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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 22 Recap

Jinjin deliberately to provoke Ye Nan, Mr. Wu Xiao An fancy script

After Xiao’an returned to the company, she bought coffee for everyone and asked where Zou Yue had been. A colleague said she had been promoted recently and was relatively busy. A colleague said that since she became the general manager, she has banned all the copyright acquisition projects that Brother Zhou talked about before , and also rejected the two Internet universities recommended by Wang Xiaoan.

Wang Xiaoan said that when she first left the company, weren’t both contracts qualified? The colleague said that it was deducted before the payment because it was not his own project. And she was promoted, and she bought all the cars. Wang Xiaoan asked her colleagues not to spread the word, she is not that kind of person, and sister Qiao would not let it go.

Sister Qiao told Wang Xiaoan that her friend needed a screenwriter and the treatment was pretty good, so she asked her if she was interested. Wang Xiaoan thought that Sister Qiao had read the script she wrote before, but he didn’t expect to call him over because of this incident.

Wang Xiaoan told He Feng that he had been happy for nothing , and Sister Qiao didn’t take a fancy to her project at all. He Feng asked her where she was going this time, and Wang Xiaoan said that going to Hengdian would take about three months. And when she finished talking with Sister Qiao today, she realized that she couldn’t do her own project at all.

She didn’t recognize herself before, but now she feels that she has no ability at all. He Feng told her not to say that, one work, 100 people see it, and there are 100 ideas. Wang Xiaoan told him not to comfort himself, because she was useless. He Feng told her not to be so pessimistic, in case someone else would like her project. Wang Xiaoan said that if others are interested in her project, they don’t have to go to Hengdian if they want to catch up with the manuscript every night.

Wang Xiaoan received a call. He said that the platform gave an electronic contract for the sale of game copyrights. That person’s name was Sun Kai, and He Feng didn’t know this person either. He asked Wang Xiaoan to send him a copy of the contract, and he forwarded it to Feng Yiyi for investigation.

Lin Jinjin and Lai Haoyun took a makeup photo, she deliberately posted very close to Lai Haoyun, letting Wang Xiaoan send her to Moments. Ye Nan could not be shielded, just to let Ye Nan see.

Zhou Xu and the others said that Lin Jinjin is now in a fragile period of breaking up, so he won’t be fooled by Lai Haoyun, and then he deliberately said loudly, just to let Ye Nan hear it.

Although Zhou Xu still didn’t like Lin Jinjin very much, he could feel that Lin Jinjin was sincere to Ye Nan. Zhou Xu has been with Ye Nan for so many years, and they are like brothers. He hoped that Ye Nan could have a better destination. Although Ye Nan didn’t say anything, he could clearly see that he was depressed. Lin Jinjin didn’t believe that Ye Nan had no feelings for her. Since he couldn’t pry open his mouth to tell the truth, then stimulate him in practical action.

Ye Nan clicked on the circle of friends and saw that photo, which was very uncomfortable in his heart.

When He Feng went back, Wang Xiaoan was packing his luggage. He had already told Sister Qiao to take over the work of writing the screenwriter. This time the director was well-known and paid high. At this time she received a call and she said that a producer had taken a fancy to her book.

Wang Xiaoan went to see Mr. Wu. Wang Xiaoan showed him the complete paper version of the script and sent it to the mailbox. Wang Xiaoan said, if this project is to start shooting in the snow season, will the time be too rush? Mr. Wu wants to start as soon as possible and will shoot next month. Did she ask the prospective guides and actors? Mr. Wu said that he is talking now, and when it’s settled, he will arrange for Wang Xiaoan to meet with the director.

Wang Xiaoan asked him which company the Internet University had invested in. Although it was a small company, the contract he gave him to the screenwriter included it. Although it was a small company, the contract he gave him to the screenwriter included the cost of the script and the cost of the scriptwriter and his team. Wang Xiaoan said that the contract was signed so soon and the efficiency was really high, and then he signed his own.

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