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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 10 Recap

Simply take Malevin to a bookstore in Tbilisi and tell him that the place used to be a tavern. Tolstoy’s great-grandfather was a partner there. One day Tolstoy passed by and saw his great-grandfather watching “War And Peace”, the two chatted.

The bookstore impressed Marlene. He asked her to have a simple meal and told her that twenty years ago, when in the fourth grade of university, he used a scholarship to open a bookstore like this. At that time, he wanted to make more likes like himself. People who read books have a place to read. Gradually, the bookstore gained some fame. Many people came here to read books.

On the third anniversary of the store, he received a package with 5,000 thousand dollars in it. The customer was a college student before. He liked Chekov, but he didn’t have the money to buy it. The bookstore stole a set, and later regretted it. After taking a job, he sent the money to himself to encourage him to open the bookstore. Malevin missed that time very much, but knew that he could not go back.

He knows that he is an out-of-the-box person. He feels uncomfortable when he sees bookstores turning into Internet cafes, bars, and shopping malls. He feels that he must be respectful when he bids farewell to the old things. At this time, Jian Jian’s mother called and told her daughters Feng Chunsheng and Zhuo Xiaoting had obtained the certificates, and she was taking a good rest abroad without rushing back.

After returning home, Malevin wanted to take a brief trip to the Tolstoy Museum. She was simply in a bad mood. Malevin encouraged her to settle down if she came. He brought down jackets for the two of them, saying that they would pass through a particularly cold place, and they were also famous. It is said that this is a “resurrection journey”.

On the way, Malevin said that smart people pursue ideals and resist reality, while stupid people are comfortable with protective habits. Simply think that the secular view is just the opposite. People who are comfortable with habit are called smart people, and those who embrace ideals and want to resist are stupid people.

Marlene pointed out that Feng Chunsheng had long been a simple habit in the eight-year relationship. She wanted to settle for the habit of protection, but she was unwilling to betray Chunsheng. She wanted to resist but could not accept the consequences of the resistance. Simply admit that she wanted to be a smart person, but she was actually a stupid person. Malevin said that she was a half-hearted person, and simply gave him a glance.

When Malevin drove to the deserted snow-capped mountains, the car broke down and broke down halfway. The road was blocked due to snow and the rescue team could not get in. Malevin had to get off the car briefly. The two of them looked for a thinner nearby. The cabin is temporarily sheltered from the wind and snow. Malevin told Jian Jian that it was more than a hundred kilometers away from the nearest city, but the road had been closed. He had to go out to find firewood to make a fire, otherwise they would freeze to death as soon as it got dark.

Zhuo Xiaoting took the wine to Lin Wanrou’s house to celebrate her wedding. Lin Wanrou laughed at her unreliable marriage. It was too much to get the certificate without saying hello to her father. Zhuo Xiaoting retorted that Lin Wanrou’s marriage was right in the first place, and it was not too late. Lin Wan softly made a bet against Xiaoting, hoping that she would not come to her crying.

Xiaoting asked Wan Ruan about Marlene. Lin Wanrou felt that she liked Marlene when she was in college, but she was confused and left after marrying someone else. She figured it out clearly and was responsible for herself this time. Two girlfriends clink glasses and wish each other happiness.

Malevin returned to the cabin and found that the simplicity was gone, so he hurried back to look for it. Originally, he was simply worried that he would get lost. He was looking for and shouting in the long wind and snow. Malevin was angry that she was disobedient and ran around, and the two returned to the cabin. When the fire is lighted, he will get something to eat. Malevin was angry that none of their resurrection journey went smoothly.

Simply optimistically speaking, at least they are still alive, and there is a cabin where they can hide, and they can read Tolstoy by the fire. Marlene asked Jian to read the resurrection to him. When he read the wonderful passages, Marlene could recite it. Looking at the knowledgeable man in front of him, he was a little moved.

In the middle of the night, Zhuo Xiaoting was awakened by cockroaches again. Feng Chunsheng suggested that she go home to live. Zhuo Xiaoting felt that only by persevering could her father accept Chunsheng. She took Chunsheng to the hotel and opened a room. I plan to find someone to kill the cockroaches tomorrow. These days, they will stay in the hotel first. Feng Chunsheng thinks it is too expensive. Zhuo Xiaoting nonchalantly says that he doesn’t need to spend money. Chunsheng feels unhappy.

Malevin was about to go out hunting after eating the bread. Simply climbed up the ladder and nailed the window. Malevin commanded her from below. She was so clumsy that she simply got angry and put down the tools and entered the house. Malevin had to nail it by himself. Seeing that he almost fell off, she couldn’t help but laugh in the window. Screamed.

Zhuo Xiaoting gave the card to Chunsheng and asked him to go to the front desk to renew the room fee. Feng Chunsheng met Zhuo Nanzhi in the lobby. Zhuo Nanzhi mocked the mother card he had taken with him. He lived in a room for several thousand yuan a night. It’s my own money. He called Feng Chunsheng a thief!

The fourth brother came over to celebrate Qiao Qingqian’s birthday, and the sisters envied that the fourth brother gave Qingqian the full authority to take care of the restaurant, which shows that she has been showing love to her.

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