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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 22 Recap

Although the capital city has many beautiful scenery at night, it is always disturbed by the haze. On the other hand, the fishing village of my hometown is simple but free, and willful and messy as if isolated from the world. Only by being here, can Fanghai city feel the breath, and can’t wait to vomit the heavy blocks in his chest, looking at the sky full of stars and silver sand, the bright moon is in the sky, feeling that there are many things in the world that can last forever. But Fang Jianming did not agree. He felt that the so-called eternity is just the attachment of the human heart, just like the sea market blindly obsessed and longing for eternity.

At the same time, Di Xu received the secret papers, and the reporting party Jianming adopted the police carefully, and the evidence is conclusive. At this critical juncture, Fang Jianming was not in the city, and Di Xu was annoyed that he was patronizing Fanghai City for a tour of the mountains and water, and now all the spearheads were directed at Jifeng Pavilion, which was tantamount to leaving himself a mess. When Di Xu’s mood gradually calmed down, he suddenly saw the paper kite next to him, and couldn’t help but think of Ti Lan. At this moment, Tiran looked at the dream catcher in a daze, hoping to stop having nightmares after hanging it up.

The next morning, A Niang brought new clothes for Fanghai City and told Fang Jianming that she had gone to the beach to pick up the goods. It was precisely because Fang Jianming could not fully recognize the sea objects and was ridiculed by children in the same village, but he did not care. Fang Haishi hurried over and saw that Master had changed into a simple cloth, not only did he not lose the slightest bit of color, but it made him fade a little bit more hostile, and he looked more gentle and moist.

After working for a long time, Fanghai City and Master didn’t dig up any seafood, so they simply went to the market to buy them. Fang Hai city is in charge of bargaining, while Fang Jianming pays the money next to him. The mother-in-law has already regarded Fang Jianming as her prospective son-in-law.

Fanghai City complained that A-niang should not be unreasonable to the court commander, but in A-niang’s view, Fang Jianming was an ordinary person after taking off his official uniform. Therefore, A Niang ignored Fanghai City and even took the initiative to serve Fang Jianming a bowl of oyster soup, bluntly saying that this soup would be a great supplement to men. That night, A-niang took the initiative to talk to Fang Jianming and asked him to take good care of the sea market in the capital.

Seeing that the eaves were leaking rain, Fanghai went to the market to buy things, but A-niang was called by neighbors to help. But for a moment, Fanghai City received the news that A Niang was kidnapped, so he rushed over immediately, tried to overcome the fear of the sea, and dealt with the killer with one enemy and more.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Fang Jianming rushed forward, and the master and apprentice teamed up. Unexpectedly, Fang Hai City was dragged off the cliff by the killer, and eventually fell into the deep sea. Fang Jianming jumped down without thinking, and accidentally found that Langhuan had rescued Hai City. Langhuan took her to Fang Jianming and saw that the two loved each other.

Under Fang Jianming’s care, Fanghai City gradually regained consciousness and was no longer a problem. Then he said farewell to A-Niang and returned to the capital as quickly as possible. Although Di Xu had already suppressed the secret fold, considering that Su Ming was vicious, the Dark Guardian camp had to make early plans. Fang Jianming thinks there are so many similar people in the world. If anyone has evidence to accuse Fang Zhuoying of the relationship with Duoluo, then this matter will become a double-edged sword.

Fang Jianming took the initiative to see Di Xu, but he was annoyed by Di Xu’s all sorts of yin and yang strangeness and annoyed him to patronize the mountain and play. However, Fang Jianming explained that he originally wanted to go to Yuezhou, and the work hidden in the Apocalypse City would reveal flaws, unexpectedly the other party followed. Now that Fang Jianming caught the killer and prepared for cross-examination, Di Xu gave him three days to try out the person behind the scenes, otherwise Fanghai City would be punished on his behalf.

After repeated torture, the killer finally couldn’t stand it, so he revealed to Fang Jianming that Ji Chang was the mastermind. Di Xu didn’t want to believe that if he believed that the killer was appointed by Su Ming, he must have deliberately planted things and deliberately reversed right and wrong. Fang Jianming felt that Su Ming was not the only person who had the real ability in the ruling and the opposition. He persuaded Emperor Xu to summon Ji Chang to enter the palace. Using this as a bait, he not only needed to prove Ji Chang’s innocence, but also Ji Chang’s self-evident innocence.

On the other side, the durian embroidered the official uniform and sent it to Zhaoming Palace, by the way, to inform Fang Jianming of the information. Fang Jianming said frankly that she would let Jifeng Pavilion investigate carefully, and she needed to protect herself, so she didn’t have to ask too much. Fang Zhuoying found out that Zhiliu was a member of Jifeng Pavilion through the master, and vowed to protect her from harm.

Mu Deqing was ordered to call Ji Chang into the palace, and Fang Jianming also sent a whistle to escort the killer to see Ji Chang. On the way, the assassin deliberately ran into the palace lady, took the opportunity to pick up the vase fragments, and when he saw Ji Chang, he immediately threatened his life. Ji Chang was trembling with fright, and fainted from being overwhelmed. The killer was defeated by Fang Jianming, and he simply smashed himself with fragments.

When Ji Chang woke up, there was still a lingering fear, and he kept swearing a poisonous oath, claiming that he would never count Di Xu, after all, the two were the only brothers. Because of what Ji Chang said, Emperor Xu repeatedly considered and decided to issue an decree to find the children of the clan. Those who were left behind due to war in the early years, as long as they can prove their identities, or those who can prove their identity on their behalf, can regain their title and ban.

Not long after the imperial decree was issued, people from all over the world who professed to be clan flocked to the capital, and many of them used falsehoods to be true. The whistle couldn’t understand Di Xu’s thoughts, even if he recognized his clan back, it would be harmful and unprofitable. Fang Jianming knew Di Xu’s true intentions, and at this time, the whistle reported that there was a distinguished guest in the Ministry of Rites yesterday, who looked very much like the daughter of Concubine Nie, who was Ji Chang’s sister.

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