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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 16 Recap

Xu Qingyou and Mo Lingze hurriedly went downstairs and saw Lin Siyu who was calling for help below. Lin Siyu’s leg injury was only a problem, but he yelled Bo pitiful. Mo Lingze looked at it and guessed that Wang Ji had betrayed his address. Fortunately, Wang Ji came and took Lin Siyu away, otherwise Mo Lingze’s eyes could kill. Mo Lingze watched Xu Qingyou put on his thin coat and then left happily. Xu Qingyou looked back at Mo Lingze thoughtfully.

In the evening, everyone was busy grilling. Xu Qingyou accidentally scalded his hands. Mo Lingze cared about asking, but Xu Qingyou gave him a few words. Lin Siyu also came to Xu Qingyou to express her concern, and while Mo Lingze was away, she asked how Xu Qingyou could gain Mo Lingze’s heart. Xu Qingyou advised Lin Siyu to stay away from Mo Lingze. In his opinion, Mo Lingze was a big carrot and there was a roster, but Lin Siyu told Xu Qingyou that it was a fake and was painted by others. In fact, Mo Lingze Nothing at all.

Xu Wei and Fang Qi attended Fang Qi’s class reunion. Qu Kai’s fiancé Yinyin provoke Fang Qi to shame Fang Qi in public, and asked Fang Qi and Qu Kai how many friends they had talked with after they broke up. Xu Wei shook Fang Qi’s hand and said that he is Fang Qi’s husband now and in the future, and will always love Fang Qi, and thank Qu Kai for remembering that Fang Qi likes to eat shrimp, and now Xu Wei has the opportunity to cook for Fang Qi every day.

Xu Wei clearly remembered that he went to the playground with Fang Qi eight times, and gave Fang Qi a portrait on the spot. The whole audience envied the feelings of the two, which allowed Fang Qi to earn enough face. When returning home, Fang Qi told Xu Wei that he used to idolize Qu Kai, but now he grows up to see Qu Kai again.

In the evening, Fang Qi and Xu Wei ate and drank. Fang Qi drank too much. Xu Wei confessed to Fang Qi that he liked her. Fang Qi smiled and rushed to kiss Xu Wei and blamed Xu Wei for being too tired. But Fang Qi fell asleep before Xu Wei could respond. Xu Qingyou stood alone by the swimming pool in a daze. Mo Lingze put his jacket on Xu Qingyou, knowing where Xu Qingyou’s heart was. Mo Lingze expressed affectionately to Xu Qingyou and explained to Xu Qingyou.

Without a roster, Mo Lingze admitted that he liked someone. And this person also cares about him very much. This person will be angry, jealous, worried, and sad. If this is not liking, then what is liking? Xu Qingyou was moved by Mo Lingze’s affectionate confession, and also catered to Mo Lingze’s deep kiss. In this way, the two chatted until late at night, when Lin Siyu on the other side leaned on crutches all over the hotel to find Mo Lingze and found nothing.

Early the next morning, the morning sun shone on Xu Qingyou’s face, Xu Qingyou slowly opened his eyes, only to realize that he was sleeping naked, and there was no one around him. Xu Qingyou relaxed and prepared to get up, but Mo Lingze came out of the bathroom and saw Xu Qingyou wake up. Mo Lingze couldn’t help but wanted to kiss and was stopped by Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou hurriedly said that he would admit it.

At this time, Lin Siyu eagerly knocked on the door. He wanted to find the waiter to pry open the door. Xu Qingyou didn’t want her to run into the same room as Mo Lingze, so he quickly let Mo Ling. Ze Zang went into the closet, but Mo Lingze thought that he was upright and insisted on opening the door. In anxious Xu Qingyou kissed Mo Lingze’s lips, and kissed him in the closet, looking at the face of the kiss. , Mo Lingze agreed, but not as an example.

As soon as he entered the door, Lin Siyu searched everywhere, wishing to get the adulterer out, and was relieved until he didn’t see Mo Lingze. Asked if Xu Qingyou had seen Mo Lingze. He didn’t see Mo Lingze last night, and worried that Mo Lingze was hooked away by the fox. Lin Siyu had to call Mo Lingze, and Xu Qingyou was so scared that Xu Qingyou coughed. Fortunately, Mo Lingze hung up Lin Siyu’s phone. Lin Siyu even thought it was a fox who seduced Mo Lingze, otherwise Mo Lingze would not hang up. . At this time, Wang Ji called and told Lin Siyu that he had found Mo Lingze and Lin Siyu had just left.

Mo Lingze came out of the closet and hugged Xu Qingyou, hoping that Xu Qingyou could announce the relationship between the two, but Xu Qingyou believed that Mo Lingze was an investor in Le Mi and she was the director of Le Mi. It was a little strange to say that people were together, and I hoped not to say it for the time being, but Mo Lingze had to agree.

Xu Wei made a special preparation and told Fang Qi that the first day they were together must have a sense of ritual, which made him remember every time he remembered it. Fang Qi was a little surprised and suspected that Xu Wei was talking nonsense. She never promised to be with Xu Wei. Where did she come on the first day? Xu Wei reminded Fang Qi of what happened after drinking yesterday. Fang Qi summed up four words for himself. He lost his virtue after drinking.

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