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Love in Shanghai 两个人的世界 Episode 3 Recap

Dai Shiping couldn’t find Li Wenjia and called the police in a hurry. The police came to the door. Mr. An was very helpless. Li Wenjia explained but couldn’t explain it clearly, no matter what he said. Li Wenjia chased Mr. An and hoped that he would not affect the company’s proposal, but Mr. An said that they had already reported to the police, and there was a greater trouble waiting for them than not being able to get the proposal.

As for what the trouble was, Li Wenjia might as well ask. Own boss. Li Wenjia sat lonely in the lobby wrapped in a bathrobe. Dai Shiping was very apologetic, but he couldn’t just watch them bully Li Wenjia. At this moment, Li Wenjia was about to give up his dignity.

After getting the dry-cleaned clothes, Li Wenjia returned to the company angrily and asked why Pete did this. She worked so steadily for the company, so why should she count her like this! Pete said politely that it was a misunderstanding, and said that she had taken the wrong room card so she didn’t think too much. Li Wenjia didn’t believe a word, he was full of literary morals, but he was full of male thieves and female prostitutes. Pete didn’t pretend, and warned her to stop here, otherwise it would not be good for anyone, especially Li Wenjia, who is still a girl.

Pete told Li Wenjia that if you want to rely on professionalism, you have to take Mr. An’s list. The gaze cast by the office was full of irony, and various rumors spread throughout the company, saying that she knew that she had taken the wrong room card and stayed in the room deliberately. Li Wenjia was very angry when she heard these things, Chen Xiaojuan was a little dodged when she heard these things in the crowd.

Gina deliberately asked Li Wenjia to gather the information, but Li Wenjia refused. She didn’t understand why Gina always targeted herself. Li Wenjia was very excited when he saw Xu Dongyang cleaning the glass outside the window, and pushed Gina downstairs to look for him. After Xu Dongyang finished his work, he turned his head and saw Li Wenjia walking towards him in a daze. When they met again three months later, the two finally knew each other’s names. Seeing that Li Wenjia’s mobile phone screen was still broken, Xu Dongyang went to buy a mobile phone screen next door to help her replace it.

Xu Dongyang has no outlets in Shanghai, so he works as an electrician at the construction site. Li Wenjia said that he would go to see him. Xu Dongyang said that she was a white-collar worker and she didn’t need to come. Li Wenjia is a little lonely, she might not be as good as Xu Dongyang. Dai Shiping came to the convenience store and saw that Li Wenjia and Xu Dongyang had a happy chat. He said that Mr. An’s order may have been agreed.

Taking advantage of their efforts, Li Wenjia received a message and hurriedly put on a mask and left. Dai Shiping seemed to understand something when he saw the smiling mask he was wearing. He always remembered that they met for the first time. Li Wenjia caught up with his hopeful and instant disappointed eyes. It turned out that she was looking for the person just now. Dai Shiping thinks Li Wenjia likes him. Li Wenjia said that there is no feeling in the world that can surpass life and death. This is their feeling. Dai Shiping boldly confessed that he liked Li Wenjia obviously, but the only response to him was polite thanks.

Lao Liu was injured while working on the construction site. The company didn’t care about him. Xu Dongyang kindly went to visit and was chased by Lao Liu’s family and made trouble to the police station. Xu Dongyang had hoped that Liu would tell the truth when he woke up, but he did not expect that Liu would have been bribed a long time ago, saying that Xu Dongyang had made a mistake in his operation and he was lying here.

Li Wenjia took the advertisement proposal to find Pete and Gina, neither of them looked at it, because Anhui Group has signed a contract with China Culture. Li Wenjia’s self-confidence was destroyed, and he fell down the document and ran to question Mr. An as to why she did this and why she wanted her to make a proposal. Mr. An said indifferently that they did not sign the contract. Li Wenjia’s efforts were in vain, and Dai Shiping persuaded her that losing this proposal is not necessarily a bad thing.

Xu Dongyang accidentally heard that Liu’s electrical work permit had expired, even though his wife still wanted to rely on Xu Dongyang. Old Liu’s confession caused Xu Dongyang to be bullied at the construction site, but Xu Dongyang did not expose the fact that Liu was employed without a certificate. After all, he had a large family behind him, and he was full of food and the whole family was not hungry. If Xu Dongyang wants his unfinished three-month salary, he can also leave.

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