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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 22 Recap

The Ren family started busy preparing for the marriage of Shu Fang and Ren Rufeng. Their wedding boat went around Suzhou Lake several times. Suzhou people knew that they were getting married and congratulated them. On the way back to Ren’s house, the prefect’s officers and soldiers stopped the married team and arrested Ren Rufeng on an unnecessarily charge. Shu Fang ran back to Ren’s house in a happy dress, telling everyone the bad news.

Shen Cuixi wanted to find Cao Wenbin immediately, and Zeng Baoqin reminded her to pay attention to it. This might be a bureau set by Cao Wenbin for her. The wedding invitation of Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang was sent out three days ago. Everyone in Suzhou City knew that he was going to marry Shu Fang. Why did Cao Wenbin choose to take Ren Rufeng today?

Ren Rufeng was tortured by Cao Wenbin in various ways in prison. He learned that Cao Wenbin wanted to frame himself for having an affair with Shen Cuixi, and joined hands with his sister-in-law to kill Ren Xuetang. Shen Cuixi rushed around asking for help, but the tree fell apart and no one was willing to help Ren’s family. Shen Cuixi summoned the treasurers of Qingyuefang to disperse all of the Ren family’s business.

The treasurer who had worked in the Ren family for many years was very reluctant to give up. Shen Cuixi told him that if the Ren family could survive the disaster this time, she would be the first to invite him back. Shu Fang became a mistress, and she trained a few disobedient and cheating offenders, and she was quite a master. Li Zhao learned that Ren Rufeng had been stigmatized and murdered Ren Xuetang with Shen Cuixi, so he immediately came to Cao Wenbin.

Cao Wenbin didn’t care if the charges were true, anyway, he was going to force Shen Cuixi to go to court. Throughout the ages, once a woman has been humiliated in court, she will no longer be able to live in this world. Li Zhao worried that Shen Cuixi would be forced to commit suicide, and he would not be able to obtain the double-sided tapestry skills. But Cao Wenbin felt that Shen Cuixi would not commit suicide so easily, and it was too late for the Ren family to flatter her, let alone force her to commit suicide.

Li Zhao was still worried. He asked Ding Rong to tell Shen Cuixi that Li Zhao had a way to survive the wind, and Shen Cuixi did not have to go to court, as long as she was willing to surrender the skill of double-sided tapestry. Shen Cuixi asked Ding Rong to go back and spread the word, as long as Li Zhao had a way, she would offer the twelve double-sided tapesman techniques as many as possible.

The conversation between her and Ding Rong made Chen Xiaohong clear. She did not expect Shen Cuixi to be so righteous. Later, she cried and begged Shen Cuixi to leave Ren’s family and stop worrying about these things. Ren’s family, including Ren Rufeng, had nothing to do with Shen Cuixi. That night, Zeng Baoqin prescribed medicine to take Shen Cuixi away, and Chen Xiaohong and Shu Fang dealt with Master Shao sent by Cao Wenbin.

But after Shen Cuixi woke up, he asked the boatman to turn around and go back. The boatman refused. She jumped into the lake and swam back. She appeared wet in front of everyone, agreed to Master Shao’s appointment, and promised to go to court tomorrow. Shu Fang knew that she was going to be dangerous, so she cried worriedly, and Shen Cuixi taught her to be calm when she was in charge.

Ren Xiushan awakened Shen Cuixi who was asleep. He also heard about some recent events, but Wei Lianggong once said that right or wrong is to be judged by oneself. People outside have rumored that Ren Rufeng killed Ren Xuetang, but Ren Xiushan didn’t believe it, which made Shen Cuixi very pleased. On the day Shen Cuixi went to court, Ren Xiushan seemed to be telepathic. He woke up from his dream crying, and when he woke up, he needed Shen Cuixi and Shu Fang came in to comfort him.

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