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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 28 Recap

Dixu wanted to match Fang Jianming’s marriage, so every time he went to Shuangping Lake to enjoy the piano and tea, he always accompanied him. Di Ji’s admiration for Jianming fell into Di Xu’s eyes, and it was like a beautiful puppet from heaven. But the reason why Di Ji was called into the palace today was to introduce her to Grandma Liu, who was also her nurse when she was a child.

Seeing Mother Liu appearing, Di Ji couldn’t help but was stunned, and she burst into tears of joy and recognized the other party on the spot. Fang Haishi and Senior Brother watched not far away, realizing that they might have made a mistake in their judgments, causing all kinds of suspiciousness before. Now it seems that Di Ji’s identity is worthy, which is naturally a good thing for everyone.

Through this period of time, Fang Hai City finally understood why Master’s joy and anger were invisible, and others were elusive. It was because of his inspiration that he gradually understood that he could take a step back to see the situation clearly and that he should know how to deal with things calmly. Fang Zhuoying was also relieved to hear Haishi’s self-reflection.

Mother Liu wanted to stay in the Diji Mansion to do things, so Diji specially sent someone to make room for her, and ordered her servants to respect Mother Liu and not rebellious. On the other side, Yu Doctor Li returned Ti Lan for a follow-up visit, and found that her body was seriously damaged. If there is no good prescription for treatment, she may not be able to give birth again in the future. Di Xu did not expect such a result, and felt guilty, but Tilan had no resentment, but took the initiative to calm his emotions.

Ji Chang came to see the eldest sister, knowing that she meant Fang Jianming, and took the initiative to mention Duan Yushi’s ban on Qinghai. For example, today the rumors of Qicheng are raging, and it is believed that there are ministers sitting in the court, which is a disaster to the society and the country. Moreover, Emperor Xu’s protection of the ministers is really a faint emperor. As the court’s voice became louder and louder, Di Xu was forced to cut his wings. Just as he was annoyed in the hall, Di Ji took the initiative to ask for a marriage, in this way to keep Fang Jianming.

Since Fang Jianming was deeply caught in the whirlpool of public opinion, the civil and military officials were reluctant to approach the Jifeng Pavilion, but Emperor Ji often moved around. Originally, Di Xu was worried about this matter, and he didn’t know how to punish the prescription Jian Ming to block Yu You’s mouth. Fortunately, Di Ji’s proposal allowed him to find a step down. Although Fang Jianming repeatedly refused, the imperial decree of marriage was quickly issued, so that he had to accept the order.

Di Ji avoided revealing her identity. While maintaining the relationship between her and Mother Liu, she took medication to suppress the rash. Mother Liu specially made cakes with peonies and presented them to Di Ji. Seeing her eating with relish, she was filled with joy. She didn’t know that when she just left, Di Ji immediately put down the cakes, coughing and panting.

Taking advantage of the silence of the night, the guard Yingnian was ordered by Emperor Ji to quietly come to the backyard and pour the medicinal materials in the earthen jar into the earth pit to bury it. At the same time, Fanghai’s market post returned to Zhaoming Palace and saw Master drinking alone in the pavilion, so he poured a glass of wine to express his blessings. Listening to Fang Haishi’s words, Fang Jianming suddenly remembered how she was drunk in Huixianlou that night, and mistakenly thought that Fang Haishi had weakened his feelings for herself and fell in love with Zhou Youdu instead.

On duty the next day, Fanghai City met Ji Chang, and he unexpectedly handed over the big wedding to himself to organize it. Fang Haishi was hard to evade, but he could only respond, but his heart was full of sorrow and sorrow, and he had to hide his emotions calmly, and at the invitation of Emperor Ji, he personally chose a suitable wedding gown for Fang Jianming.

Fang Jianming had no interest in participating in the wedding preparations, and even went into seclusion to meditate uncharacteristically. Fang Zhuoying knows that Haishi likes Master, lest she will feel sad because of it, and Fang Haishi seems to be indifferent, indicating that although it is tiring to buy a wedding, at least accumulating experience can help Fang Zhuoying’s marriage in the future.

That night, Zheli rushed to make a wedding dress at Ling Jinsi. Fang Zhuoying went to visit, and couldn’t help but fall into thought. He thought that his master, who had always been solitary, could not control his marriage even if he was a high-powered person, and he would marry someone he didn’t love. woman. Zheliu senses that Fang Zhuoying’s heart is heavy, so he should be comforted by nature. Everything in the world has destiny. If it has happened, you don’t need to be sad. You can also bring Fanghai City to Aya Jinsi for a drink someday, and she will personally prepare it. Good food for wine.

Fanghai City came to Ruyifang to select a satisfactory gift, but it was not satisfactory to pick and choose. It was not until Zhou Youdu came in from outside that he realized that this Ruyifang was originally his ancestral property. Zhou Youdu asked the shopkeeper to bring the treasures he had collected from all over the world. When Fang Hai saw the pair of candlesticks, he suddenly thought that he had sent Master Xizhu to Huangquanguan before. At that time, he didn’t know what it was, but now it’s quite complicated to look at it.

The Xi candlestick is simple in style, but it was made by Heluo. It is a priceless treasure. Zhou Youdu saw that Fanghai City was not at all happy with this happy event, so he was unwilling to sell the candlestick to her, but waited for her to find a good marriage. , Will cut love. Zhou Youdu chose a handful of Ruyi from all the treasures, and then took Fanghai City to various shops, but half a day’s work has helped her to buy everything. While there was still some time, Zhou Youdu and Fang Haishi were hanging out on the street. It happened that the juggling beside the rivers and lakes attracted Fang Haishi’s idea, and Zhou Youdu’s eyes fell on her, looking obsessed.

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