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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 24 Recap

Cao Wenbin allowed Ren’s family to visit the prison, and Chen Xiaohong personally made things and went to see Shen Cuixi in prison. Shen Cuixi told them that he and Ren Rufeng could go out in seven days. But they didn’t expect that after Cao Wenbin got the drawing, he would give it to Li Zhao, but Li Zhao was not as good as Shen Cuixi. He had to let the people of the Weaving House verify whether the drawing was true or not, so that all of Ren’s fortune could be given to Cao Wenbin. .

This testing process will take at least one month. Cao Wenbin had to go against what he had said and continued to lock Shen Cuixi and Ren Rufeng. Chen Xiaohong and the others waited for a long time in front of the gate of Ren’s residence that day. When the sun set, they could not see Shen Cuixi and Ren Rufeng returning.

Chen Xiaohong knew in her heart that something was wrong, she said something to Zeng Baoqin, and hoped that after Shen Cuixi came back, Zeng Baoqin would not fight her again. Lin Dahu came to Ren Jia Nao again, and ran over to ask for money in three days. Shu Fang reluctantly dropped the money bag on the ground, finally letting him stop again. Chen Xiaohong was chanting Buddha in the house and heard Lin Dahu’s rascal voice.

Then she asked Shuyan to arrest Lin Dahu and sold him to the village. In the evening, Shu Fang specially asked someone to pull the tune for Chen Xiaohong to listen to. When the tune was over, Chen Xiaohong gave Shu Fang a box containing Lin Dahu’s deed. She made this organ box. Chen Xiaohong said that her first husband was a carpenter.

He taught her this craft. After the death of her husband, Chen Xiaohong entered Ren Jiaxiu’s loom. By chance, she became the aunt of Mr. Ren and gave birth to Ren Rufeng. Chen Xiaohong reminded Shu Fang not to do anything wrong. Chen Xiaohong also took out the gadgets Ren Rufeng played when she was a child, and her abnormality did not arouse Shu Fang’s alertness. One day, Chen Xiaohong dressed up and left Ren’s family after leaving a letter to Shu Fang.

She was going to avenge Ren Rufeng and Shen Cuixi. Chen Xiaohong knocked on the Dengwen drum at the gate of the prefect, and a lot of ordinary people gathered there. She used her life to guarantee that Ren Rufeng did not kill, that he and Shen Cuixi were innocent, and then she smashed to death on the Deng Wen drum.

Chen Xiaohong was dead, and Shu Fang continued to beat the drums to complain and force Cao Wenbin out. She should have been blamed for twenty, but Shao Shiye reminded Cao Wenbin that this was bad for his reputation. Cao Wenbin gave up and reluctantly accepted Shu Fang’s complaint and opened a court hearing three days later.

This incident caused human life, and Li Zhaogou hurriedly made Cao Wenbin force Shen Cuixi to confess his guilt. Cao Wenbin was quickly promoted to the court to hear the case. He was splashed with dirty water on Shen Cuixi. Cao Wenbin said that she started on Ren Xuetang because she was jealous of Ren Xuetang’s doting on the concubine, and this matter had nothing to do with Ren Rufeng. Shen Cuixi recalled that the night before she was promoted, Cao Wenbin threatened her to confess guilt with the life of the youngest and youngest member of the Ren family. She had only one night to think about whether to confess.

In order to keep the Ren family alive, Shen Cuixi was willing to confess his guilt. Ren Rufeng was released. The remaining members of the Ren family held a funeral for Chen Xiaohong. The three uncles came to worship and asked why Shen Cuixi had pleaded guilty. Ren Rufeng said that this was Cao Wenbin’s trick. He, Zeng Baoqin, Shu Fang and the others knelt down and begged some uncles to come forward to save Shen Cuixi, but the clan elders were unwilling.

After that, Shu Fang took out the technique Shen Cuixi gave her. Shen Cuixi once told her that if she had an accident in prison, let Shu Fang announce the double-faced tape technique. Li Zhao changed eight batches of craftsmen, but failed to make the tapestry like Qingyuefang, so he knew that the booklet Shen Cuixi had given was fake.

Zeng Baoqin came to Li Zhao with a real double-sided tapestry technique, and wanted to use this to exchange Shen Cuixi’s life.

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