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Love in Shanghai 两个人的世界 Episode 6 Recap

Gina forced Li Wenjia to leave and retaliated against her in various ways. Li Wenjia was helpless. She had this time to think about helping the company to collect debts. Since Gina could not be held accountable, she had to take her own responsibility. Li Wenjia ran to help the company collect debts, and it took Xiao Cai for a long time to find out where the boss was. Li Wenjia took advantage of the dog skin plaster and followed the boss for an afternoon, but the boss was desperate. He went bankrupt, and all his belongings were more than 500 yuan, but the balance he owed was more than 400,000 yuan.

When Li Wenjia saw the boss screaming, he took a hundred yuan and said that she had lent it to him personally. The boss was helpless and could only take her to the warehouse. The herbal tea in this warehouse was his last asset. See Li Wen Jia pledged it to her for being so persistent. Li Wenjia looked depressed at the warehouse full of herbal tea, but she couldn’t ask for money, so she could only do this temporarily.

It was raining heavily outside, and the female colleague shyly asked Dai Shiping to take her home. However, Dai Shiping received a call from Li Wenjia and quickly contacted the truck to help her deliver the goods. Seeing that he was in a hurry, the female colleague once again took over the unfinished work to keep him busy.

The warehouse leaked rain, Li Wenjia accidentally fell, and in order to prevent Mo Wanxiu from worrying, he even said that he would go home later after opening. Dai Shiping rushed to help and taught Li Wenjia not to be so desperate, but Li Wenjia said it was the property of the company and she had to protect it.

The family was worried about Li Wenjia, so Chen Jialiang went to the company to find her. He happened to meet Chen Xiaojuan, so they came to the warehouse together. At this time, the truck driver called and said that the water on the road was too deep to come. The whole warehouse of herbal tea may be taken away by other creditors if it is not taken away today. Dai Shiping contacted many drivers without success, Li Wenjia rushed out to stop the car in the rain.

Xu Dongyang was in charge of the nursing home project and suddenly received a text message. Li Wenjia braved the heavy rain to block the car on the street, but no one was willing to help. Dai Shiping and Chen Xiaojuan both felt dangerous, but Li Wenjia disregarded obstruction and stopped another car, which happened to be Xu Dongyang’s. It turned out that Chen Jialiang saw Li Wenjia encounter difficulties, so he sent a group of emergency text messages on her mobile phone, but Xu Dongyang was the only one who came.

There are a lot of goods in the warehouse. Xu Dongyang called many people and cars, including Li Qi. When Dai Shiping saw this, she felt very uncomfortable. Everyone was busy working in full swing. After moving the goods, they began to transport the goods. Li Qi deliberately stayed behind and got into the same car with Chen Xiaojuan. But the family is not peaceful, the house is leaking rain, and my good wife is worried that Li Wenjia and Chen Jialiang will have to go out to look for them. Li Baoying and Mo Wanxiu hurriedly made her settle down, and it would be bad if something goes wrong.

After moving the goods, Li Wenjia thanked everyone and invited them to dinner. Xu Dongyang’s friends were still making fun of him. Dai Shiping was upset again and immediately declared that he was Li Wenjia’s boyfriend. Li Wenjia called her good wife back after charging her mobile phone, and Li Baoying and Mo Wanxiu scolded again. Dai Shiping had to settle the bill, and Li Wenjia was unwilling to let him pay the money alone, but Dai Shiping made a fuss to get angry, Li Wenjia could only give in.

Dai Shiping was jealous of the relationship between Li Wenjia and Xu Dongyang, but in Li Wenjia’s heart, Xu Dongyang was just a friend. After eating, everyone left one after another. Dai Shiping sent Li Wenjia and Chen Jialiang back home. Xu Dongyang stayed a little depressed and had a drink alone.

It was the first time Dai Shiping came to the house. Li Baoying and her good wife were very enthusiastic, but Mo Wanxiu’s expression was not very good. She made things difficult for Dai Shiping from the inside out, and everyone looked very ugly. Dai Shiping got up and left. Li Wenjia chased out to explain, but Dai Shiping’s car had already drove away. Mo Wanxiu has been aiming at torturing Li Wenjia these days, but how Dai Shiping offended her is embarrassing to others.

Li Wenjia angrily asked Mo Wanxiu why. In fact, Mo Wanxiu has always been angry because Li Wenjia did not pick herself up. She did not want to see Dai Shiping at the station that day because she wanted a formal occasion. The most important thing was that Mo Wanxiu did not approve of Dai Shiping and did not agree with him and Li Wenjia. , Because I feel that he can’t bear the suffering and can’t stand the tiredness, and is not worthy of Li Wenjia.

Xu Dongyang and Mr. Bai had a disagreement because of the nursing home project. Mr. Bai wanted to use Grade B materials instead of Grade A as stated in the contract. Although no one was going to pursue such a thing, Xu Dongyang still felt bad, not to mention all the money. The hard money of the old people is not easy for the old people. Mr. Bai thought over and over again, but had no choice but to compromise. The herbal tea that Li Wenjia moved in filled the entire company. Pete was very dissatisfied when he saw it. He wanted money instead of herbal tea.

If he didn’t see the money before next week, Li Wenjia would resign and leave. Gina sneered once again when she saw this. Li Wenjia clearly helped her clean up the mess but was still treated like this. She went back very sharply. Gina Israel pleased her boss to destroy other people’s families, and she couldn’t do her job well. What qualifications to blame others? Li Wenjia didn’t have the mind to continue to struggle with Gina. Since the company asked for money, she sold these herbal teas for money.

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