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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 7 Recap

Simply drove Malevin to the hotel, and wanted him to wait outside the door, but Malevin insisted on accompany her in. He asked Jian Jian to find a card room near them and sit in and listen. Simple mother cried out that her daughter had waited for Chunsheng to be in her thirties, and her youth was gone, so she begged Zhuo Xiaoting to let Chunsheng go.

Jian’s father also said that she had a fateful friendship with Chunsheng’s father, and she abruptly broke up their two families. If you can’t get along in the future, this marriage must be done. Zhuo Xiaoting said that if Chunsheng had only responsibility for simplicity, he would not be happy even if he got married. Marlene couldn’t help it, applauded, and said that Mr. Zhuo was very eloquent, and he had to teach them simple things. Simply ask whether Chunsheng is really only responsible for himself?

Chunsheng was silent, simply thinking that they are good now does not mean they will be well in the future, and hope that Zhuo Xiaoting can still say not to give up Chunsheng in eight years’ time. Zhuo Xiaoting said that they would never become like this. Malevin said that it is true that a man wants to climb up, but if you rely on a woman, you will not end well. Xiao Zhuo is noble and willing to be a ladder, but this kind of person has no good end. Zhuo Xiaoting could not sit still, and told Shang Chunsheng to leave in a humble manner.

Zhuo Nanzhi informed Feng Chunsheng that he could not use it tomorrow. He likes ambitious young people and could have given him more opportunities, but Feng Chunsheng only has himself in his heart. Even the proposed wife who has been with him for eight years can abandon it, too. Impatient. My daughter will find someone who is right in the future, and this time he will resign by himself.

Simple thanks to Malevin for his help. The two did not see Edward because they were late, and the agent told them not to contact Edward in any way in the future. Malevin sighed with emotion simply as his eyes to see the way, he used as a stick as a stick to beat people, no one suffers.

In the evening, Chunsheng felt aggrieved, and his father accompany him to take advantage of his sorrows. Feng’s father advised his son to marry simple and practical, not to go to people like Gao Panxiaoting. He owes Jian’s life a life, so he can only give his life back. In the face of his tearful old father, Chunsheng finally agreed: as long as he simply wants to get married.

Zhuo Xiaoting asked her father for justice for Chunsheng. Zhuo Nan was angry that Chunsheng only looked after her daughter’s family background. For her, she even dumped his fiancee who had been in love for eight years. He looked down on such people and Xiaoting couldn’t listen to her father’s words. , He insisted on his father to let Chunsheng return to the company, but Zhuo Nanzhi strongly disagreed with them.

Early the next morning, Jian’s parents brought her daughter to Chunsheng’s parents happily to discuss the marriage. Chunsheng’s mother looked reluctant to see Jian’s face. She was surprised that her son didn’t even want the daughter of the big boss and a good future for her. What else could she do? Simply being angry is Chunsheng betraying him first, and can’t turn black and white just because Xiaoting is a rich girl. Chunsheng’s mother is a little annoyed.

He simply thinks that Chunsheng will not come by himself, and if they are forced to get married, Chunsheng’s mother will be angry that she will simply kneel down, and Jane’s mother hurriedly stopped. Chunsheng’s father immediately bowed and apologized for being simple and at a loss, hoping that they could make their own decisions and leave.

Zhuo Xiaoting came to the rental house to find Feng Chunsheng and suggested that the two of them travel abroad to relax. Chunsheng told her that she had promised her father to get married with Jian Jian. Zhuo Xiaoting was shocked and reminded Chunsheng that she should not betray herself for a job. Chunsheng With a wry smile, it is just a humble job for her, but for herself it is the future and destiny. The things that were originally firmly in his hands have been completely wiped out because of a word of others. He wants to struggle but has nothing to do. You can only reconcile with fate and be a person who is at ease.

Zhuo Xiaoting then came to the hotel to find Feng Chunsheng’s parents, so that they could rest assured that having her own job in Chunsheng would definitely solve her problem. She bluntly said that Chunsheng and simple marriage are just for filial piety, and she is afraid that they will be embarrassed.

Chunsheng’s mother was pleased to hear that, Feng’s father admitted that they could not afford to climb high, Zhuo Xiaoting took out the household registration book and gave it to Chunsheng’s mother, saying that she was willing to obtain a certificate from Chunsheng at any time. Feng’s father embarrassed them and they couldn’t turn back. Xiaoting hoped that they would not force Chunsheng to get married, and ruined her son for the sake of loyalty.

Jian Jian’s parents came to Malevin’s house to ask for her daughter’s marriage leave. Malevin was about to leave, so he quickly found an excuse to take him away. She took Malevin and Mu Jia out for lunch. Malevin knew that she was using herself as a shield, but because of this, she was simple and praised that she did not know how to resist, but the way of resisting was more euphemistic, but it was not a way to hide in this way. , He could see that the simple parents were two big ropes, which bound her firmly.

Wang Yi, like his half-brother Wang Nianli, went to the restaurant to look for her brother-in-law. He just came in and ran into Jane who was helping Malevin to put his eye drops. Wang Nianli quickly took a picture. He wanted his brother-in-law to hand over the logistics business of the library to himself, but Malevin disagreed.

Simple father came to the hotel to find Feng’s father, and unexpectedly discovered that they had already bought the return train ticket to go back to their hometown. Feng’s father explained that the marriage was simply not agreeing, and they didn’t work here. Feng’s mother also added that Xiaoting came to find them. Take the account book for registration.

Feng Chunsheng made an appointment to talk about marriage simply, thinking that the two families were in such trouble, their parents would feel at ease. They simply did not want to live a life of harmony. When he was angry, Chunsheng abandoned himself when he pursued his ideals, and pulled up when he gave up life. She, why should she become his second choice? Chunsheng emphasized that getting married is their only choice now.

On the crowded subway, she was simply caught in a deep contradiction: Chunsheng can give up on herself, but she can’t be dishonest. The pressure of her parents makes her breathless, but after eight years of feelings, she also has nostalgia and reluctance. If Feng Chunsheng It is a rope, is she willing to be tied up by him like this?

Seeing that Malevin was not helping, Wang Nianli came to the nursing home to find his sister to speak for him, but Wang Yiru was still immersed in the reminiscence of the beautiful love past. Wang Nianli was anxious and told her that there was another woman beside Malevin, who was a female tutor.

While reading the simple manuscript, Marlene saw that she was uneasy. After a while, Jian Jian’s parents came over, and his mother advised Jian Jian to marry Chunsheng as soon as possible. Even the big boss’s daughter fell in love with him. If Jian Jian was uncertain, they would help. No more. Simply feel irritable, and beg your parents to let yourself go.

My mother was on fire, crying that they would eat frugally and simply raise a child for her to study. Would it harm her? I couldn’t stand it easily, so I cried and apologized to my mother. His father took the opportunity to take out the tickets he bought, and Jian Jian would go back to Chunsheng with them to register their marriage. Marlene, who had been sitting on the sidelines, was anxious and shouted that his eyes were out of sight, so Jian Jian sent himself to the hospital immediately.

In the car, Malevin expressed his intentions, hoping to simply calm down, and not to live in the evaluation of others. Only in the choice of life can one determine the essence of his life. At this time, Professor Li called and said that if something went wrong, he asked Marlene to come over immediately.

When Marlene arrived at the nursing home, Wang Yiru was already standing on the edge of the roof. The horns downstairs persuaded and the police siren roared. The elderly principal Wang stood behind her daughter to persuade her to pity her poor old father.

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