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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 20 Recap

That night, the air pressure in the Jincheng Palace was extremely low. Di Xu, who was sitting on the couch, seemed to tolerate a certain emotion, while in front of him was Ti Lan with a snack, serving as an abnormal and gracious service. In fact, Tilan could have directly pleaded for Zhunian, so she didn’t need to be so circumspect. However, she tried to figure out the words and deeds of the holy will, which completely angered Di Xu. In the end, Dixu drove Tilan away, and despite Fang Jianming’s advice, insisted on letting the envoy of Zhuru out of the sky.

Nowadays, the liu has become the classic clothing of Aya Jinji, and she handles all matters, including the selection of spring embroidery fabrics. Because of the changes made by Aya Jinji, Shi Nei-gong couldn’t help feeling distressed about Lili. He took a lot of pictures of her and explained to the people under his hand that if anyone dared to neglect Lili, he would never be polite.

Fang Zhuoying used to visit the rabbits as an excuse, but in fact to see if the lilies were well. Although Zheliu had never seen Lord Fengshen, she vaguely guessed that Fang Zhuoying was the “god” who was silently behind her back through conversations. However, Fang Zhuoying didn’t notice the tension of Zuli, so she only expressed her concern, and after obtaining Zuli’s permission, she promised that she would come to Aya Jinji frequently in the future.

The army was approaching Apocalypse City, Fang Zhuoying went to greet each other alone, and the two seniors reunited, very happy. Now Zhuo Ying has been promoted to the middle rank general, the fourth rank of official residence, which has aroused the envy of Fanghai City. But in Fang Zhuoying’s view, Haishi’s contribution to the northward journey is indispensable, and her reputation has spread throughout the government and the public. I believe she has a strong reputation.

On the day of arrival in the capital, Mu Deqing came to announce that Fanghai City would go to the palace with Tang Ganzi for an audience. On the day of entering the palace, Fang Haishi came to the temple in an official gown, because she shot and killed King Huku Lao Zuo Bodun, formed an alliance with Kaman to regain the city of Lanz, and repeatedly made outstanding achievements. Emperor Xu named her the third class General Yunhu, bounty one hundred taels and various rare treasures.

This decree was issued, and the court officials talked endlessly, marveling that Fanghai City was indeed meritorious in this battle, but the fall of this grace was less than Duke Qinghai. Fang Jianming, who was standing by the side, seemed to have never heard him, but still looked ahead calmly and indifferently, his clothes were wide and heavy, with no ripples at all.

For this reward, Fanghai City didn’t have any joy. She bluntly said that the credit was not her alone, but the bloody battle of the soldiers of Huangquanying, so the grace was too heavy to accept. Just because Fang Hai City had already expressed his position, Fang Jianming spoke lightly, begging Di Xu to take his life back. However, Dixu believes that Fanghai City is not proud of being arrogant and courageous, and that she should be given a chance to make achievements. However, Fanghai City was forced by Dixu’s insistence, so she could only thank her.

When Emperor Xu announced that there would be a banquet in the palace tomorrow, he was going to pick up the dust from the wind and the dust. Unexpectedly, when he heard a “pap”, all officials hid their faces and snickered, but saw the blue falcon egg that Ji Chang held in his arms all day long. It fell apart at the moment. Di Xu felt ashamed. He didn’t look at it anymore. Fang Haishi noticed that Tang Gan was tapping his fingers silently, seeming to be showing someone to him, while Manchumen and Martial Arts were all looking at Ji Chang and never noticed Tang. The slight movement from dryness.

After returning to Zhaoming Palace, Fang Jianming was annoyed that Haishi should not be punished by Emperor Xu, because she was already a high-ranking minister from the third rank, and she could take two steps to rule and confine the territory, but after all, she was a daughter, who crawled too fast and was easy to get in. Knife Mountain. Fanghai City grievedly endured the master’s hand-pick, and then told him his doubts afterwards, including the Duoluo he had seen before.

Due to the similar appearance of Duoluo and Fang Zhuoying, and Su Ming also defected to the campaign, Fang Hai City worried that someone would make a fuss about it. During these words, Fang Hai City kept approaching Fang Jianming, shocked him back again and again, and finally couldn’t help but stop him. I thought that Fang Hai City’s trip to Huangquan Camp should be more stable, but I didn’t expect to become unscrupulous. Wandering wreckage.

Fang Hai city saw Master’s uncomfortableness, he didn’t care about the other party’s accusations against him, and even showed his love without concealment, claiming that he was going back to the capital for nothing else, just because he wanted to see someone. As Fanghai city approached again, Fang Jianming couldn’t restrain his mood and frightened him to flee. As a result, when he was meditating, he dreamed that he was married in red with Fanghai city. At a critical moment, the city was killed by an arrow.

Fang Zhuoying took Haishi to familiarize himself with the situation in the palace, passed by Aya Jinsi, and then walked in. Just when it was, the breeze rushed, and the lilies were embroidered under the eaves, which looked like a beautiful scene, but her eyes became regrettable, which made Fang Hai city sigh and sad. When leaving with the senior, Fanghai City suddenly remembered that Chaotang had seen Tang Gan gestured to himself, and was shocked by the murder of the embroidered ladies.

Dixu hosted a banquet for the generals and ministers. Fanghai City was among them, but she had no intention of appreciating and talking. She stared directly at the superior Fang Jianming, and then asked the palace to send him the peeled crab, which was hidden inside. A note reminded Fang Jianming that he could eat more crabmeat instead of watching the dancers.

Tiran decided to pretend to be a purple hairpin to please Di Xu. The maids knew that the purple hairpin queen was Di Xu’s inverse scale and could not be touched easily, so she advised her to think twice. However, Tiran refused to listen to advice and insisted on acting, which really aroused Di Xu’s anger. The relationship that had been eased originally caused conflicts to erupt again.

Seeing Ti Lan dressed like this, Di Xu scolded her for being good at advocating, really thinking that she was so dizzy that she couldn’t tell who was true and who was false. No matter how long it took, no one could replace the purple hairpin. In Di Xu’s view, Zizhan understood and loved him, and because of the undue demands of the king of Zhuan, he repeatedly persuaded him to refuse to see the envoys. On the other hand, Tilanken condescended and suffered humiliation for Zhuan. This kind of gap between the clouds and mud made Dixu disgusted and disappointed, so he pinched Tilan’s neck fiercely, tore his dress frantically, and took pleasure in the other party without mercy.

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