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The Happy Life of People’s Policeman Lao Lin 民警老林的幸福生活 Episode 1 Recap

Early in the morning, Yu Jia was awakened by her good friend Chen Lu’s hurried knock on the door. Chen Lu looked flustered and tremblingly confessed to Yu Jia that the loan shark she owed not long ago has begun to benefit. Chen Lu was asked to go to Longshan Forest Park at one o’clock in the afternoon. Knowing that the timid Chen Lu naturally did not dare to attend the appointment, Yu Jia glanced helplessly, and had to take the car key from Chen Lu’s hand instead of attending the appointment.

Zhang Ziqiang and his subordinate Tie Hui from the loan shark had been waiting in Longshan Park for a long time. When they saw Yu Jia getting out of the car, they were puzzled because their faces were not right. Yu Jia calmly walked to the two of them, angrily and said that he wanted to repay Chen Lu. However, Yu Jia had long seen that the two in front of him were just the little brothers of the leather bag company.

Just as Yu Jia wanted to see the boss behind them, Zhang Ziqiang and Tie Hui just pretended to be fierce and refused. Yu Jia knew this. The two of them were unreliable at all and turned to leave. Tie Hui was instructed by Zhang Ziqiang’s eyes and was about to stop Yu Jia, but he didn’t know that Yu Jia was very skilled, so Tie Hui was subdued in a few strokes.

When he realized that Yu Jia in front of him was not a fuel-saving lamp, Zhang Ziqiang’s tone softened, but he still insisted on the money owed. Yu Jia mentioned that he has a suitor who wants to be a water producer and needs cash flow. The interest of 15 million can roll out a huge number every minute. After hearing what Yu Jia said, the two brothers nodded and agreed to six o’clock tonight. Yo Yujia and the mysterious boss meet at the hotel.

Lin Dalu’s cell phone rang, and Yu Jia’s voice came in her ear. Yu Jia called herself Boss Wei, and mentioned the words of financial trading company, Chen Lu, and borrowing money. Lin Dalu’s vigilance quickly raised. Come up, I probably know what Yu Jia means. After the phone was hung up, Zhang Ziqiang still didn’t want to believe what Yu Jia said, so he didn’t want to let Yu Jia go, and insisted that Yu Jia go to the hotel with him.

In the evening, Lin Dalu appeared as promised. The few people talked very happily. They wanted to sign tomorrow. Lin Dalu approached Zhang Ziqiang and asked about the boss. Zhang Ziqiang seemed a little hesitant, but he was still with Lin Dalu and Yu Jia. He sank under the routine, nodded and agreed to let the boss appear tomorrow.

Yu Jia’s identity is not ordinary, he is the director of the police station, known as Yu Suo. The old Lin in the office is about to retire, and he is all looking forward to Yu Jia’s last post in this period of time. Back in the camp, Lin Dalu was already slumbering on the sofa, and he was awakened by the meat dumpling in Yu Jia’s hands. Last night, Qiuming fell in love again. After being drunk, he held Lin Dalu and talked all night. Lin Dalu was relieved to leave when his father, Ge, came to lead the love story.

Yu Jia held a morning meeting in the office. According to the city’s report, a robber named Huang Junwei was likely to be wandering in this area. Yu told Xu Yifan to notify the neighborhood committees to be more vigilant. Lin Dalu, who was in the noodle shop, also received news of the robbers at the morning meeting. When he took out his mobile phone and took a look, Lin Dalu found that the robber was clearly sitting opposite him, sucking noodles snoringly.

Lin Dalu didn’t dare to say anything, so he pretended to start WeChat with ease, pretending to call his wife to eat noodles, and to take photos of the noodles and send them to Yu Jia. After receiving Lin Dalu’s notice, Yu Jia frowned, and quickly notified the boss, asking her colleagues to leave together.

On the other side, Lin Dalu hurriedly followed Huang Junwei’s pace, but was interrupted by the enthusiastic neighbours who came to talk to him, so he had to send the location to Yu Jia first, and he continued to look for it in the crowded streets. Naturally, Huang Junwei was not a good stubborn. He soon sensed Lin Dalu’s stalking. The two met again on the street in a panic. The purpose was clear. Huang Junwei hurriedly started to escape, Lin Dalu chased him, Yu Jiahe Xu Yifan always paid attention to the positioning sent by Lin Dalu, and chased after him on the street.

Turning into an alley, Huang Junwei finally stopped, took out the knife in his pocket and stabbed Lin Dalu. Lin Dalu was completely irritated and knocked out Huang Junwei’s hand with his own grip. Yu Jia finally caught up with the knife, and everyone worked together to catch Huang Junwei. Although Yu Jia was worried that Lin Dalu’s impulse would lead to some irreversible consequences, he still gave Lin Dalu a lot of face in front of other colleagues.

Lin Dalu was still thinking about his daughter Xiaonian, grabbing breakfast and hurried home, but it was eleven o’clock. Xiaonian understood his father’s consistent style very well, and he certainly couldn’t help his sense of justice from the police. After wasting time, I could see the blood stains on Lin Dalu’s abdomen. Xiaonian was so scared that he pulled Lin Dalu to the hospital to bandage. He heard the doctor say that it was all right, so Xiaonian was relieved, the phone ringing. Suddenly, a classmate urged Xiaonian to buy tickets.

It turned out that it was a few friends who envied the free life and wanted to travel together. Lao Lin couldn’t worry about his daughter. Now Xiaonian has no mother, and the two father and daughter depend on each other. Nian understands that his father always cares about himself, and doesn’t say any more, bowing his head to admit his mistake.

Zhang Ziqiang finally waited for the boss to appear, and hurriedly reported the big fish Yu Jia and Lao Lin, but the boss was the boss after all. He still asked Zhang Ziqiang not to mess with himself and to catch others first. This monopoly financial company has already harmed me. I don’t know. How many people, Yu Jia and the above, are very concerned. Lin Dalu was unconsciously a little worried. After three days, there was no news. Just when Lao Lin was anxious to attack, Zhang Ziqiang finally couldn’t stand it and wanted to make an appointment. Come out of Lin Dalu to test again. Appointed Lin Dalu on the grounds of apologizing…

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