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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 28 Recap

Ren Rufeng pulled the woman selling velvet flowers to Shu Fang to explain to her, but Shufang was entangled in Qingyuefang’s affairs and did not want to bother him. After that, Ren Rufeng tried every means to coax Shufang, but it didn’t work. The two of them are awkward, and the entire Renfu knows about it, but Shen Cuixi is unheard of and paints in a leisurely manner. Zeng Baoqin talked to her about this, and Shen Cuixi felt that Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng should be given some time.

Shuyan liked Ruyi, so he went to Ren Xuetang to be the master. Ren Xuetang took him to Zeng Baoqin and Shen Cuixi, and Ruyi was there, and Ren Xuetang took the lead and betrothed Ruyi to Shuyan. Ruyi’s character is cool and unrestrained, and she looks very angry when she sees Shuyan asking Ren Xuetang to talk about the marriage.

In addition, Shuyan couldn’t speak, Ruyi was even more angry, and she didn’t want to marry him all the time. She even picked up scissors and cut the ends of her hair. Later, Shen Cuixi came forward to mediate, and Ren Xuetang said that the marriage was over. Shuyan didn’t understand why Ruyi refused to marry herself so resistingly. Ren Xuetang told him that Ruyi grew up in the academy and had never learned the rules, and his personality was very open and hearty, and he couldn’t stand the constraints of the rules.

The book inkstone is the opposite, this is the contradiction between the two of them. On the other side, Zeng Baoqin combed Ruyi’s hair. Ruyi said that he would never marry Shuyan, but he cried more sadly than anyone else. Ren Rufeng didn’t know what to do, so he ran to ask Shen Cuixi for help. He wanted Shu Fang to forgive himself.

In fact, Shen Cuixi didn’t say anything, Ren Rufeng realized it by himself, so he started to take care of her meticulously. Small enough to serve her tea and water to send snacks, big enough to light her lanterns to illuminate the way home. But this silk spinning is not allowed to light up to prevent water leakage. But Ren Rufeng still did this. Shu Fang knew he was doing it for his own benefit, but this approach was too naive. Shu Fanggu left angrily, Ren Rufeng was very depressed. The next day, he didn’t find Shu Fang, but he met Shu Fang on the street with Shumo. At that time, she was waiting outside the casino, waiting for the king to come out, and then reached out and asked him to owe Ren’s money. Wang Yuanwai bullied her as a woman, not only didn’t pay back the money, but also ridiculed her.

Upon seeing this, Ren Rufeng came out to support his wife and successfully got back the payment owed. Shu Fang wanted him to be responsible for these things in the future, but Ren Rufeng was unwilling. He was still trapped in the shadow of Zhang Biao, always worried that he would cause trouble to the Ren family. But he didn’t care, Shu Fang ignored him.

Ren Rufeng had no choice but to ask Zeng Baoqin for help. Zeng Baoqin suggested that she send some rouge gouache to Shu Fang, let her calm down first, and then the two of them would sit down and have a good talk. But Shu Fang still didn’t accept it, calling him to get out of his ears. The frustrated Ren Rufeng was helpless again, Shumo gave him an idea and asked him to prepare a romantic firework for Shu Fang. Shu Fang was very moved.

But she actually proposed to move out of Ren’s house tomorrow. During this time, she was too busy, and Ren Rufeng never thought of sharing the burden for her. Ren Rufeng explained that he was not suitable for business, and that Shen Cuixi and Ren Xuetang in the Ren family were enough to support them. Their ideas contradicted and completely disappointed Shu Fang. She was unwilling to continue with Ren Rufeng. Shen Cuixi bitterly persuaded him to cross this hurdle. No one in the Ren family blamed him. There may be rumors outside, but the life is his own and has nothing to do with others. Just a few words, let Ren Rufeng untie the knot.

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