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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 27 Recap

After receiving the piano score sent by Fanghai City, Emperor Ji went to express her gratitude to her in person. Unexpectedly, the scene of the two people’s conversation was seen by Emperor Xu. Instead, he tried to figure out who his imperial sister meant to belong. Throw the problem to Mu Deqing. Fanghai City met Zhou Youdu in the palace, learned that he had received the imperial decree, and personally supervised the Dongyu Racecourse.

Fanghai City appreciates Zhou Youdu’s open-mindedness very much. Many aristocratic children enjoy the benefits brought by ancestral shadows, but they don’t want others to mention it. Zhou Youdu is the only one who talks about it all day long and does not shy away from it. Zhou Youdu didn’t take it seriously. He felt that he was relying on the shadow of the ancestor and staying away from the court, so that he could travel around the country and increase his knowledge.

Zhou Youdu remembered the spice incident, and immediately asked about the progress of the investigation. When he heard that Fanghai City wanted to find the old man in the Nie Fei’s palace, he took the matter. However, for many days, Fanghai City, led by Zhou Youdu, came to Mother Liu’s residence. After inquiring about it, she learned that Diji was not only obsessed with peony, but even loved horseback riding. She was injured when she fell on horseback and left her left arm. Deep scars.

When the conversation was over, Fang Hai City was grateful to Zhou Youdu for his help, and specially invited him to the Huixianlou for a few drinks, then returned to Zhaoming Palace at night, and under Master’s watch, took the initiative to go to the quiet room to receive the penalty copy. Fang Zhuoying took the initiative to send food to the sea market, and mentioned to her that Di Ji and Master were going to the racecourse. By the way, there were rumors about them in the palace recently.

Di Xu came to Yu’an Palace with a few valerian plants and looked at Tilan as if disturbed by nightmares, so he quietly plucked her petals and put them aside. It happened that a gust of wind blew and the petals scattered. Di Xu patronized and picked up the petals. He didn’t notice that Ti Lan had woke up. She was so scared that she hurriedly sat up, and finally touched each other’s foreheads.

Thinking of all the things in the past, Tilan is still frightened, but Di Xu has said nothing. He has never repeated his tone. The eyes looking at her are gentle as water, expressing care carefully, and he did not forget everything before leaving. Exhort. Considering that Tilan could not participate in the racecourse, she must have been a little bit disappointed. Di Xu comforted her to get her body up as soon as possible, and would teach her to ride a horse by herself.

Fanghai city copied all night in the quiet room, and it was not until the early morning that the writing was completed. He couldn’t wait to change the guard with Fang Zhuoying, took the opportunity to go to the East Royal Horse Farm, and then accompanied the master to go with him. At the same time, Zheli once again embroidered Di Ji’s uniform, and ordered Aunt Su to sprinkle some peony powder on the lining.

In the East Royal Racecourse, Emperor Xu and the ministers came one after another, Ji Chang didn’t pay attention to this, and the whole process was lacking in interest. Di Ji suddenly appeared on the racecourse, and Di Xu looked at Fang Jianming with a smile.

Di Xu knew that Di Ji liked horsemanship since she was a child, and he simply asked Fang Jianming to accompany her to choose horses. How could he have thought that Di Ji’s thoughts were not here, but that the other side Jianming repeatedly expressed good intentions, but he deliberately avoided alienation. Zhou Youdu noticed that Fang Hai City frequently looked towards Fang Jianming, and noticed that when he agreed with her to get drunk next time, Di Ji suddenly ran across the horse.

Seeing that Di Ji was about to fall from the horse, Fang Haishi hurriedly pursued it, but had not noticed that she deliberately stepped on an empty pedal, causing the illusion that she stumbled and fell from the horse. Fortunately, Fang Hai city supported Di Ji in time, accidentally revealing the scar on her arm, and suddenly thought of Mother Liu’s remarks, and temporarily confirmed her identity.

Although it was a shocking event, Di Xu still blamed Fang Jianming for negligence. It was not until Di Ji helped to intercede that he would not be held accountable, but instead asked him to escort him back to the house. At this moment, the liuli had been waiting for a long time in front of the gate of Diji’s mansion, and he presented them with ordinary clothes, but the taste of the clothes caught everyone’s attention. Di Ji knew that the peony was really scented, and still pretended to be happy, without any flaws.

In the daytime, Fanghai City and his senior met Duan Yushi, knowing that he was targeting Master everywhere, and Master had already asked himself to dismiss him at this time. In the evening, Haishi came to Huixianlou to drank his sorrows, and reflected on all his recent behaviors, including whether his suspicion of Diji stems from unwillingness to selfishness or jealousy. Just when Fang Hai City was so drunk, she also found Hai City in the next door Zhou Youdu, and immediately opened a room to let her rest.

Fang Hai city dumbly recognized Zhou Youdu and laughed at him for being so disciplined. He must be afraid of the lady at home, just as he was afraid of his master. Zhou Youdu could hardly conceal his love, so he acquiesced to Fang Haishi’s words, said a wish to win one’s heart, and lamented that this world is so mysterious and unpredictable, and regarded as a treasure.

In the middle of the night, Fang Jianming came to find people in Xianlou. He happened to see Zhou Youdu assisting Fang Haishi to go out, especially seeing him put his hands on the apprentice’s waist. After passing Fanghai City, hug back to the room all the way.

Fang Haishi, who was not half awake, acted like a baby in front of the master, chanting Zhou Youdu repeatedly, repeating the poem Zhou Youdu said, making Fang Jianming, who was already full of anger, like a basin of cold water pouring from the top of his head, making him unable to It was very helpless to vent his temper. Di Xu came to Yu’an Palace quietly. Hearing Tilan’s guilty words and promises to keep each other for life, he was moved in his heart and took her hand and held it tightly.

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