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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 20 Recap

Shen Cuixi released a bird, reminding her of her feeling of being released. She calmed down. She stepped into Ren Xuetang’s study for the first time since Ren Xuetang left, and unexpectedly discovered a letter that Ren Xuetang had left her before going to investigate Zhang Biao. Ren Xuetang said in the letter that he had already slashed his love with a sword, and only hoped that Shen Cuixi would treat Zeng Baoqin kindly.

Shen Cuixi knew that his heart was still on Zeng Baoqin, and said that he was cutting off the thread of love, fearing that he himself didn’t understand his feelings. Now these emotional matters have nothing to do with Shen Cuixi. The next day, Shen Cuixi asked Shuyan to bring Zeng Baoqin and put her and Ruyi in the west courtyard. Ruyi worried that Shen Cuixi wanted to deal with Zeng Baoqin, and Shuyan assured that Shen Cuixi had no malice.

The next day, Zeng Baoqin told Shen Cuixi that she was willing to enter the Ren family, but she made three requests, and Shen Cuixi agreed to them one by one. Zeng Baoqin said that he wouldn’t stay at Ren’s house all his life, and Shen Cuixi couldn’t give her all the affairs of Ren’s house, and then went to clean himself. Shen Cuixi didn’t explain, no matter what she wanted to do, Zeng Baoqin hoped that she would think about it before making a decision.

Ren Xiushan came over and saw Shen Cuixi and Zeng Baoqin respectively. The first time Zeng Baoqin heard Xiushan call her mother, he was moved to tears. Shen Cuixi started to teach Zeng Baoqin the Tao of Kesi, who had paid a New Year’s greetings from Ren’s family, and showed her everything about Ren’s family, about Kesi, about sericulture and raw silk fields, as well as the Kesi loom.

Shen Cuixi also took the time to write down his experiences in managing Ren’s family over the years, and he cared about Ren Xiushan’s studies, because only Ren Xiushan’s good books can Zeng Baoqin and Ren Jia have a better way out. Liu Ma saw that Lin Dahu came to Shu Fang several times, and was beaten out by Ren Rufeng every time. She was worried about something urgent at Shu Fang’s house, so she quietly told Shu Fang about it.

Shu Fang pressed Shu Mo, and only then learned that Lin Dahu had sold herself again. This time it was a death contract. Fortunately, Ren Rufeng accepted the contract for her. Shu Fang was extremely disappointed with this brother, Ren Rufeng rushed over, worried that her appearance would be revealed. Knowing that Shu Fang had learned about the deed, Ren Rufeng thought she would be angry, but he didn’t expect Shu Fang to be moved.

She asked Ren Rufeng why he did this, and Ren Rufeng confessed to her again. This time, Shu Fang was in tears and finally agreed to marry Ren Rufeng. The matter of the two was settled, Shen Cuixi and Chen Xiaohong were very happy, and Zhang Luo wanted to get them married as soon as possible, and they said shyly that they both listened to Shen Cuixi. In his spare time, Shen Cuixi would bring something to see Qiao’er’s pair of children.

Ding Rong couldn’t help feeling a little guilty when he saw her ignoring her predecessors. Zeng Baoqin has been in the office these days, and her Kesi skills have improved, but she can’t help being a little worried. Shen Cuixi has been arranging these things recently, and she always feels that Shen Cuixi is arranging funeral affairs. Shen Cuixi told her that he had promised Wei Lianggong that he would live well.

Li Zhao returned to Suzhou in the heavy rain. When he went to Jiangning this time, he had already arranged things properly. Cao Wenbin could no longer trouble him in the future, and Ding Rong would also step up reselling the raw silk to Jiangnan water bandits. Soon, Cao Wenbin attacked Shen Cuixi, and Shen Cuixi gave some explanation and assurance, which allowed Cao Wenbin to calm down his anger. Ding Rong was still doing errands for Li Zhao, selling raw silk in the warehouse to water bandits.

After Cao Wenbin stopped patrolling, the water bandits increased the amount of raw silk purchased. Li Zhao was greedy for money and bought a batch of raw silk from the Suzhou market. Earn a lot of money. Ding Rong was cautious and changed places to trade with Zhang Biao.

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