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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 25 Recap

Early in the morning, Fanghai City returned to Zhaoming Palace and happened to have a face-to-face meeting with his senior. Precisely because she used blood as a medicine last night, and because she hadn’t rested on duty, she looked terrible, and she was very weak. Fang Zhuoying was both distressed and annoyed, and reprimanded her for not taking her body seriously, while Fang Jianming heard all the conversations between the two in the room and was also secretly worried.

After Fang Hai city rescued Ti Lan, Di Xu looked at her differently. It was just that the whistle found that Fanghai City was depressed recently, so he reported to Fang Jianming. Although the young man made an unauthorized proposal to transfer the central guard, at least it was for Master. This intention was still good.

Because of this, Fang Jianming couldn’t bear it, so he boiled medicine for Fanghai City himself. At this moment, Fang Hai City’s consciousness was confused. He vaguely saw the master bringing the decoction and staying by the bed to take care of him, and he subconsciously grabbed the other’s hand. However, Fang Jianming was taken aback for a while, and soon released Fang Haishi, turned around and left.

Ever since Dixu had talked with Fanghai City, and finally realized his mistake, he not only took the initiative to apologize to Tiran, but even gave her Valro, which was only found in the land of Shuangping Lake. It is said that this thing is rare, and even zhuyu is rare. It is rumored that if it is dried and ground, mixed with Sanhuazui and drunk, you can relive the happiness like electric light and flint in your dreams, or you will never see it again in this life. Appearance.

Tilan saw Valeriana in full bloom on the surface of Shuangping Lake. Although he was happy, he was a little sad. On the other hand, Fanghai City was quite stunned. The seemingly violent Dixu on weekdays would be hard to come by if he was romantic. . Just as Fanghai and the senior brother were on their way to watch, they happened to meet Di Ji Chu Linlang and immediately retreated from the side to salute. Later, Houhai remembered that Di Ji Chu Linlang liked peonies since she was a child, but the fragrance of the lotus flower just made her wonder.

Emperor Ji suddenly visited Tilan, first presented a sachet as a favor, and then deliberately mentioned that Zhaoming Palace was originally the residence of the three emperors, but now it has become Jifeng Pavilion. In the final analysis, it implies that Fang Jianming is a foreigner and often lives in the harem. There is inconvenience. However, Emperor Ji has repeatedly used swords and arrows to inquire into the reality of the palace, but Tilan has dealt with it with a few words, indicating that there is no contact between Yu’an Temple and Jifeng Pavilion, and she does not know the reason for it, and asks the maid to collect the sachet.

But after a while, news came from Hanbei that Su Ming had already become a minister of Donglu, and even helped King Zuopudun to eliminate several tribes. It seems that he is busy now claiming credit in front of Duoluo, and has no time to consider going south and attacking Huangquan Camp. Fang Jianming believes that Apocalypse City still cannot relax, and urges the whistle to be vigilant.

As the voice just fell, Fanghai City came to Fang Jianming to report on the strangeness of being on time. He always felt that Emperor Yanling was not superficially simple. It was only because he heard that Emperor Ji loved peony so much and was even obsessed with it. Not only spices, accessories, or palaces. There are peonies on the upper decoration, so the flower is used as the milk name. But today I heard that the incense used by Emperor Ji had nothing to do with Peony. Fang Hai City wanted to find someone to investigate in Nihualuo. How could he know that Fang Jianming immediately objected and found an excuse to dismiss her.

The next day in the court, Duan Yushi played the Gu Chen clan suing Fang Jianming for concealing evil intentions, suggesting that Fang Jianming’s military power should be cut off for the time being. Good hands. Because of this, the subordinates were indignant, and if they did not obey their wishes, it would be difficult to stop. Fang Jianming’s self-removal was nothing more than to avoid embarrassment for Emperor Xu, so as not to damage his reputation.

Fang Jianming had no errands and was rarely free, but Di Xu asked him to come and play chess often. On the other hand, Emperor Ji went to the palace to beg to see her elder brother but was rejected. She was overjoyed when she saw Valero through Shuangping Lake. Fortunately, Fang Jianming appeared in time and was the first to save Di Ji. This scene happened to be seen by the sea market. The seemingly normal hero saves the United States, but it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Fang Hai City and his senior brother were ordered to send Di Ji back to the mansion. I never thought that Di Ji was grateful for her talents. They were asking Fang Jianming on the way, and before leaving, they asked Fang Hai City to give Valero on her behalf. After careful selection, Fang Hai’s bouquets were sent to Master’s room, but when she had just left, Fang Jianming threw the flowers into the wooden basket without the slightest cherishment.

That night, Fanghai City came to Ling Jinsi to ask for advice on the spices, hoping that she could answer questions. After all, Di Ji liked peonies since she was a child, but she smelled the lotus in both encounters, as if she had a special liking for lotus. Is it possible to choose spices other than peonies. Zheliu did not dare to argue, thinking that the two times might be accidental, and she would have to spend more time trying to figure it out, and she had heard that Shirirang from Wuxiang Houye’s family was the best at making incense among the juniors. If Fang Haishi and If you are familiar with each other, you may be able to get an answer from it.

Because of Zheliu’s suggestion, Fanghai City spent a lot of time to get spices and pestered the brother to take her to see Shililang Zhouyoudu. At the same time, when Zheliu went to see Tilan, Di Ji was leaving, and she really smelled the scent of lotus on her body. Since Di Ji was good at ordering tea since childhood, Di Xu took advantage of her good mood and asked her to fight with Fang Jianming for tea.

During this period, Fanghai City stood not far away and watched, and found that Di Ji’s tea-ordering method was not like a person proficient in tea art. As for the result, it is also obvious that Di Ji’s skills are not as good as people, and he quickly loses. The final explanation is that he has been living outside for many years and has not practiced, which has led to unfamiliarity. Emperor Ji’s admiration for Jianming fell into Di Xu’s eyes, which made him smile meaningfully, so Fang Jianming sent Di Ji back to the mansion, intending to match the two of them together.

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