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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 19 Recap

Shen Cuixi burned the picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water she embroidered to Wei Lianggong. Zeng Baoqin said sincerely that the picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water she embroidered was better than the one she embroidered. That night, when the two women were drinking together, Wei Lianggong died, and Shen Cuixi lost the heart to live. Zeng Baoqin persuaded her to tell her these words to herself, so she must cheer up and live well.

A few months later, the Qingyuefang branch opened, and the interest yield was a few percent higher than in previous years. Shen Cuixi happily asked people to add another ten percent for the gift to the yamen. It was spread outside that Ren Rufeng was infatuated with Shu Fang. My brother thought she was about to marry Ren Rufeng, so he took a lot of credit in the casino as a matter of course. When he and his wife came to Ren’s house, no matter what they said, they had to marry Ren Rufeng.

Shu Fang didn’t want Ren Rufeng to be ridiculed, so he was reluctant to marry him, and now he is even more reluctant to marry him in order to repay his brother’s gambling debt. Her brother had to ask her to marry Ren Rufeng. Shu Fang talked back a little, and her brother slapped her cheek against the stone next to him. Shen Cuixi applied medicine to her. If it weren’t for the fact that the other party was her brother, Shen Cuixi would have gone to the Yamen to seek justice for her.

Ren Rufeng was also very distressed, but Shu Fang didn’t say who was the one who beat her. Shen Cuixi prepared exquisite and precious tapestry for Ms. Cao’s engagement banquet. Even Cao Wenbin and his wife had them, and it was self-evident. Cao Wenbin was very happy, holding these tapestry silk for everyone to appreciate, and proposed to write a tablet for others.

Although the Ren family spent a lot of money on Ms. Cao’s engagement banquet, since Cao Wenbin became famous for the Ren family, Qingyuefang’s reputation has grown stronger, and more and more people come here. Qingyuefang’s profits are squeezed. Cengceng went up. Shen Cuixi knew that Shuyan liked Ruyi, and he came to Qingyuefang to learn to be a shopkeeper, presumably for Ruyi. Shen Cuixi was very emotional, as long as he is alive, there are no obstacles to overcome.

Ren Rufeng went to check out Shu Fang’s hometown, and unexpectedly found that Shu Fang’s hometown was very dilapidated, which shouldn’t be. Then he and Shumo saw Shu Fang’s brother, a man coming out, and listening to what they said, it seemed that Shu Fang’s brother wanted to sell Shu Fang to this man as a concubine for two hundred taels of silver.

Ren Rufeng and Shumo quietly followed them, and when they were about to sign and draw, Ren Rufeng stopped him, beat her brother, and asked her brother to sign and draw, so that Shu Fang became the Ren family. People, her family can no longer threaten her. Ren Rufeng instructed Shumo to close the deed and not to tell Shu Fang about it.

Many people called for Shen Cuixi’s Kesi. For this, Shen Cuixi took the silk overnight. Shu Fang realized her hardship and told Xiaolan to take good care of Shen Cuixi. Ren Rufeng returned from doing business in Guangzhou and brought a gift to Shu Fang, but Shu Fang still refused. Shen Cuixi asked the scholar to restore the Kesi tree stele for her. After Zeng Baoqin read it, she worried that Shen Cuixi’s too high profile would cause trouble.

She went to remind Shen Cuixi that when Ren Xiushan succeeded in his career, it would not be too late for Shen Cuixi to expand his family business. Shen Cuixi thought she was afraid, but Zeng Baoqin was not afraid, but she had experienced too much. She deeply knew how harsh this world is to women. When she and her mother were locked up in jail, her mother wanted to strangle her because she was worried that her future would be bad. Zeng Baoqin pleaded bitterly and finally survived. Later, she was sold to the hospital, and she was also struggling to survive and bear the humiliation. Even so, Shen Cuixi couldn’t listen to her advice, she insisted on accomplishing what she planned.

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