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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 17 Recap

Hearing that Mo Lingze was about to hold the meeting, Lin Siyu offered to attend the meeting and prepared a dress specially. But Mo Lingze told Lin Siyu that he had no chance to wear the dress because he already had a female partner. Xu Qingyou looked uncomfortable.

Fang Qi was working at home. He saw a message from Xu Wei and suggested something to eat at night. When Fang Qi didn’t say anything, he would bring back all three of Fang Qi’s favorite foods, and he would be home soon. Qi was so scared that he hurriedly left the house.

Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou sent Lin Siyu back. Only Xu Qingyou and Mo Lingze were left. Xu Qingyou was also a little uncomfortable and wanted to escape. Just as Mo Lingze wanted to persuade Xu Qingyou, Xu Qingyou admitted himself. After counseling to retreat, Fang Qi happened to receive another one hundred thousand urgent signals, and Xu Qingyou hurried to find Fang Qi.

Fang Qi and Xu Qingyou are both on their minds. Fang Qi didn’t dare to drink, for fear that the mistake of drinking would become an eternal hate. Both of them received text messages from Xu Wei and Mo Lingze at the same time after eating. Waiting at home separately. Fang Qi and Xu Qingyou didn’t dare to go back, so they had to check in at the hotel and played poker.

Until the two came home the next day, Xu Qingyou avoided Mo Lingze all the way and tried to get back into the room without any precautions, but was still caught by Mo Lingze who had been waiting a long time ago. Xu Qingyou had to explain her worries. It was not that she didn’t want to be with Mo Lingze, but she didn’t want to make it public for fear of death. Mo Lingze hoped that Xu Qingyou would give him a time limit. Xu Qingyou promised a three-month period.

Mo Lingze agreed, but Xu Qingyou also promised him a condition. Mo Lingze prepared a skirt for Xu Qingyou, Xu Qingyou put on a sexy posture, and asked whether Mo Lingze looks good. Mo Lingze deliberately said that it was okay, Xu Qingyou also pretended to be angry, the two turned on the show affection mode, and Xu Qingyou agreed to Mo Lingze to attend the reception.

After Fang Qi went back, he asked Xu Wei to move out quickly. Xu Wei wanted to refuse to move out for various reasons. Either the courier had not been signed, or the rent of the new house could not be paid by herself. Fang Qi said that she could solve it. Xu Wei had to offer to have breakfast with Fang Qi, and the meal to be made for Fang Qi was not finished.

During the meal, Xu Wei once again expressed that he was serious. He wanted to protect Fang Qi for the rest of his life. He never thought it was a joke, and he felt distressed when Fang Qi cried. Fang Qi thinks that Xu Wei only likes the Fang Qi he imagined, not the real Fang Qi. That kiss was also a shame after drinking too much alcohol, she just wanted to be Xu Wei’s sister. The house Fang Qi rented to Xu Wei was close to the studio, which was convenient for commuting. Xu Wei refused, saying that he wanted to find it by himself. Fang Qi cares about where Xu Wei lives. Xu Wei thinks Fang Qi is still reluctant to bear him, and Fang Qi doesn’t want to do it anymore. Pretend to be indifferent if there are too many entanglements.

After Xu Wei left, he called Fang Qi and reminded Fang Qi to eat the ingredients he prepared in the refrigerator in time. Xu Wei put a post-it note on each of them to remind him, and Fang Qi was moved when he saw it.

Xu Qingyou wanted to compete for employment but didn’t think about how to do it, so when she ate with Mo Lingze, she expressed her confusion. Xu Qingyou has been at Le Mi since graduating from university and has always wanted to prove himself. Mo Lingze gave Xu Qingyou confidence. Xu Qingyou was very grateful. Mo Lingze wanted Cheng Yi immediately and Xu Qingyou got up and kissed. Lin Siyu saw Mo Lingze’s cheeks.

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