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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 14 Recap

Marlene criticized the simple lack of long-term career planning, and teaching cannot be separated from the school platform. He was simply persuaded and agreed to apply for the job. Marlene reminded her that Putai School is a top private school, and the teachers there have education backgrounds in prestigious schools and experience of studying abroad, even if they simply haven’t been hired, don’t be discouraged.

Wan Liming gave Feng Chunsheng the data of the SK project he had done, saying that he might be able to use it to negotiate in Hong Kong. Feng Chunsheng praised Wan Liming very carefully. Wan Liming proposed that he has been in the company for more than a year, but he is not on the list of going to Hong Kong this time. His girlfriend came to marry him some time ago. Now the pressure is quite high. If Feng Chunsheng is willing to take him, she will be him. Feng Chunsheng agreed to consider it.

After briefly participating in the interview at Putai School, Principal Su believed that her experience and performance in the interview were not bright, and simply asked the school to give her a chance to give her a trial lecture. Sure enough, her trial lecture “The Inscription of the Shao Shi” was very exciting and the school accepted it. she.

Zhuo Xiaoting sent Feng Chunsheng to the airport and learned that Wan Liming was now Feng Chunsheng’s assistant. She told Chunsheng that Wan Liming had chased after herself in university. After they arrived in Hong Kong, SK arranged for Zhu Di, Director of Public Relations, and Feng Chunsheng to meet up.

During the simple class, Tao Siyuan hit Li Xiaoyi, simply notified the parents of both parties, and told the head teacher that she would handle the matter according to school regulations, but the head teacher rushed home under the pretext of having an urgent matter and pushed the matter to simple.

Lao Du revealed to Zhuo Nanzhi: I heard that Zhu Di and Feng Chunsheng, the PR director of SK Group, have been in close contact with each other recently. They often go in and out of nightclubs and only come back at dawn.

Zhuo Nanzhi showed the photo of two people eating in whispers to her daughter. She was angry that she jumped up and down and turned her face with her father because of this person. But they were happy and happy in Hong Kong. Xiaoting insisted that a photo could not explain much, but she went back to the room. Immediately after calling Chunsheng, Chunsheng explained that he and Ju Di were just connecting the project. Xiaoting asked to video with him, but Feng Chunsheng refused.

Tao Siyuan sent Secretary Chen to deal with the problem, and simply asked the parents to cooperate and let Tao Siyuan apologize to Li Xiaoyi. Unexpectedly, Li Xiaoyi’s father knew Secretary Chen and knew that Tao Siyuan’s father was rich and powerful. . Xiaoyi cried and said that his father was a waste, pushed him away and ran out.

Simply accompany Xiao Yi to sit by the flowerbed, Xiao Yi is angry. Why does Tao Siyuan often bully him if his family has money? The simple answer is that his academic performance is better than Tao Siyuan. Comparing is to regain his self-esteem, and studying is not to overwhelm others, but to himself. She taught Xiaoyi to learn to tolerate others and put his mind on a longer-term place.

Wan Liming fights the injustice for Feng Chunsheng, saying that the company called him back early in the most critical week. It is clear that he was making wedding dresses for others, and there have been rumours of him and Judy as early as in Hong Kong. It should be with ulterior motives. People are making a fuss about this.

After returning home, Feng Chunsheng had a dark face and did not want to talk to Zhuo Xiaoting. He said that he and Judy had a normal working relationship and that it was too tired to sleep only four hours a day in Hong Kong. Zhuo Xiaoting was angry that Feng Chunsheng didn’t care about him at all. Feng Chunsheng accused her of arbitrarily transferring herself back and using his career as a toy. Zhuo Xiaoting unscrupulously said that his career was given by herself and that he could give it or take it back. Feng Chunsheng had nothing to say, and he was about to leave. Zhuo Xiaoting warned him not to come back when he went out.

The lonely Feng Chunsheng came to the empty house, with scenes and scenes of simplicity in his mind, mixed with mixed feelings in his heart.

I saw Tao Siyuan and Li Xiaoyi fighting again during the simple class. She called the two outside the classroom and asked Tao Siyuan to apologize to Xiaoyi. Tao Siyuan pointed out that Xiaoyi did it first. Xiaoyi had to say sorry to Tao Siyuan and simply warn Tao Siyuan. If you don’t apologize, let the head teacher ask the parents to solve it, and Tao Siyuan is willing to do the same.

Unexpectedly, Tao Siyuan’s father found Principal Su to file a complaint soon. After simply visiting the principal’s office, Tao Siyuan’s father arrogantly said that his son was teaching his classmates by himself, and simply bluntly said that there was a problem with his education method. Tao Siyuan asked to simply apologize to her son in front of all the classmates, simply indicating that the student’s matter has been resolved and that her handling of the matter is not wrong, there is no need to apologize to anyone, Tao’s father refused to forgive, so Principal Su had to let Simple give President Tao apologized, and went out simply angrily.

Principal Su chased him out and said politely that Tao was always a partner of the school manager. She had already spoken and let her go without an apology. Simply angry that she did not want to work in a school without fairness and justice. Principal Su had no choice but to say that the school had no enrollment plan. It was Mr. Ma who asked himself to give a simple job opportunity.

Feng Chun was born to talk with Malevin about the location of the new bookstore. Malevin pointed out that the location of the Blue Sky Mall he provided was the worst. They unilaterally cancelled the physical bookstore in Europa Plaza and promised to provide the same level of store in other malls. Now With no sincerity at all, Marlene drew three shopping mall locations, and Feng Chunsheng said that his requirements could not be met. At this time, Malevin received a call from Principal Su, saying that it would be easy to expel, and he would rush over immediately after hearing this. Lin Wanrou couldn’t stop him with work.

Malevin wanted to take a brief visit to the principal, but simply refused to go. Malevin had to talk about it himself. He believes that the principal should give the teacher the necessary support, not let the teacher nod and bow down to wait on the students, let alone allow the children to be contaminated by bad habits. If this is the case, he does not want to let Mu Jia come back to school, and hopes that Principal Su will give himself a fair and just answer.

On the way home, Malevin pointed out that simply don’t become a victim of the conflict between the parents of the students and the school. She left is to escape. At the beginning, she gave up the vested interests of the house for her high profile, but now she leaves the school because she is unwilling to join forces. She can only really stay. It makes sense to handle things well. Simple and sincere thanks to Marlene. At this time, Professor Li called and asked him to pass right away.

Wan Liming came to Zhuo Xiaoting to intercede for Feng Chunsheng, saying that all the rumors and talks were false, just because Feng Chunsheng was a big fan. Actually Feng Chunsheng and Mr. Du had a disagreement. Mr. Du kept pressing him and there was a real problem. It’s Mr. Du. He has a woman in Hong Kong, and Zhuo Xiaoting wants a photo. Wan Liming also said that Feng Chunsheng was so busy in Hong Kong and took the time to buy her a gift. He is a man who cares about his work. Calling him back in advance this time was a big blow to him.

When Malevin rushed to the hospital, Professor Li had given Yiru an injection to put her to sleep. Professor Li said that Yiru had injured a nursing worker and was already suffering from schizophrenia and needed to be transferred to a mental hospital. Malevin requested Professor Li should not send Yiru over. He promised to visit her once a day in the future and would never let this happen again. Professor Li disagreed. Marlene accused him of being the treating doctor.

He recalled that she would be driven away as soon as the condition deteriorated. He simply persuaded that it is better to let Yiru stay in the nursing home and observe and treat for a period of time before making a decision. Professor Li agreed to only give In a week, if there is another violent incident like today, it must be turned away.

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