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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 21 Recap

Ding Rong and Zhang Biao drank a bowl of wine, and Ding Rong left after they were loaded onto the ship. As a result, as soon as Ding Rong’s front foot left, the officers and soldiers came over and took Zhang Biao away. Li Zhao’s warehouse containing raw silk was also found. Cao Wenbin’s eyes flashed when he saw the raw silk. When Li Zhao was overthrown, the raw silk would be his. On the other side, Ding Rong sneaked into Li Zhao’s study in the middle of the night with his face masked, and got his account of reselling raw silk.

It turned out that he had planned to get close to Li Zhao before, and got Li Zhao’s account of reselling raw silk, and got all the stolen goods, so Li Zhao could no longer stand up. The next day, Li Zhao found that the account books were missing, and the young man in the house who had been guarding the gate for many years also disappeared. He knew that someone had set the game for him.

He immediately ordered Master Liu to transfer the raw silk from Mudu Town, so that Cao Wenbin could not catch him. Shu Fang was about to get married, and Shen Cuixi was very happy. This was not the only thing that made her happy. Zhang Biao was caught, and the raw silk in private possession was also found. Now he is waiting for Cao Wenbin to report the result to the court. Master Liu went to Mudu Town, but found that the warehouse had been sealed by officials.

Li Zhao went to Cao Wenbin personally, trying to buy his life with money, but Cao Wenbin refused to see him. Shen Cuixi also came to meet Cao Wenbin, and Li Zhao saw the prefect people welcome Shen Cuixi and the others in. It is conceivable that Cao Wenbin did not see him on purpose. Cao Wenbin called Shen Cuixi, he had a purpose.

He wanted to swallow the ordinary raw silk in Li Zhao’s warehouse, and wanted Shen Cuixi to board the thief ship together. Shen Cuixi did not immediately agree, and Cao Wenbin said when she had made a decision, he would report to the court the papers for impeaching Li Zhao. At this time, Li Zhao wanted to do nothing, and let someone go and burn all the raw silk in the warehouse. Shen Cuixi went to see Zeng Baoqin, and the two talked about Ruyi and Shuyan.

After a while, Shen Cuixi turned the topic to Cao Wenbin and wanted to take her on a thief ship to swallow the stolen goods. At the same time, the people sent by Li Zhao burned the warehouse, and when the officers and soldiers found out, the fire had spread. Zeng Baoqin didn’t want Shen Cuixi to take risks. Shen Cuixi was determined to bring down Li Zhao, so he decided to cooperate with Cao Wenbin.

But before she went to see Cao Wenbin, the raw silk in the warehouse was burned out. Cao Wenbin had to interrogate Zhang Biao, hoping to get some useful information from Zhang Biao. Zeng Baoqin reminded Shen Cuixi that he must beware of Cao Wenbin jumping over the wall so that he could not blame the Ren family for the burning of raw silk. Li Zhao threatened Cao Wenbin with his official career, and Cao Wenbin changed his attitude and became flattering.

Li Zhao then ordered Cao Wenbin to pour the dirty water on Ren’s family, asking Zhang Biao to tell a false confession to frame Ren’s family, and forcing Shen Cuixi to surrender the technique of double-sided tapestry. Cao Wenbin has a handle in Li Zhao’s hands, and he has to listen to Li Zhao’s words. Li Zhao told Cao Wenbin the secret of Zhang Biao’s weakness, and Cao Wenbin took advantage of this to let Zhang Biao relax.

After Li Zhao burned the warehouse, he should have done something logically, but all this was too quiet, which made Shen Cuixi feel uneasy. Zeng Baoqin said that soldiers came to cover the water and earth. No matter how big the storm these years, they won’t all survive. The most important thing now is to make the marriage of Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang a good one, make their wedding well, and open up the branches and leaves for the Ren family. If you can give birth to a younger brother or sister to Ren Xiushan, of course it would be best.

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