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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 8 Recap

Marlene saw Wang Yiru looking for a short sight on the rooftop, and knelt down with a tremor before begging her down. Seeing Wang Nianli’s aggressive posture and simply declaring that he was just Marlene’s home teacher, Principal Wang reminded Marlene: He must be more cautious if he can’t bear the excitement anymore.

Malevin asked Jian Jian to take him to an old bookstore. He said that the thing that impressed him the most about Edward’s new book was that marriage did not equal happiness. The heroine didn’t wait for happiness in the end because she didn’t resist, and resisting is not simply a refusal. He treated himself as an equal rather than a slave. His words touched the simplicity deeply.

Simply ask Feng Chunsheng to come to the new house and inform him that she has decided that the marriage will not end after careful consideration. She does not want to be the second choice for Chunsheng to retire, and she does not want to compromise her parents’ expectations for a lifetime in the marriage. If Feng Chunsheng does not have the courage, Then he would accomplish nothing even with Zhuo Xiaoting.

Chunsheng said that he didn’t agree to marry Simple at the beginning because he wanted to resist and didn’t want to compromise, but in the end he failed. He simply told him not to use his failure experience to try to convince her. Chunsheng felt that Simple suddenly became unknown to him. He wanted to leave the house to Simple, but Simple refused. She threw the key on the ground and decisively left.

Simple mother was furious when she learned of her daughter’s decision. She simply explained that if she marries Chunsheng in a confused manner, she would become a slave. The mother cried and said that she almost killed her for her. Father Jian remembered that her daughter seemed to be with Mr. Ma. After going out, she changed her mind. She simply admitted that it was Mr. Ma who awakened herself, but in any case, she would never change her decision.

In the evening, she simply wrote a letter to Edward, telling him that she had been reading his new book for Mr. Ma during this period. It was his words that opened the door to the world for him. She explained to Edward that Mr. Ma was late last time. The reason, I want him to know why Ma is always a person worthy of cooperation.

The next day, Malevin reminded her simply: She had no money and grew up very ordinary. What if she didn’t want to marry Chunsheng? Simply ask: He thinks he is poor, and if he is not beautiful, he has no feelings? Marlene was surprised: Read aloud for three days, with admiration!

Simple mother has nothing to do, and finds justice to Malevin’s house. She cries simply because he will not get married after hearing what he said. If his eyes are wrong, it is better to become dumb so that he will not talk nonsense. She begged Malevin to persuade her daughter to hurry up. Married to Chunsheng, Marlene reluctantly issued an eviction order. Unexpectedly, Jane’s mother suddenly took out pesticides to force her to death, and simply rushed her mother to the hospital.

Jane’s mother returned to the hotel after gastric lavage in the hospital. She was simply angry that her mother shouldn’t use her own life to force her. Life is her own, and she will not compromise with them. Her father made a ruthless statement: If simple gets out of this door, just Without her daughter, her mother threatened even more: She would not take medicine if she didn’t get married, and the head office of Shangma jumped off the building. Simplicity both felt sorry for his parents and was angry that they forced themselves like this and slammed the door away.

When Marlene heard about this incident, he was furious, thinking that the simplicity of getting married had nothing to do with him at all, but he felt that his words really had an initiating effect on him. Malevin believed that it was just a theory, and that it was simply impossible to bear the consequences of the resistance, and simply refuted that she was already taking it.

It was Malevin who was afraid to bear it. Simply promised to accompany him tomorrow. She thought to herself: She was supposed to say thank you and apologize to him, but she did not expect to become a practitioner of resistance in his mouth, and Marlene was actually just a theoretician of resistance.

Marlene’s unique insights and insightful analysis of Edward’s new book made Edward admire very much. He successfully obtained Edward’s copyright. Soon, Marlene’s eyes healed, and he simply felt that his work as a reader could come to an end. NS.

Lin Wanrou made an appointment for Mu Jia’s overseas rehabilitation training. She wanted to accompany her, but Marlene arranged for her to stay in the company. Lin Wanrou was angry that the contradiction in work had already accommodated Marlene. She had experienced marriage and now only wants A stable relationship, why does Marlene have to close herself up, and she is very familiar with it, so she can’t delay the child’s rehabilitation training.

After returning home, Mu Jia was very resistant to the news. She had participated in rehabilitation training before, and it was painful and unsuccessful. Seeing her father’s attitude was determined, Mu Jia resisted by throwing things and hunger strike.

Zhuo Xiaoting was waiting for Feng Chunsheng downstairs with her luggage to get off work. She uninvited to live with Feng Chunsheng in his narrow rental house. Chun was born into the heart, Zhuo Xiaoting said affectionately: wherever he is, wherever he is, since he can’t come to his own world, then she will come to Chunsheng’s world.

In the evening, Zhuo Xiaoting deliberately sent a photo of her and Chunsheng to her father. Zhuo Nanzhi immediately called and asked her daughter to go home immediately. Zhuo Xiaoting said waywardly that they would have their own lives in the future, but she and Ding Chunsheng NS.

Wang Nianli accompanied his father to find Marlene. Principal Wang hoped that Marlene would find a lady who was trustworthy and able to accompany Mu Jia for rehabilitation training. Marlene told them that Lin Wanrou had been arranged because she was always in contact with nursing homes abroad. For the good of the children. President Wang thinks it is wrong and hopes Marlene will think about it again.

In the middle of the night, Zhuo Xiaoting was so scared by the cockroaches in the bed that she screamed, and Chunsheng didn’t dare to close her eyes and watch her all night.

Early in the morning, Mu Jia was nowhere to be seen, and Principal Wang and Nian Li rushed over and slammed Marlene. Soon, the police station contacted Malevin and the child was found. Mu Jia told her father that if the woman was allowed to accompany her to go abroad, she would never go home, and Marlene had to promise her daughter not to let Lin Wanrou go.

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