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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 27 Recap

Ren Xuetang told Ren Rufeng about his entanglement. He also said that Shuyan was looking for his injured self by the river, but God’s will made Shuyan not find him. After he recovered from his injury, he hired a group of darts to look for Zhang Biao. Whereabouts. In an operation to arrest Zhang Biao, Ren Xuetang was seriously injured and almost died.

After being rescued by the master, it took three full years to stand up. Over time, he was afraid to return to Ren’s house to face Shen Cuixi and Zeng Baoqin, but the master asked him to experience and face them, so he came back. Fortunately, he didn’t make a big mistake. Ren Rufeng felt that it was normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines, and he didn’t need to be so entangled. These words were heard clearly by Shu Fang outside the door, and the more she listened, the more angry she became.

Cao Wenbin was an unkind official and deserved the crime. He and his wife were exiled and rejected by the people. Master Liu said goodbye to Li Zhao with the burden on his back, Li Zhao had nothing to say to him. Zeng Baoqin went to see Li Zhao and played chess with him. Li Zhao asked her how long he knew he was going to kill Ren Xuetang. Up to now, Zeng Baoqin also told the truth, she already knew about it six years ago. Li Zhao never understood that Shen Cuixi and her were both a wife and a concubine.

They were supposed to be incompatible with each other, but in the end she and Shen Cuixi joined forces to deal with herself. Zeng Baoqin said that Shen Cuixi never thought of putting herself to death. She kept a door for her in that small yard from beginning to end. This was also the way she left to Zeng Baoqin to survive.

But Li Zhao is different. He never leaves a way for others to do things, and his tricks are fatal and too vicious. Soon after, Li Zhao was taken to the army of thousands of miles. Zeng Baoqin sent him some words before leaving, hoping that he would have kind thoughts in his heart and win a bit of life. Ding Rong brought some food to his two children. The two daughters said with emotion that he had changed, and now he would laugh.

After Qingyuefang re-opened, Shen Cuixi finally realized that living an ordinary life and walking on the street with Zeng Baoqin, these things are the most precious although they are commonplace. Zeng Baoqin asked Ruyi to send Ren Xuetang’s clothes to the study, and he would live in the study from now on. Ruyi was puzzled, Zeng Baoqin only said that now she and Shen Cuixi are in the house, and Ren Xuetang is more appropriate to live in the study.

When Shu Fang saw Ren Rufeng putting on a headgear on a woman, she was jealous, but she didn’t know what to say. And Ren Rufeng is actually choosing gifts for her, preparing surprises for her birthday today. That night, he prepared a table of feast to celebrate Shu Fang, but Shu Fang’s thoughts were on the opening of Qingyuefang. Ren Rufeng drank too much as he talked, and fell to the ground drunk. Shu Fang took advantage of his unawareness, wrote the letter of resignation, and took Ren Rufeng’s hand on the letter of reprieve. The subordinates were gossiping, and Ren Rufeng heard it. Ren Rufeng felt that the suffering of the Ren family was all because he met Zhang Biao. Therefore, he had no intention of managing Ren’s affairs anymore. Shen Cuixi arranged Qingyuefang to him, and Ren Rufeng was unwilling to take over.

In Shu Fang’s eyes, Ren Rufeng did not seek to make progress, and Shu Fang also took out a showdown with him. Ren Rufeng suddenly realized that the woman Shu Fang saw before had nothing to do with him. Shu Fang overheard the conversation between Shumo and the woman and realized whether she had misunderstood Ren Rufeng, but before Ren Rufeng pulled someone over to explain to her, Shu Fang was caught up in the Qingyuefang incident. There are many weavers in Qingyuefang who have returned. Shu Fang talked to them about extending their working hours, and everyone agreed.

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