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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 17 Recap

Chunsheng realized that there must be something wrong with his parents when they came to Beijing this time. His father couldn’t tell the truth. It turned out that Chunsheng’s mother was not feeling well and was diagnosed with cancer in the hospital.

It was raining at night, and Jian’s father went to the hospital with his feet. Li Zhenbao accompanied Jian to help close the stall. He proposed to let Jian’s parents move to their own small house and work, and Jian’s parents would leave Li Zhenbao at home for dinner after returning from the hospital. Li Zhenbao told them that he was a driver for Mr. Ma’s old father-in-law, Principal Wang, and Principal Wang later transferred him to the school to run a factory. Later, when the old principal retired, he came out of the school to start his own business. Thanks to the contacts accumulated in the school and the factory. After coming out, Lu Kuan slowly made some money.

Chunsheng was queuing with his parents in the hospital, and was called by the nurse, saying that Mr. Zhuo had already greeted the director and could show them directly.

Li Zhenbao called to simply watch the drama at night, and simply agreed. He also hoped that in the future, he would not call himself “Dad Xiaoyi”, just call him “Zhenbao”.

Zhuo Nanzhi told her daughter that a few people from the group will be here today to listen to their duties, and they will decide on the appointment and dismissal of several key positions. If Feng Chunsheng misses it, there is nothing he can do. Zhuo Xiaoting immediately called Chunsheng, but when she learned that Chunsheng was in the hospital with her mother for an examination, she swallowed again.

My mother asked about Li Zhenbao’s opinion of Li Zhenbao. She was simple and noncommittal. My mother thought that although Li Zhenbao was older and had a son, he had a house and a car in Beijing, and he was also safe.

In the evening, Jian Jian was about to go to Li Zhenbao’s appointment, and received a call from Mu Jia. She explained to Li Zhenbao that she had to go there first. It turned out that Mu Jia came to the theater after taking care of her. Li Zhenbao had already bought two big buckets of popcorn to wait for her, but when he entered, he was stopped and told that the theater was not a theater and could not bring snacks.

In the evening, the family was having dinner. Wan Liming called to tell Chunsheng Group that the report would be advanced. Chunsheng was shocked, and said nothing in front of his parents.

Lin Wanrou was displeased when she learned that the simple brother had not gone through the entry procedures by herself. She told Marlene that Xingran had no work experience and that the ideas proposed were wild and unconstrained. She planned to let him go when the probation period expires. Marlene disagreed.

Explaining that Xingran was hired not because he was a simple younger brother, but because he was more interested in his potential, Lin Wanrou reminded Malevin that he was a married man, and Malevin wanted her to remind herself first. Lin Wanrou stopped arguing and proposed to send Marlene home. She reported to him on the way that Tiansheng Fund intends to invest in the company. Marlene reluctantly agreed.

In the theater, Li Zhenbao fell asleep when he was simply watching. After it was over, he wanted to send Simple home, but was simply rejected.

On the way, Lin Wanrou said that she had already talked about Tiansheng Fund. She now supports Marlene to open a physical bookstore. Marlene said that she didn’t know how to appreciate her, and Lin Wanrou said frankly that he knew what she was thinking. When she got out of the car at the door of her house, Lin Wanrou saw Jian Jian walking by and immediately hugged Marlene affectionately and said that she would accompany him to overcome difficulties in the future.

When I got home, I simply put down Mu Jia’s medicine and left. Marlene stopped her and thanked her for caring about Mu Jia at this time. Let me briefly comment on whether she and Wanrou are suitable. I simply don’t want to say anything. Marlene said she is wise. Woman, and her opinion is very important to herself. Lin Wanrou liked him and helped him a lot in her career. Why did he refuse? Simply and coldly say that he has an answer long ago, so don’t ask for opinions from others!

Walking out of that house, she was simply upset. She knew that she was gagged, but she couldn’t conceal her disappointment, annoyance and frustration with Mariev.

After returning to the room, Feng Chunsheng was in a bad mood. He complained that Xiaoting should tell herself about the work report. His mother was not suffering from a sudden illness, and his father-in-law kept pressing on him, so he finally got the chance to let him talk. Mother Feng overheard the conversation between the two at the door. When she returned to the room, she was upset and unable to sleep, so she decided to take care of it.

At the breakfast table the next day, Chunsheng’s parents asked for a meal with his in-laws. Chunsheng disagreed, but Xiaoting fully agreed.

As soon as Feng Chunsheng came to the company, he handed his work report to his father-in-law and explained the reason for his absence from the work report. Zhuo Nanzhi told him that it was because Xiaoting gave him the opportunity last time, and this opportunity was lost.

The shop manager reported to Qiao Qingqian that the rent for the restaurant should be paid, but Mr. Pan had spent more than one million on the account just now. They will no longer be able to pay for their wages tomorrow.

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