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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 19 Recap

Now that Jinji Aya has finished preparing the funeral, Emperor Xu ordered the people to send Ju Dianyi back to her hometown. After all, she and Fang Jianming grew up since they were young. Even if there is a mistake, they always have to keep a personal face behind them. In the past few days, Di Xu was always looking at the map with a lamp, recalling many things in the past. At the beginning, Fang Jianming begged him to keep the Su’s bloodline, so that Su Ming escaped the catastrophe, unexpectedly letting the tiger go back to the mountain.

Because of this, Fang Jianming made a promise that from now on he would pursue all the rebel officials and would not allow any fish to slip through the net. Di Xu also arranged for him to deal with the Su Ming Yu party. The whistle reported to Fang Jianming that on the night of Aya Jinji’s accident, he led people to Suming’s Mansion and the palace as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, the housekeeper suicided and the servant drowned, and no useful clues were found during the whole process.

Thinking of Su Ming’s meticulous thoughts, I am afraid that he has been planning for many years, so even if he leaves his eyes and ears, he will be hidden. Fang Jianming let the whistle pass the order, everything is as usual, to protect the safety of Emperor Xu. On the other side, Fang Zhuoying was sad because of recent events, depressed, and blamed herself for failing to kill Su Ming.

Knowing his apprentice’s mind, Fang Jianming comforted him not to worry too much. Now he can only protect the Apocalypse, and then he went to Aya Jinsi to see Ju Dianyi off. Considering that there is only one person left by Jinji Aya, Fang Jianming said that if she is willing to help her back together, she will arrange a proper place for her.

Zheliu declined Fang Jianming’s kindness, and had already decided to stay in Aya Jinsi, take over the mantle, and complete the aunt’s unfinished business. Having said that, Fang Jianming no longer insisted, and told Zuliu to manage Aya Jinji well. On the other hand, Fang Zhuoying asked the doctor about the situation of Zhiliu, but unfortunately she was deeply poisoned. Although she was in no serious condition, her eyes were completely blind.

Because Zheli is the only descendant of Ju Dianyi and the only embroiderer of Aya Jinji, he will have to take on the heavy task of taking care of Aya Jinji in the future. Fang Jianming asks the doctor to take care of her. If you need the help of Jifeng Museum, you can Open up. Fang Zhuoying came to the roof of Aya Jinsi’s house. At this moment, he had no intention of admiring him. The darkness was all around, and the man’s forbearance of crying was heard one after another, which proved that he was extremely painful and regretted not protecting the other party.

The medical assistant inspected the wound for Fang Jianming and found that he not only showed no signs of healing, but festered instead. Although the doctor understands Fang Jianming’s loyalty as a courtier, he still persuades the other party to live and recuperate, and not to burn himself to death. Even the genius doctor will be helpless.

For several days in a row, Tilan would read the book to Di Xu every night until she fell asleep with exhaustion. Dixu started to play with a lot of fun, picked up the pen and painted Ti Lan with a big face, and asked Mu Deqing to find a soft sedan to take her back to Yu’an Palace. At first, Tilan didn’t know it, but when she arrived at the gate of the palace, she saw the maids laugh, and then she was aware of it and she was very embarrassed.

At the gate of Lands, Fanghai City bid farewell to Salia, and under the attention of the whole clan, led his army to turn to Huangquan Camp. Tang Ganzi said that this stage is a rest period, and there is no deployment for the time being, and Fanghai City will be arranged to rest first. Fang Jianming, who was also far away from the Apocalypse, was concerned about Qianhai City. Knowing that she likes sweets, he simply sent someone to send a box of sugar to Huangquanguan to give to her, and repeatedly explained that during this period, he must not get wet or damaged.

The uninformed thought it must be a heavy military aircraft, but Fanghai City was different from others, and he noticed the strangeness when he touched it, and it smelled sweet. Fanghai City calmly pushed away the soldiers, sat alone on the wall, and couldn’t wait to open the box. Sure enough, there were layers of candies inside, and she ate the candies sent from Apocalypse City not far away from Master. Feeling sweet.

The maid Bihong listened to the discussion of the palace people. Previously, Emperor Xu ordered not to put lights on the lake, but today the qi has slightly warmed up, the lake has melted, and it is surprising that a water lantern appears for no reason. Tilan couldn’t help the maids, so she took them to the garden, and she saw a red lotus blooming in the middle of the lake, surrounded by scattered dots, which was truly amazing.

It happened that Dixu appeared at this time, claiming that today was the Grace Moon Festival in the Dazheng Palace, but in fact it could be regarded as fulfilling Tilan’s homesickness. As soon as the voice fell, Di Xu couldn’t help but sneezed, and Tilan avoided him from catching the wind and cold, and personally cooked porridge and sent it to the bedroom. I never thought that Di Xu had a rare temper, and allowed her to add another pair of chopsticks to eat at the table. During the period, she took the initiative to chat about the purple hairpin and allowed Tilan not to be called into the hall, so she could come often in the future.

After Fanghai City’s injury is completely healed, it should be a return to the capital and a reward for meritorious deeds. Fang Jianming received the news and learned that she and the army were leaving and arriving in Tianqi soon, so Fang Zhuoying was arranged to immediately prepare Zhaoming Palace and wait for Fanghai City to return and move in.

At the same time, the steward learned that the envoy of Zhuan was approaching, so he reported to Wang Chang and asked him whether he had personally treated him in the past in order to make the best of the landlord’s friendship. Ji Chang thought about it for a moment, and ordered the steward to return to Emperor Xu, thinking that he was always the prince of the Great March, and it was not appropriate to make envoys. But when the steward was gone, he seemed to have changed. First hone the wings and then hone the minions.

On the morning of the next day, the envoy of the Ministry of Zhunian entered the temple to face the holy, open the door to express his intentions, only because Zhunian suffered a natural disaster, and begged for help. Thinking that this year was the second time that Zhunian reported the disaster, he had already aroused Di Xu’s dissatisfaction, so he found a reason to arrange the envoy to the post, privately cursing Zhunian for being greedy.

Fang Jianming knew that Emperor Xu had a final conclusion long ago, but Ti Lan met with the envoys in the Piandian, and because he could not bear the suffering in his hometown, he finally agreed to intercede with Emperor Xu on his behalf. As everyone knows, Di Xu has already mastered the content of the conversation between Ti Lan and the envoy, and was furious that these screwdrivers wanted to earn money from a woman.

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