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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 23 Recap

Shen Cuixi is going to court, and Zeng Baoqin knows that she is committed to it, but he still persuades her to keep on living. After Mrs. Cao heard that a woman took off her pants and touched the board in court, she hanged herself up. She had people prepare a sedan chair and was going to the coffin shop to buy a coffin for Shen Cuixi. At this time, above the court, Zhang Biao started talking nonsense in the court, slandering Ren Rufeng and Shen Cuixi for having an affair, Ren Rufeng was so angry that he wanted to strangle him, and was taken out of the court by officers and soldiers.

Zhang Biao also said that Shen Cuixi had red hemorrhoids on his arm, and Cao Wenbin asked Shen Cuixi to take off his clothes in court to verify whether Zhang Biao’s claim was true. Cao Wenbin disregarded Shen Cuixi’s resistance, and he just let people lift Shen Cuixi’s sleeves, and he really saw that she had hemorrhoids on her arm.

Shen Cuixi was not convinced, and Cao Wenbin let her suffer the top ten boards until Mrs. Cao lifted the coffin and said to send Shen Cuixi the last time. Ding Rong ran back to tell Li Zhao that Mrs. Cao carried the coffin to the court. Li Zhao asked him to act according to the situation, and Cao Wenbin could not force Shen Cuixi to death.

Mrs. Cao believes that a woman who loses her reputation should no longer live in the world. But Shen Cuixi is not such a stereotyped woman, she will never commit suicide, she will find the murderer of Ren Xuetang, and then watch how the people who made her lose their reputation are discredited. If I didn’t understand that Madam Cao would want Shen Cuixi to die, Zeng Baoqin said that he wanted to understand everything, and there would not be so much suffering in this world.

The elders of the Ren clan wanted to fill all of the Ren family’s wealth and drive away Chen Xiaohong and Shu Fang. Zeng Baoqin led people to beat the gongs and drums into the Ren family. She wanted to marry into the Ren family and become the master’s mistress. Always annex the Ren family. Zeng Baoqin was right, and several uncles all admitted her identity.

It’s just that the good times didn’t last long. Cao Wenbin’s Master Shao brought people in and ransacked the home. Zeng Baoqin took people to guard Ren’s centuries-old heritage, and would not let them open the treasure pavilion no matter what they said. Others searched Ren’s house, and Master Shao again asked to open the warehouse, and Zeng Baoqin forced him to death. Master Shao did not give in. When Zeng Baoqin was about to commit suicide, Li Zhao rushed to rescue her in time and beat Master Shao away.

Cao Wenbin then came to Li Zhao. Li Zhao was not polite to him. Cao Wenbin no longer pressed on, but asked Li Zhao to check Ren’s treasury, and then he got Ren’s double-sided tapestry from Shen Cuixi. Silk technique. Li Zhao finally agreed to such a transaction. The next day, Master Liu was ordered to inspect the warehouse at the Ren family. Zeng Baoqin had worked so long and still failed to keep the last of the Ren family’s wealth.

Li Zhao stopped Zeng Baoqin outside the gate of Ren’s house, Zeng Baoqin turned and walked forward, and slapped him without a word. While in prison, Cao Wenbin persuaded Shen Cuixi to surrender the Kesi technique, so that he would let the Ren family’s children go. Ren Rufeng was beaten in the cell on the other side, and the screams resounded throughout the prison.

Cao Wenbin wanted to bend a fight, but on the surface he still pretended to be a hypocrite, which made people feel disgusted. Shen Cuixi did not immediately promise him to hand over the technique, she asked to meet Ren’s family. Cao Wenbin naturally didn’t let her meet Ren’s people so easily, but he asked them to bring paper and pens. Shen Cuixi wrote all night in the cell. When the “suicide note” left to the Ren family was written, the sky outside the prison had gradually brightened.

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