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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 12 Recap

After the banquet was over, Feng Chunsheng’s parents told their son that after they got married, Chunsheng and Xiaoting would not have to go back to their hometown for the wedding. They would go back tomorrow. The tickets had already been bought. Chunsheng had mixed feelings. After he came to the rental house and found that it had been vacated, he called to find out that Zhuo Xiaoting had moved home. Xiaoting told him that Chunsheng will be the male owner of the family in the future, and his father has agreed that he will return to work in the group company tomorrow, and the position is deputy general manager of the project department.

Lin Wanrou called Zhuo Xiaoting over to chat early in the morning. Zhuo Xiaoting told her that Feng Chunsheng had insomnia on the night of his wedding. Lin Wanrou analyzed that this was because he moved from a rental house to a mansion, from a wage earner to the chairman’s son-in-law. A huge drop. She asked Xiaoting what kind of woman Simple was. She always felt that there was something wrong with Marlene and Jian who came back from abroad, but Xiaoting felt that Simple was not comparable to Lin Wanrou. Lin Wanrou was also very confused: she didn’t understand why Xiaoting could find it. Her own happiness, and she and Malevin have not been able to get together for so many years.

Qiao Qingqian saw Jian Xing Gas in the restaurant less than one place. She accused Xing Ran of going on like this and she would never be successful in Beijing, and she would never like him. Xing Ran said that he only wanted to be with the people he loved. At the same time, Qiao Qingqian turned around and left. Xing Ran saw that the waiter brought her medicine. He touched his head and realized that Qingqian was having a fever. He distressedly took her to the hospital forcibly.

The main topic of the Zhuoyuan Group meeting was to discuss the cooperation between the company and the Hong Kong SK Group. A few minutes after the meeting began, Lao Du came, but there was no seat in the front row. Zhuo Nanzhi asked Feng Chunsheng to stand up and give up his seat, and everyone looked in full. Feng Chunsheng was driven to the back row.

Jian Xingran accompanies Qiao Qingqian to get a needle in the hospital. He explained that he actually took a design job in the restaurant in the morning. He wanted to be a person Qingqian could rely on to protect her, and Qingqian was a little touched. At this time, the fourth brother called, Qing Qian promised to meet right away, and asked Flammable to call the nurse to remove the needle, saying that having a meal is very important to him. Inflammable refused, so she pulled it out by herself, but inflammable had no choice but to send her to the door of the meal, asking her to go home for two hours, and especially instructing her not to drink after the infusion.

When Zhuo Xiaoting learned that her father had prevented Chun from coming to Taiwan in front of so many people, she angrily asked her father to talk about it. Chun Sheng said that he wanted to make a good performance now, but he was not included in the major project of SK Group in Hong Kong.

After get off work, Chunsheng made a table of dishes and made a toast to his father-in-law. Zhuo Nanzhi bluntly said that the reason why he was not allowed to participate in the SK project was because he was not qualified. Xiaoting hoped that his father would give Chunsheng a chance to exercise. Feng Chunsheng echoed that he knew that his father-in-law didn’t like him. The whole company felt that he was in this position because of Xiaoting’s light. However, people of his background especially want to achieve results. I hope that his father-in-law can give him even a little bit. Opportunity, Chunsheng made a pot of wine to show his determination, and Zhuo Nanzhi reluctantly agreed.

The fourth brother introduced President Jin to Qiao Qingqian. Jian Xingran waited at the door and waited until it was dark that Qing Qian came out. He rushed out angrily, holding up the Qing Qian glass to drink for her and Mr. Jin, Mr. Jin got up when he saw it. gone. On the way home, Qiao Qingqian was angry that Xing Ran was always so irrational and immature, while Xing Ran hoped that she would wake up earlier and not lead such a life. The two broke up unhappy.

Jian’s mother sent Jian’s mother to the company to find Feng Chunsheng for the key. He told the front desk that he was Feng Chunsheng’s father-in-law in a hurry.

My mother called to tell Jian that Feng Chunsheng had given them the keys and booklet of the house, and Jian asked his mother to return them to them as soon as possible. After hanging up the phone, Malevin said that simply leaving a house is better than nothing, but simply feels that Feng Chunsheng does the down payment and loan for the house, and she shouldn’t want this house.

After Feng Chunsheng returned, Zhuo Xiaoting was waiting for him in the office. She angrily accused Feng Chunsheng: The agent of SK Group arrived just now, and my father solemnly introduced him at the meeting to enter the SK project. I did not expect that he was not in the company and his father was lost. Save face. Feng Chunsheng quickly explained that he had just gone out to help a fellow villager. He really didn’t know that there was such an important meeting.

Zhuo Xiaoting got up and left. Feng Chunsheng chased downstairs and told the truth. Xiaoting called him a liar. He was a liar before, but now he lied to herself. He simply gives the house if he asks for it. Do you still have to pay the mortgage for her? Chunsheng said that he would pay it back for her if he was simple and willing. Xiaoting was angry that he was poor and generous. Chunsheng retorted that being poor is better than being rich and unkind. The two quarreling scenes were seen by Zhuo Nan passing by in the car.

I simply came to see my parents in the place where my fellow villager was staying, only to know that the thief had entered last night. My dad and the thief were injured and her mother urged her to move to the new home quickly. She simply disagreed and said that she had an appointment with an agency and went to see tomorrow. House.

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