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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 15 Recap

Zhuo Xiaoting went home and found the gift Feng Chunsheng had bought for her. She then went to Lao Du’s office and accused him of making trouble in the company and framing Feng Chunsheng. Xiaoting threw out the photo and asked Lao Du to apply for a job transfer, and she was not allowed to tell her father, otherwise he would lose his face and job. After that, Zhuo Xiaoting went to Feng Chunsheng’s office, apologized to him, and told him that Mr. Du took the initiative to apply for a job transfer. Chunsheng guessed that this was the credit of Wan Liming, and immediately walked past everyone, holding hands with Xiaoting affectionately.

Fourth brother Pan Yanming asked Qiao Qingqian to take care of her little friend, because his business was in trouble, and even this old restaurant might not be able to keep, and Jin was always the only person who helped Qingqian and saved himself. At this time Jian Xingran rushed in and declared that he had liked Qingqian for six years and no one was allowed to use her. Pan Yanming turned around and left. Xingqi gas was about to chase him, but Qingqian was dragged tightly.

Qiao Qingqian cried and complained that the restaurant she ran had a monthly turnover of several million, but like the house and the car, it belonged to Pan Yanming. She only has the right to use it but not the right to own it. Last time Xing Ran offended Mr. Jin. He is the only one who can help himself. Xing Ran bluntly said that Qing Qian has not been really happy in these years. Even if she opened a branch to make money, it is impossible to get rid of them and live the life she really wants. He will not allow anyone to harm her, and will definitely look for Pan Yanming. account. Qiao Qingqian warned Xing Ran: I will tell the store manager tomorrow that I will never let him step into the restaurant.

Principal Su informed that she would be transferred to the logistics department to work in the future, but she can participate in the teacher quality class evaluation activities. If she gets a good ranking, she still has the opportunity to become an official teacher. If the teacher asks for leave or is absent, she will take the class. Simply thinking about what Marlene had said, decided to accept the school’s arrangement.

Jian Xingran was beaten halfway by Pan Yanming’s people. He ran to the company to find Pan Yanming to settle the account. He just punched him and was slammed by the security guard at the door.

Zhuo Xiaoting and Feng Chunsheng donated money to Jingcai School on behalf of Zhuoyuan Group. They encountered simplicity on the campus. Xiaoting greeted them enthusiastically, greeted them simply and coldly, and left.

When Marlene came to the nursing home, she saw that Yiru was being forcibly pressed by four or five nurses. She was emotionally broken and her face was full of tears. Marlene embracing Yiru in his arms distressedly, crying and asking why he wanted to let him Stay here by yourself? Mariev called and asked Simple to help accompany Mu Jia at night. Poor Mu Jia was afraid that her mother was really crazy, and she was afraid that she would inherit this disease. After simply comforting her to sleep, she just poured tea for Marlene and picked it up. When Qingqian called and said that something happened to Xing Ran, she asked her to go to the Nanxiao Street Police Station immediately.

After being as simple as the police station, Pan Yanming bit back and said that Xingran had an ambiguous relationship with his girlfriend and demanded compensation from Xingran. He simply wanted to lose money, but Xingran refused. At this time, Marlene came, and Pan Yanming recognized him at a glance. It turned out that the two were university alumni. Because of Marlene’s face, Pan Yanming reluctantly agreed not to pursue them.

Xing Ran told her sister that he liked Qing Qian six years ago, but Qing Qian made it clear that the two of them were inappropriate and could only be siblings forever, and hoped that Xing Ran would not come to her again in the future. She said goodbye and left. .

On the way, Xing Ran asked his sister not to interfere with his own affairs in the future. He felt that his sister did not really understand Qing Qian, and Mariev persuaded him that what young girls need is protection when they reach a certain age. At least they must have a decent job to support themselves. He knows that Xing Ran Xue won an award for his art design, and he said he could try it out with an art illustration job. Xing Ran decided to prove himself with his strength.

After Marlene arrived at the nursing home, he recalled that he hadn’t taken any medicine and wanted to see Mu Jia, so Marlene had to call and ask Jian to bring Mu Jia over. When he returned to the room, he saw the nurses forcibly pressing Yiru. One of them said she was a lunatic. Malevin was very angry and fired her. After Mu Jia arrived, Yiru cried and hugged her Mu Yun’s name tightly, and simply saw the company phone call to urge Marlene to the meeting, and asked him to send Mu Jia back first. He is now picking up class. Teacher, you can watch him for a while in the nursing home.

Several shareholders joined forces to threaten Marlene with divestment to sign the bookstore transfer contract. Marlene stated that if they could not reach a consensus on their own business objectives and development direction, he would not force them to stay free, and a few shareholders left angrily.

Yiru deliberately overturned the porridge and slipped to the stairwell while simply changing the porridge. She simply said: She would be driven mad by them if she was locked up here, and they would tie her up if she was not obedient. In fact, she didn’t want to run away, just I want to go out to see the summer, look at Yiru’s longing eyes, and simply avoid the medical staff to take her out for boating and eating ice cream. The free air outside and the sweet ice cream made Yiru feel in a good mood. She lay on the boat enjoying herself and talked about the love story between herself and Malevin simply, seeming to have returned to the pure and innocent student days.

Lin Wanrou reminded Marlene that the company’s capital chain would be broken after the shareholders’ joint divestment. Marlene reiterated: He is not a pure businessman, and these bookstores should be opened no matter what, this is his bottom line. The house is mortgaged.

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