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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 11 Recap

On a cold winter night, with the breeze blowing, Malevin and Jane drank in the cabin to keep warm. He simply felt that he was a frog in the bottom of the well, thinking that he would be the real himself if he resisted, but when he learned the news of Feng Chunsheng’s marriage, he still desperately wanted to live. Marlene laughed at her, that the frog at the bottom of the well was very observant. She did live in hell. The principal was his mentor. He married Yiru, the principal’s daughter, and they were very affectionate when they got married. Later, he came out to start a business after working in the publishing house for two years, but he was struggling.

Under strong pressure, he was a little tired of feelings, but remembered as a woman who was very obsessed with feelings. He tried to change but couldn’t change it. At this time, Lin Wanrou left. Entering his life, he failed to control himself, and later regretted it very much and suffered more than before. In fact, he and Yi Ru divorced a long time ago, but they didn’t tell anyone, so for many years, he has been carrying the infamy of a derailed man, because he wanted to protect Mu Jia and kept it today. A simple solution to Marlene: Although resistance cannot solve everything, at least it can face everything. Malevin was very grateful, and ran out of the house with simplicity and shouted loudly in the snowy night. The two made fun of each other and vented their long-standing depression.

Qiao Qingqian was unwilling to only work for the fourth elder brother, and wanted the fourth elder brother to open a branch for her, but the fourth elder brother was noncommittal. At this time Jian Xingran suddenly broke in, Qing Qian introduced him as his best friend’s younger brother, but subconsciously let go of the fourth brother’s hand, Xing Ran gave Qing Qian the meteorite he picked up on the mountain as a birthday present, saying six A few years ago, Xing Ran told himself that by chasing the brightest star in the sky, over that mountain, life can come back again, and the fourth brother walked away with his face when he heard it. Qing Qian is angry and Jian Xingran has disturbed her good deeds.

Xing Ran confesses to Qing Qian that she hopes that she will be his girlfriend. He has saved tens of thousands of dollars and is also taking care of the design work so that he can afford the lives of both of them. Qingqianxiao asked Xingran to know how much his house, car, shoes and bags are worth? Xing Ran bluntly said that the money came to be dishonorable, and made a clear statement that there was nothing dishonourable that she did not steal or rob, and that they could never be together.

When he woke up the next day, Malevin was surprised to find that he was sleeping with Jian Jian. He quickly loosened his grip on the simple hand, and a different kind of affection rose in the two of them. The snow stopped, and they were finally able to go back.

Mu Jia was able to stand up. The doctor said that she was recovering well. After returning to China, she would be cured after a period of rehabilitation training. Marlene opened her arms and hugged her daughter tightly. The father and daughter cried with joy.

When Zhuo Nanzhi received a phone call from her colleagues, she knew that the people in the Chamber of Commerce had received his daughter’s wedding invitation. It turned out that to force her father to accept Feng Chunsheng, Zhuo Xiaoting came to the show, and she also booked tickets for Chunsheng’s parents and called them over. NS.

Xiaoting arranged for her parents to have dinner and meet each other. Chunsheng’s parents wanted them to return to their hometown to have a wedding, but when Zhuo Nanzhi came, they only greeted them and left, so Feng’s mother quickly took out the ones they brought from their hometown. Zhuo Nanzhi winked at the local specialties and bacon and asked the assistant to take it over. Zhuo Xiaoting chased it out, angry that her father wouldn’t give Chunsheng’s parents face, Zhuo Nanzhi kept her face black and didn’t say a word. When he went downstairs, Chunsheng saw his parents’ gifts being thrown by the assistant to the trash can, and his heart was stabbed.

Lin Wanrou came to the airport to pick up Marlene back home. On the way, she was unhappy when she learned that she simply wanted to live in Marlene’s house. She said that after Mu Jia recovers and goes to school, she can help simply find a job again. Asked if Maleven was attending Xiaoting’s wedding, Maleven interrupted her coldly.

After returning home, Malevin asked Jian Jian to live in the guest bedroom downstairs, and simply planned to move out in a few days. She felt that she was not a professional tutor, and she planned to wait for Mu Jia’s legs to get better and find another job. Malevin was helpless. Dao: This is not Gloria after all, he really should face reality.

Simply looking for a house in an agency, he encountered the flammability of looking for a job. Only then did he know that his brother was expelled from the school because he was fighting for a girl at school and didn’t even get his diploma. She was angry that her parents came to Beijing right away, and every penny that her brother spent from childhood to time is their hard work, and they have the right to know.

At the wedding, Chunsheng’s father drank too much. When Feng’s mother accompanied him to the bathroom, he heard a table of people discussing that Bai Gang was a poor boy and he was still eating soft food. Feng’s mother was sour in her heart, mumbling that her son didn’t know how much wrong she would suffer in the future. She knew this a long time ago, so it’s better to let him marry Jian Jian. After returning to the restaurant, the old couple looked at Dangdang no one of the guests they knew, and suddenly felt dull.

When Jane’s mother heard that her son hadn’t obtained his graduation certificate, she slapped him with anger. The father told the brothers and sisters that they had rented out the house in their hometown and planned to set up a street stall in Beijing to sell mala Tang. The four of them had helped each other in Beijing in the past few years. Jian’s mother planned to live in the house that Jian and Feng Chunsheng bought at the time. She asked Jian to call to get the key back immediately, and Jian strongly opposed it.

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