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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 25 Recap

Zeng Baoqin brought the real double-sided tapestry technique booklet, hoping to use it in exchange for Shen Cuixi’s life, but Li Zhao was very cunning. He had an unforgettable ability. After reading the booklet and writing it down, he said the booklet was useless. Zeng Baoqin was extremely disappointed and threw away Li Zhao’s hand angrily. Zeng Baoqin had a cough recently. Li Zhao ordered someone to bring her medicine. Zeng Baoqin refused to take it and threw the medicine into the grass.

Ruyi searched for medicinal materials, but still couldn’t find enough medicine. Later, Zeng Baoqin thought that she still had a lot to do, so he went with Ruyi to pick up the medicine again. The next day, Zeng Baoqin asked someone to say that she was going to marry. She was talking outside with the horse member about the marriage, and Li Zhao broke in.

Li Zhao said that the entire city of Suzhou did not have his permission, to see who would dare to marry her. During this period, Zeng Baoqin always left home before dawn, and always came back after dark. Shu Fang also heard the rumors of the whole Suzhou city. After Zeng Baoqin came back, Shu Fang accused her of being a white-eyed wolf. Seeing that Ren’s family was down, she looked for someone else. Zeng Baoqin didn’t explain it for herself.

One day when Xiushan was missing, Zeng Baoqin was about to let people go out to find him. As soon as he walked out the gate, he saw Li Zhao returning with Ren Xiushan’s hand. Zeng Baoqin wanted to take her son away, but Li Zhao stopped her and took her to a warehouse. The warehouse was full of yellow and white objects, and there were many portraits of her. Li Zhao said that all the money he had saved for her was the ransom money he saved for her.

When he was a poor student, the Zeng family was in trouble, but he wanted to help but was powerless. When he became an official and saved enough money for her, Ren Xuetang was still one step late. Li Zhao has been deeply attached to Zeng Baoqin over the years, and she couldn’t help but feel soft when she listened, but she still asked Li Zhao to establish a written statement. The next day, Li Zhao led the team to beat the gongs and drums, and came to Ren’s house with the offer. Zeng Baoqin was not worried about the offer, so she asked Ruyi to call Li Zhao in. Zeng Baoqin wanted to use the handwriting written by Li Zhao last night to write a report letter to Governor Wu. But Li Zhao had long expected that she would do this. The handwriting he wrote last night was written with a special potion. If you see too much light, the handwriting will slowly disappear.

Zeng Baoqin took it out and took a look, and he really found that the words had disappeared one by one. Soon, Li Zhao moved the offer, Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng ran over and saw Zeng Baoqin sitting slumped by the door frame. Shu Fang asked her what was going on, and Zeng Baoqin revealed her plan. She didn’t expect Li Zhao to be so cunning. Zeng Baoqin went to see Shen Cuixi in prison, and cried to her about wine. She regretted it very much at this time. She actually wanted to make a deal with Li Zhao wishfully. How could a person like him be like her. Zeng Baoqin was in pain. She did everything she could. She really wanted to save Shen Cuixi and Ren’s family, but now she really didn’t know what else she could think of.

Shen Cuixi told her not to blame herself, and it was enough to take good care of Ren Xiushan. The Ren family has been rioted all over the city. Aunt Fu, who was saved by Shen Cuixi, wanted to appeal to some casual weaving households to appeal for Shen Cuixi, but these weaving households refused, and Aunt Fu was beaten by her husband with a cane. Her husband thought she was showing off.

Zeng Baoqin called the shopkeepers, and she gave them Shen Cuixi’s double-sided tapestry skills, which made them panic. Ren’s double-sided tapestry is a unique thing, which can benefit future generations. At this time, Zeng Baoqin handed it over easily. How could this make the shopkeepers not surprised. At night, Zeng Baoqin coaxed Xiushan to sleep, Xiushan called Shen Cuixi, and Zeng Baoqin had to comfort him that Shen Cuixi would return soon.

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