asked Xu Qingyou to give him a plan to make up for it. Fan Yunxi was furious when he saw Xu Qingyou eating the food prepared by Mo Lingze. He saw Mo Lingze coming just now and deliberately grabbed Xu Qingyou’s hand, but he didn’t expect the two of them to have a gap.

Wang Ji came to Lin Siyu. Lin Siyu couldn’t understand that he could clearly help Mo Lingze win big projects, but Mo Lingze didn’t appreciate it, and instead liked the useless woman. Wang Ji told Lin Siyu to do their job, and they would cherish the people they love. They don’t care whether someone can help them, they just want to be with the people they like. Lin Siyu asked Wang Ji if he thought the same way? Wang Ji was silent.

Fang Qi returned home alone and found that Xu Wei bought the slippers he was wearing. The post-it notes on the cup were posted by Xu Wei. The withered flowers in the room were also bought by Xu Wei. After Xu Wei left, Fang Qi Suddenly I felt unfit for a person’s life, and the room was full of Xu Wei’s figure. And Xu Wei also began to worry about Fang Qi.

He made midnight snacks for Fang Qi every night, worried about what Fang Qi would eat. Seeing the desperate Xu Wei with four eyes, he forced him to eat the hot pot he bought, but this reminded Xu Wei of Fang Qi again, Xu Wei wept bitterly, and blamed the four eyes for not holding the hot pot.

Fan Yunxi’s mother had a successful operation, but she still needs to be in the intensive care unit. Fan Yunxi is very grateful to Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou also said that although the two are over, Fan Yunxi can still ask her to take care of Fan’s mother. Fan Yunxi hoped that the relationship between the two could be brought back to life, but Xu Qingyou opposed him, and Fan Yunxi secretly made up his mind not to let Xu Qingyou leave.

When Xu Qingyou saw Mo Lingze, in order to make up for yesterday’s absence, Xu Qingyou took Mo Lingze to a no-man place and kissed him. Mo Lingze forgave Xu Qingyou contentedly.

Fang Qi couldn’t help but come to the gallery to find Xu Wei, and gave himself a reason to confirm whether Xu Wei is still alive, and leave after confirming. But never thought that Xu Wei stood up excitedly when he heard Fang Qi’s voice, guessed the canvas with his feet, dragged off the candle, the candle burned the painting Xu Wei was painting, and Xu Wei desperately tried to save the painting. Fang Qi hurriedly stopped Xu Wei.

The fire was extinguished. Fang Qi blamed Xu Wei for not risking his death to save the painting, but when he picked up the painting, it was half burned, but it was also seen that it was Fang Qi. Xu Wei hoped to be with Fang Qi, but Fang Qi refused again. The age difference between the two made Fang Qi unacceptable. Fang Qi said that the two could only be siblings.

During the lunch break, Mo Lingze asked Xu Qingyou how he planned to break the appointment. The two agreed to meet at Mo Lingze Ding. Mo Lingze took Xu Qingyou to a hotel. When Xu Qingyou saw that the situation was not good, he had to shirk himself because he was tired, but Mo Lingze stopped and hugged Xu Qingyou.

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