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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 3 Recap

Yu Jia was a little worried about Lin Dalu bringing Uncle Huang home, but Lin Dalu still packed the tickets confidently. In the evening of the new year, I went to dance school to continue practicing. Lin Dalu took the old man back home and looked at the warm decoration of the house. The old man suddenly fell into memory and recognized Lin Dalu as his son, a strong son. Lin Dalu was very helpless and had to concentrate on preparing braised pork for Uncle Huang.

On the other hand, after Xiaonian finished his practice in the dance studio, he called his good friend Xuan Xuan. It turned out that the two men’s dreams of freedom did not die, and they were still waiting to pry Lin Dalu’s mouth open.

Yu Jia is going to go home to visit his parents tonight, but her mother has arranged to go to a singing competition with her father and release Yu Jia’s pigeons. Yu Jia had to bow his head and walked back silently. On the road, he ran into the neighbourhood Aunt Li. The warm-hearted Aunt Li was always thinking about telling Lin Dallu a partner. Yu Jia agreed, with a hint of meaning in his heart, and barely squeezed a smile to give each other. .

When he arrived at Lin Dallu’s house, Yu Jia deliberately raised the matter in front of Lin Dallu. Lin Dallu didn’t say much, but replied in a shallow way. Neighbors’ enthusiasm was always less than Lin Dallu’s dedicated service to the people. Sincerely, Yu Jia understands Lin Dalu’s obsession, so he can’t say more. Xiaonian just came back at dinner time and found that there was an Uncle Huang in the house. All the things Xiaonian had to say in his heart were blocked in his throat, and he could only postpone it until his birthday. Soon it was late at night.

Xiaonian was awakened by the sound of walking in the middle of the night and walked out of the room in a daze. He found Uncle Huang slowly approaching Dalu Lin. He shouted vigilantly for a while. Uncle Huang was also frightened and forgot. I was in someone else’s house, and I forgot that Lin Dalu in front of him was not his own son. With Lin Dalu patiently comforted, Uncle Huang had to return to the room slowly, but Xiaonian was completely unable to treat the stranger in front of him. not worried.

Qi Feng woke up and found that he was approaching late, hurriedly grabbed his helmet and rode on the road. I happened to encounter a traffic jam on the road. It turned out that a car owner was dissatisfied with the indiscriminate charging of the community. He said that he was relocating to the community, but he was charged by Fengrun Community. Because twenty yuan blocked the entire road, Qi Feng took out his police badge and severely criticized the owner of the car. In order to ease the traffic jam, Qi Feng first took out the twenty, and the car owner was still not satisfied. , Qi Feng declared himself home altogether, and continued to wear a helmet on the road.

The commendation meeting started early this morning. As a newcomer, Qi Feng was seriously late. Director Liu’s expression made Yu Jia understand that he should be disciplined by Qi Feng. After the commendation meeting was over, Qi Feng was late. Looking at the expressions of Yu Jia and Director Liu, Qi Feng said that he was late to resolve civil disputes, and the well-informed Yu Suo did not say much. He just stated to Qi Feng that he valued the rules. Qi Feng knew it. He was unreasonable, bowed his head and did not dare to speak. I didn’t expect Yu Suo to look amiable, but he was actually so harsh.

The car owner Dalong, who was given a lesson by Qi Feng in the morning, looked at the car marks he had scratched in Fengrun Community two days ago. He was very concerned. When he was about to get on the bus and set off, two unknown men rushed with baseball bats. Come up, give Dalong a good meal. Dalong believed in his heart that it was the people from the property who came to avenge him. He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called a group of people, rushing to the door of the property and shouting.

The noise made by more than a dozen people attracted the attention of the police station. Yu Jia took Qi Feng and Lao Lin to the door of the property and separated the two groups of people. Feng’s affair was added to the jealousy, and Qi Feng was portrayed as a rampant police chief who threatened the people with a police officer’s badge. Lin Dalu took the lead to calm the people’s mood, but Dalong refused to let it go. Qi Feng must be asked to come out to apologize.

Qi Feng felt very wronged and was unable to bow his head to admit his mistake. Lin Dalu noticed the stiffness of Qi Feng beside him, so he took the initiative to confess his mistake instead of bowing his head. He saw that the deputy director Lin Dalu bowed his head. , Qi Feng was so scared that he quickly bowed together, Yu Jia’s face gradually cooled amidst the shouts of everyone.

Fortunately, with Lin Dalu acting as a lubricant in the middle, this mass dispute can be regarded as temporarily over, but Yu Jia, due to the persecution of Dalong and others, made a public three days to find out the assailant’s promise, and the misfortune was Qi Feng. After being stabbed, this burden naturally fell on Qi Feng’s shoulders. Facing Yu Jia’s severe accusation, Qi Feng came to the interrogation room under pressure.

Lin Dalu patiently came to the interrogation room and asked Dalong. This looks like a dispute between ordinary residents and the property. In fact, the Dalong is also the resident representative elected by Liu Gezhuang, and the property gang The person belongs to Chen Gezhuang. The two gangs have been fighting for a long time due to different positions.

From Dalong’s point of view, the assault is a deliberate revenge. Lin Dalong listened calmly, sent him away amicably, and then asked Qi Feng’s opinion on the case. Although there was little information, Qi Feng gave a more comprehensive analysis based on what he had learned, but Lin Dalu was silent after listening. Without saying a word, just nodded slightly…

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