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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 13 Recap

Feng Chunsheng went to the meeting room to wait, but the secretary told the chairman to let him not participate in the SK Group project.

Simply ask Malevin to leave and plan to accompany his parents to see the house. Malevin takes them to his own empty house. When they live in, he will clean the house for him. You don’t need to pay rent, but only pay for water, electricity and heating. . He simply dismissed his parents and asked Malevin for the rent. Malevin asked her to pay 3,000, and simply insisted on paying 10,000 a month at the market price. If he didn’t agree, he would not stay, and Malevin had to agree. Simple’s parents were very satisfied with the big house and praised Malevin as a good person.

When Zhuo Xiaoting learned that Feng Chunsheng was forced to withdraw from the SK project, she immediately ran to the golf course to find her father Xingshi to question. Zhuo Nanzhi was playing with SK Group’s agent Huang, Xiaoting quarreled with her father in front of Huang’s face, Zhuo Nan Zhi was angry that Feng Chunsheng had quarreled with his daughter at the door of the company, Xiaoting even interceded with him, he decided to let Feng Chun leave the company, Zhuo Xiaoting left angrily.

Simply express the house book and keys to Feng Chunsheng. Feng Chunsheng called to express his guilt. He wanted to try his best to compensate. Simply saying that there is no compensation for the two who are not married. He only needs to return the 160,000 down payment to her. NS.

Lin Wanrou heard the secretary called Jian Jian and said that she had found a decoration worker and had to send the electrical appliances. She guessed Jian Jian’s family lived in Malevin’s house. After a while, Wang Nianli came to find Marlene, and Lin Wanrou greeted him in the living room. Wang Nianli was quite verbal about Marlene, saying that his relationship with simple and simple now is very different, and that the house is vacant but he let herself go out to rent a house, Lin Wanrou told His house has been rented out for simplicity, and Wang Nianli immediately went to Marlene to settle accounts as soon as he heard it exploded.

Simple mother lived in the big house very happily and called her son to move in too, but Xingran had already paid the rent for half a year and didn’t want to go there. Wang Nianli came and asked them to move out and made herself the landlord. Jane’s mother immediately called her daughter and asked Malevin to answer the phone. Malevin learned that Wang Nianli should not cause trouble, but Wang Nianli said that the matter was not handled well and he was suspected of Jinwu Cangjiao. . Malevin hung up the phone and personally drove away Wang Nianli.

In the evening, Zhuo Xiaoting organized the bureau to find businessmen in the circle with SK Group to build a bridge for Chunsheng. After returning home, Feng Chunsheng apologized to Zhuo Xiaoting. Xiaoting said that she was not angry about the house, but that Chunsheng did not tell her the truth. Feng Chunsheng told Xiaoting how the house was dealt with, saying that she is now and simple. NS.

Before the meeting, SK’s Deputy Huang asked the secretary to tell Zhuo Nanzhi that the chairman hoped that Mr. Feng would attend the meeting.

Early the next morning, Principal Wang came to Malevin and said that he had criticized the ceremony, but Malevin’s help to be so simple would indeed be gossiped. For many years, he had treated Malevin as his son, recalling his current situation. Mariev, but he must be cautious in his feelings and learn from his own painful lesson. Principal Wang sighed that his second marriage was a failure. After Yiru’s mother passed away, his feelings were empty.

Nianli’s mother was their nanny at the time. The two got married soon, but they quarreled all day after marriage. Later, she divorced and Nianli was sentenced to her, but she could not teach her children, which caused a lack of education in reciting rites. Later, she had to bring him to her side, but it was too late. Yiru and Nianli have been like Two huge stones were pressing on his heart, so he hoped that Malevin would not repeat his mistakes.

Wang Nianli waited downstairs to apologize briefly, wanted to sit down with her in a small restaurant, and threatened her to tell her sister if she didn’t go, and simply agreed. Wang Nianli persuaded him to simply say that when his mother took down his father, she felt comfortable with food and clothing, but in the end she was swept out, so she was able to find the right person. Simple and brother-in-law did not match the conditions, but the two of them were quite suitable. They simply declared that they were with his brother-in-law. It’s just a working relationship. As for the two of them, nowhere is suitable.

Simply coming back, I just ran into Marlene downstairs and sent Principal Wang away. After returning to the study, she simply said that Mu Jia would be able to return to school soon, she could not come again, otherwise the two would be drowned by the spit star, Marlene learned that Wang Nianli had found it easy, but he said that his father-in-law also came to talk with him. . He asked briefly about his future plans, and simply frankly said that it would be difficult to enter a regular school in Beijing, and he might continue to be a tutor.

Leaving Mariev’s house, she simply felt that she had lost everything when she turned her work and life. Today, she is trapped in a city that does not belong to her, but she can’t go back to her hometown. I’m just fortunate that I don’t have to be afraid of losing anything and can move forward. .

Feng Chunsheng worked early this morning and found that there was an employee named Wan Liming who had just been transferred from another place. He was very diligent and came earlier than himself.

Zhuo Nanzhi wants to give the SK project full responsibility to Lao Du. Why is Lao Du Feng Chunsheng seems to be very familiar with the chairman of SK, and he appointed him to return this project. Zhuo Nan told Lao Du not to be his son-in-law. Just be restrained.

Before Feng Chunsheng went to Hong Kong, Zhuo Nanzhi returned the plan that he drove out after staying up all night, and reprimanded him for reporting to himself that his work was still inferior to his level. If he had something to do, he would directly contact Mr. Du. He was the person in charge of the project. . Before Feng Chunsheng went out, Zhuo Nanzhi mocked him for adapting quickly, and he couldn’t see through him more and more.

Malevin took the opportunity of donating books to recommend simple to President Su, but the school has no enrollment plan. In view of the face of Malevin’s long-term donation, President Su promised to give a simple opportunity to take the examination according to the formal process.

After returning, Marlene told Jian that Mu Jia’s Jingcai School was recruiting substitute teachers and asked her to send her resume, simply saying that she had found a job in a home tutoring institution. She believed that being a tutor and a teacher at school are both teaching and educating people. . Seeing Marlene with a sullen face and simply telling the truth, she was afraid of something wrong with Wang Nianli and also afraid of President Wang’s thinking. Marlene asked Jian Jian why he chose the profession as a teacher? Simply put, she likes to share what she has learned with her students. This makes her feel fulfilled, and she can grow up with her children. Malevin pointed out that her wisdom is not worthy of her ideals.

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