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Love in Shanghai 两个人的世界 Episode 4 Recap

Xu Dongyang shouldered all the responsibilities alone, and his job was gone. He turned around and sent his salary to the hospital. After Liu woke up and saw the money, he understood. President Bai gave a reply to President An after he finished handling the construction site. President An heard that the answer they gave was different from the facts, saying that as long as it did not affect the interests, he would deal with the facts. Xu Dongyang was so poor that when he was frustrated, he took out the smiling face mask and took a look, as if he had regained his motivation.

While looking for a job, Xu Dongyang met Li Qi by chance. He lost his business and was unable to do anything at this time. The two went to collect debts but were beaten up. Xu Dongyang wanted to call the police in a fit of anger. The other party took out a set of keys to the bungalow rented to the end of the year and said that it was sublet to them, which was enough for mortgage. Xu Dongyang and Li Qi happily went to the bungalow, but as a result, a bunch of people there yelled to pay back the money. The real owner, Mr. Kong, fainted with anger in the face of this situation.

The debt collectors dispersed, and Xu Dongyang and Li Qi realized that they had been deceived, but they did not dare to leave Mr. Kong alone. Xu Dongyang wanted to send him to the hospital. Li Qisheng was afraid of being corrupted, but they had nothing to lose. They didn’t even have a place to live. When the two argued, Mr. Kong woke up after the performance. Mr. Kong took the two upstairs, made a cup of tea and drank it leisurely. Before Xu Dongyang and Li Qi could react, Mr. Kong asked them to move the flowers, and kindly took them in.

The company has been unable to receive orders for a long time. Everyone said that it was because Li Wenjia had affected the company’s reputation. Li Wenjia took leave in the afternoon, and Gina asked Chen Xiaojuan to follow her to see what she was going to do. Xu Dongyang went back to the dormitory on the construction site to pack his luggage.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Bai found out the facts and saw the surveillance video. Lao Liu fell down because of an electric leak and had nothing to do with Xu Dongyang. Xu Dongyang didn’t mean to justify his name. He wanted President Bai to assume he hadn’t seen it, but President Bai refused. Xu Dongyang said that when this matter is investigated, Lao Liu will definitely not find a job, and the family will fall apart. Bai always feels that it is not worth it for him to do this, but Xu Dongyang does not think so. People have to live a little more humane.

Mr. Bai promised not to expel Lao Liu and cover all medical expenses, but Xu Dongyang must stay and work with him. President Bai also advanced his salary to Xu Dongyang in advance and asked him to rent a house. After Lao Liu heard about this incident, he pulled Xu Dongyang to apologize, saying that he couldn’t help him, and asked a pair of children to kowtow to him.

Lao Liu’s wife also apologized, but Xu Dongyang did not pursue any further investigations. When leaving the hospital, Xu Dongyang ran into Li Wenjia and Dai Shiping in the obstetrics and gynecology department and hid subconsciously. Chen Xiaojuan followed Li Wenjia and was surprised to find that she had gone to the obstetrics and gynecology department. When Gina asked, Chen Xiaojuan wanted to hide it, but finally sold Li Wenjia.

Dai Shiping said that Li Wenjia would not benefit from doing this, but Li Wenjia wanted to give it a go. Back at the company, Chen Xiaojuan pulled Li Wenjia into the bathroom to confess what Gina asked her to follow, but Li Wenjia calmly said that they need themselves now. Li Wenjia came into Pete’s office with anti-workplace sexual assault public welfare plans. Not long ago, she hated Pete, but it was because of him that she let herself see the terrible human nature.

She put the plan on her desk and let Pete take a good look. She was here to solve the problem, not to fight. Li Wenjia gave it a go. The facts proved that she was right, and the public service advertisement received a good response. Dai Shiping helped her find a lot of women who had experienced it personally, and contacted the lawyer and the hospital. Li Wenjia was very grateful. But Dai Shiping wanted more than a thank you, he wanted Li Wenjia to be his girlfriend, Li Wenjia was stunned.

Xu Dongyang and Li Qi rented Mr. Kong’s house, and Mr. Kong also formulated a set of tenant rules for them. The success of the public service advertisement has allowed the company to get a lot of orders, and Li Wenjia’s situation is gradually improving. Xu Dongyang works next to Mr. Bai, and often visits Lao Liu’s house with gifts after get off work. Li Wenjia and Dai Shiping are together, falling into an ordinary and sweet love.

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