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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 2 Recap

Zhang Ziqiang kept saying that there was a project to be introduced to Dalu Lin. After hanging up the phone, even though he realized that it was wrong, Dalu Lin still prepared for the evening’s affairs. In the evening, Lin Dalu and Yu Jia waited for what Zhang Ziqiang could show, waited for Zhang Ziqiang to yell, walked into a row of girls in the luxurious KTV box, Lin Dalu’s expression finally began to become unnatural, Zhang Ziqiang greeted enthusiastically So, just to see Lin Dalu’s reaction, Yu Jia noticed that the atmosphere slowly stiffened, and quickly recruited the girl on the far left, and forced Lin Dalu and the girl named Lucy to leave.

The next day, Yu Jia looked at Lin Dalu who was twisting in front of him with interest. Lin Dalu hurriedly explained that nothing had happened to him and Lucy. Only then did Yu Jia let Lin Dalu go and discussed about putting it away tomorrow. Things on the net.

Sitting in front of Zhang Ziqiang and the boss of the financial company, Lin Dalu finally came to the signing time. When Lin Dalu signed the name, he finally aroused the two people’s vigilance. Zhang Ziqiang grabbed Lin Dalu and used a knife to force him, Yu Jia Bringing people in, the boss pretended to persuade, but couldn’t help Zhang Ziqiang’s excitement. Yu Jia and Lin Dalu exchanged glances. The two caught Zhang Ziqiang’s negligence and took Zhang Ziqiang down together. The big case came to an end.

The next day, Yu Jia came to Wu Bureau to recruit new recruits. This time Yu Jia solved another major case. The small police station has repeatedly made contributions. Wu Bureau is very optimistic about Yu Jia and hopes that Yu Jia can be included in the list at the end of the year. The only place is to become the Captain of the Criminal Police Team, and Yu Jia’s only opponent is Chen Lin. Chen Lin is also a young talent in the bureau.

In Wu Ju’s eyes, the two are very good matches, but Yu Jia always lacks interest. Because of the lack of appearance, Chen Lin is the boyfriend of Yu Jia University’s bestie. Based on this, even if Chen Lin is so courteous, Yu Jia will not take care of it. Wu Ju also mentioned that a newcomer named Qi Feng came this time. He had very good academic performance and was an absolute plastic talent. Wu Ju confessed that Yu Jia would bring him. Yu Jia quickly thought of Lao Lin. Wu Ju also agreed after hearing this. Nodded.

For Xiao Nian’s birthday, Lao Lin took a special break for an afternoon to go shopping with Xiao Nian. The two father and daughter strolled all the way talking and laughing. While waiting for Xiao Nian to buy drinks, Lao Lin found out that there was a thief.

The ground rushed forward, first handcuffed the thief, the other partner turned his head and ran, Lao Lin rushed out of the mall to catch, but Xiaonian noticed the commotion outside and saw Lao Lin’s figure running to understand the situation. Stay where you are and wait with the victim to record your confession. Lao Lin chased the thief for several roads and couldn’t keep up. Suddenly there was a boy riding a motorcycle beside him. Hearing a few words about catching the thief, the boy hurriedly caught up with the thief on a motorcycle. Now Lin Dalu can be regarded as catching up. NS.

It’s not someone else riding a motorcycle. It’s Qi Feng who will be reporting. After this time, Lao Lin and Yu Jia are very optimistic about this young man, and Qi Feng and Xu Yifan in the institute are also classmates in the same police cram school. It’s not a long time. Have mastered the situation in the institute. Lao Lin was about to go home to make braised pork for Xiaonian to make up for, but he ran into the old man at the door who had just caught the thief in the shopping mall.

The old man fell asleep at the door of the police station. After waking up, he asked for a question, but he didn’t say anything. Lao Lin found out The old man’s clothes had an inner pocket sewn into it, and it must contain the address and communication method left by his family. The situation could only be dealt with after twenty-four hours. The office was about to get off work, so Lao Lin volunteered and agreed to The old man brought home to eat braised pork…

Qi Feng encountered a civil dispute on his way to work. The time was delayed under the coordination of the two parties, and he was late on the first day of work. This made Yu Jia, who paid great attention to rules, a little dissatisfied. Yu Jia looked at the amiable look. He didn’t expect Qi Feng to act vigorously and vigorously at work. But misfortune did not come singly. Yu Jia criticized Qi Feng for intimidating the masses with police badges at will. Under Yu Jia’s words and lessons, Qi Feng He lowered his head unconsciously.

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