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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 3 Recap

Shao Beisheng just wanted to say that it was not Xiao Han who rescued Shen Zhengyi, but that he did not hesitate to rescue Shen Zheng, but he suddenly remembered that he had given Shen Zheng artificial respiration, and then he swallowed again.

Coach Ma carefully selected a few excellent girls in figure skating. Shao Beisheng personally assessed the results, but the results were not satisfied. He got up and wanted to leave. Coach Ma invited Xiao Qing, who came back from Korea. Xiao Qing once won a double in the youth group. For the national championship, she danced on the ice and jumped for three weeks. Shao Beisheng was stunned and couldn’t help applauding her. Both Shao Beisheng and Coach Ma were very satisfied with Xiao Qing.

Shao Beisheng ran into Liu Fei as soon as he went out. Liu Fei continued to struggle with him. Shao Beisheng lied that he already had a girlfriend. Liu Fei didn’t believe it at all. Suddenly, when Shao Beisheng saw Shen Zhengyi walking far away, he used her as a shield. , Shao Beisheng forced Shen Zhengyi to pretend to be his girlfriend, only to get rid of Liu Fei’s entanglement. Shen Zheng was furious, and Shao Beisheng was not allowed to approach her anymore.

Xiao Qing joined the Wind Chasing team without notifying her brother Xiao Han in advance. She carefully prepared a table of dishes to please Xiao Han, but Xiao Han refused to buy it and gave her a severe lesson. Xiao Qing is the trump card of a Korean university figure skating team. She gave up a good opportunity for development to participate in the wind chase. Xiao Qing has watched all Shao Beisheng’s competition videos. She thinks Shao Beisheng is the most suitable for her. , But Xiao Qing had already completed the transfer procedures, and Xiao Han was helpless.

Today is the first time that Xiao Qing and Shao Beisheng cooperate in training. They came to the ice rink one after another. Coach Ma was on the side to guide them. The two of them cooperated tacitly, and the action was completed perfectly. Coach Ma repeatedly applauded and took photos of those wonderful moments. Xiao Han asked Coach Horse to drive Xiao Qing away. Coach Horse found all kinds of excuses and couldn’t hold back Xiao Han’s hard work. Coach Horse reluctantly agreed.

Liu Fei came to the training ground to look for Shao Beisheng. Xiao Qing left first when he saw this. Liu Fei wanted to invite Shao Beisheng to dinner, but Shao Beisheng flatly refused and even moved out of Shen Zheng as an excuse. Liu Fei didn’t believe it at all. Shao Beisheng took Qu Zhi to the classroom to find Shen Zheng for help. After the get out of class, Shen Zheng ran all the way to the training ground. Zhu Lele desperately stopped Shao Beisheng and wanted a photo of his childhood. Shao Beisheng was eager to find Shen Zhengyi, so Qu Zhi stayed Coming down to deal with Zhu Lele, Zhu Lele learned that Qu Zhi was Shao Beisheng’s roommate and head of the backup team, and treated him respectfully and flatteringly. Qu Zhi deliberately made things difficult for Zhu Lele.

Shen Zhengyi practiced curve speed skating in the training ground. Xiao Han pointed out her shortcomings one by one and personally guided her on the skills and precautions of cornering. Xiao Han did not want Shen Zheng to make detours again and again, and took her to professional Training venues, teach her step by step. Zhuang Yue saw this scene and questioned Xiao Han’s approach. Xiao Han firmly believed that Shen Zhengyi was a rare good seedling, but Zhuang Yue felt that Shen Zhengyi’s daring to fight is like a time bomb on the court, which will affect it. In the training of the other players, Xiao Han and Zhuang Yue tried their best to ensure that she would not affect others. Zhuang Yue reluctantly agreed to let Shen Zhengyi join the team, but she still had one condition.

Shao Beisheng asked Quzhi to find a way to make an appointment with Shen Zheng. Qu Zhi had to send a message to Zhu Lele overnight, asking Zhu Lele to bring Shen Zheng to the Botanical Garden tomorrow, and he promised to give her a photo of Shao Beisheng when she was a child. Zhu Lele brought Shen Zhengyi to the Botanical Garden. Shen Zhengyi just sat down to paint. Shao Beisheng came and begged Shen Zhengyi to pretend to be his girlfriend. Shen Zhengyi resolutely refused to allow him. Shao Beisheng begged, she just didn’t let go, Shao Beisheng He accidentally smashed Shen Zhengyi’s paint box on the ground, and he ran away in fright, and Shen Zheng yelled in anger.

Shao Beisheng bought a large box of paint and gave it to Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi refused to accept it. Xiao Han called to Shen Zhengyi. Shao Beisheng took the opportunity to hand over the paint to Shen Zhengyi and left. Xiao Han announced to Shen Zhengyi the decision to let her join the team. Shen Zhengyi happily closed her mouth from ear to ear. When she learned that the admission notice had been sent to her home for her parents to sign, Shen Zheng screamed badly.

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