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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 24 Recap

Since Tang Qian opened the Huangquan Pass today, Fang Jianming sent the Emperor Xu to him. Once the secondment period has passed, Fanghai City will rush to Huangquan Pass. Fanghai City had a little mood, so instead of calling Master Fang Jianming, he called Qinghai fair farewell. Fanghai insisted on staying in the capital, Fang Jianming told the whistle not to let Fanghai make any mistakes. When Chu Linlang enters the palace, Ji Chang believes that it is his sister Peony. Emperor Xu named Chu Linlang as Yanling Emperor Ji, and gave Emperor Ji Mansion in Tianqi City.

The whistle completed Fanghai City’s secondment to the Central Guards, and advised her to go to the palace on the first day to greet Fang Jianming. Fang Hai City apologized to Fang Jianming. Fang Jianming urged Fang Hai City to take care of himself when working in the palace. Emperor Xu hosted a dinner for Emperor Yanling in the palace tonight. Fang Jianming couldn’t get out of his body. I hope Fang Hai City and Fang Zhuoying would take care of the errands in the palace. , Be sure to do your best. Fang Jianming opened the door and saw that Fanghai City had already left, and he was not used to the estrangement of Fanghai City.

In the hall, the ministers reported political affairs to Emperor Xu, and Emperor Xu asked Ji Chang what he thought of it. Ji Chang said that she was thinking about the banquet tonight. Sister Peony likes peonies and can decorate it with peonies. Di Xu asked Mu Deqing about Tilan’s situation, and Mu Deqing reported that Tilan went to Qingquan Palace to use the soup once a day, and it seemed to be getting better. Di Xu was angry that Tilan was too strong. He poured a bowl of cold medicine into a bowl and was so sick that he was half-dead and did not say anything. He didn’t want to be said that he was mean, so he arranged for Mu Deqing to inform Tilan to come to the banquet tonight.

Bihong heard that Fanghai City was working in the Central Guards, so Tilan would always meet Fanghai City. In fact, Tilan didn’t expect to see Fanghai City, and worried that the two people had been secretly harming Fanghai City’s reputation and would be angered by Di Xu. Fang Hai city was working as a servant in the palace, and when he saw Di Xu and Ti Lan, he knelt down to greet him. When Di Xu saw Fang Hai City, he was a little jealous and deliberately took Ti Lan’s hand and walked over.

At the banquet, Dixu claimed that the wine was an anti-cold thing, staring at Tiran and drinking glass after glass. Di Ji saw that Ti Lan had drunk so much, so she said to relieve her. Tilan drank a lot of alcohol and was uncomfortable, so she asked Di Xu for instructions to change clothes and stay away for a while, Di Xu approved. Tilan wanted to vomit too much and was a little unsteady and almost fell. Fang Haishi grabbed Tilan and rescued it. This scene happened to be seen by Di Xu. He overturned the vinegar jar and picked up Tilan and returned to the Jincheng Palace to reluctantly. Tilan.

Tilan deliberately raised the purple hairpin to anger Di Xu, and could no longer help expressing his grievances. It is unfortunate that Di Xu never loved him, but it was unfair to her, so why did she bully her like this. At this time, there was lightning and thunder, and Di Xu was frightened. He cried and said that it was painful to love him forever, and it was unfair to him. He had never done anything bad in his life, but why did he treat him like this. Tiran thinks this is fate, just like she was born as duckweed, and she gritted her teeth and passed. Tilan hugged Di Xu and persuaded him not to suffer by himself, everything passed.

Fanghai City was particularly worried about Tilan’s situation and had been waiting outside the Jincheng Palace. It was raining heavily and Mu Deqing was talking to Fang Haishi. Suddenly, Di Xu called Mu Deqing’s voice in pain. After a while, Di Xu was holding Tilan who had fainted and came out to look for the imperial doctor. And Ti Lan was covered in blood stains, Fang Hai City knew it was uterine bleeding at a glance. The imperial doctor gave Ti Lan the pulse. In fact, as long as Ti Lan took the medicine according to the prescription he prescribed, her body would get better, but now it seems that her pulse has not been taken.

Di Xu was very angry and asked Tilan why he didn’t take the medicine. Tilan thought that Di Xu was sad when she saw her, so it would be good for each other. Di Xu was furious, and he had to save Ti Lan no matter what prescription he used, otherwise he would have to bury them together. Fanghai City knows a folk remedy, that is, drug primers are a little troublesome. Di Xu asked Fang Haishi to say straight, Fang Haishi asked them to prepare a clean dagger and a bowl, then cut their wrists, and used her blood as a medicinal primer for Bizi to feed Tilan the soup.

Fang Zhuoying came to Ling Jinsi, embroidered a handkerchief and gave Fang Zhuoying. Emperor Xu gave Fang Zhuoying a box of snacks, and Fang Zhuoying was afraid that it wouldn’t be fragrant tomorrow, so he came to Aya Jinsi and rushed to bring the liu. After smelling the taste, Fang Zhuoying knew that it was a liuhua cake, but Fang Zhuoying said it was a pity that there were no pine nuts in it, which was much worse than what he had eaten before. Zheliu was even more sure that Fang Zhuoying was Lord Fengshen, and was delighted in her heart.

Seeing Ti Lan stabilized, Di Xu asked Fang Hai City a question. Every time someone appeared, he would think of the worst past and remind him that he would always lose love. Can’t help but want to hurt, want that person to be as painful as him, so how can he deal with himself. Fang Haishi thinks that if he is himself, he will treat her well and raise his eyebrows, as good as he is to a lost love. God’s favor has given him such a good person. Di Xu’s heart has come alive because of this person, so why not treat her a little better.

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