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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 26 Recap

Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng wanted to persuade Zeng Baoqin to take Ren Xiushan away tomorrow, but Zeng Baoqin entrusted Xiushan to them. Tomorrow is the day when Shen Cuixi is beheaded, and Shen Cuixi has been sitting in prison until dawn. After dawn, the jailer took her out, and the little wooden figure in her hand fell. Aunt Fu got up early in the morning to go to the execution ground to send Shen Cuixi. Once again, she was stopped by her husband, but this time she resolutely threw away her husband’s hand and patted the doors one by one, calling these weavers to the execution ground to send Shen Cuixi.

On the other side, Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng are preparing to take Xiushan away. Although Xiushan is small, he is like Ming Jinger in his heart. He knows that today is the day when his mother is in trouble. Xiushan knelt down and begged them to let herself see Shen Cuixi for the last time, and Ren Rufeng hugged him and turned and walked back.

Shen Cuixi was taken to the execution ground. Many people in Suzhou surrounded the execution ground. Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang also came with Xiushan. The common people shouted, Zeng Baoqin gave Shen Cuixi food on the pretext, and after going to the execution ground, he pledged his life that Shen Cuixi was innocent. Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang also knelt down and pledged their lives. The common people outside the execution ground also knelt down one after another.

Cao Wenbin was extremely angry when riding a tiger. He began to ridicule that the murdered Ren Xuetang was innocent. At this moment, Ren Xuetang ran over wearing a hat. After he took off his hat, everyone recognized him as the uncle Ren Xuetang. Cao Wenbin had to ask Master Shao to see if this Ren Xuetang was real or not, and then ran away by himself.

Governor Wu then brought people there to help the emperor and care for the people, and severely punished Cao Wenbin, the prefect of Suzhou, who had the heart of a wolf, and he took people to the prefect’s office to arrest people. Ren Xuetang couldn’t help running to the execution ground, looking at Shen Cuixi, who was beaten to blood and inhuman form. Ren Xuetang wanted to cover her with his cloak, and Shen Cuixi subconsciously stepped back.

She slowly accepted the fact that Ren Xuetang was not dead, and hammered him vigorously like a vent. Cao Wenbin ran back to the prefect in a panic and asked his wife to take valuable things to prepare to escape, but was caught by the governor Wu at the back door. Ding Rong also ran back to tell Li Zhao that Ren Xuetang was back, and Li Zhao heard that the joy of having just obtained the double-sided tapestry technique disappeared without a trace.

Shen Cuixi returned to Ren’s house, stepped over the brazier with Shu Fang’s support, and walked into Ren’s house again. When Ren Xuetang returned, from Xiushan’s surprise and resistance, to later acceptance, Ren Xuetang cried and hugged his son who had been missing for more than seven years. Shen Cuixi took a shower, and Zeng Baoqin couldn’t help crying as she watched the scars on her back. Shen Cuixi walked through the ghost gate, and her mood changed a lot.

Sufferings and setbacks made her and Zeng Baoqin’s previous relationship deeper and deeper. Later, they asked where Ren Xuetang had been in these years. Ren Xuetang lied. The two of them could tell, but they didn’t expose it. Ren Rufeng also asked where he had been in these years, Ren Xuetang still said that he had gone after Zhang Biao, and the sea was so vast that he had lost his way.

Ren Rufeng overthrew the wine in a rage, and the jug fell to the ground and broke to the ground. Ren Xuetang himself was in pain. The reason why he didn’t come back was because he was afraid of facing two women, Shen Cuixi and Zeng Baoqin. Shen Cuixi followed the rules all his life, and he could not ignore them. Zeng Baoqin was the love of his life, and he fell in love with her. He couldn’t live up to either of them.

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