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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 6 Recap

Zhuo Xiaoting found that Feng Chunsheng was hiding from herself, hoping that he could let herself accompany and face all the difficulties. The two were talking, and Chunsheng’s parents came over. The father accused his son of dumping his proposed wife and asked to see the woman who had fascinated her son. Zhuo Xiaoting publicly admitted that the woman was herself.

Marlene went downstairs and waited for simplicity, and begged her to go back because Mu Jia needed her and he could agree to any conditions. He simply refused, saying that he was arrogant and annoying. He knew about Zhuo Xiaoting, but he didn’t tell him. They are all one kind of people, because they are rich and take the pain of others to entertain.

Marlene pointed out that if Feng Chunsheng simply thinks that Feng Chunsheng is just coveting wealth, then she will be too pitiful. She is so muddled for a lifetime that she doesn’t know how to resist. On the surface, she was well-dressed, but behind her back she was with Lin Wanrou, a male thief and a prostitute. She turned around without waiting for Marlene to explain. Suddenly Marlene couldn’t see clearly and begged to simply send herself to the hospital.

After the doctor’s examination, the doctor diagnosed that Marlene was an acute keratitis caused by trauma. He should not be overworked and emotional. When he walked out of the clinic, Marlene again demanded that he must go back to give Mu Jia to class. Knowing how to respect others, Marlene irritably told Simple to go away, and simply angrily left, but after two steps, she couldn’t bear it, and returned to help Marlene home. She felt that the more she hated Marlene, the more pitiful she felt for Mu Jia. .

After Jane sent Marlene home, she told Mu Jia that something went wrong in her house. Mariewen rushed to say that the teacher’s matter had been dealt with, and he would teach her immediately. Mu Jia asked Jane to come tomorrow, and then went back to the bedroom. Simply angry that Malevin made the decision for himself.

At this moment, Malevin’s cell phone rang, and he couldn’t see clearly and asked Jianyi to answer the call. Lin Wanrou made the call and said that everything he did was for his own good. He didn’t see the translation. You don’t need to read it if you are clear. The chairman did not agree to buy power. Malevin said that no one could stop his decision. He hung up the phone. Please simply read the manuscript translated by Edward. .

When I returned home in the evening, my mother enthusiastically asked Chunsheng about Zhuo Xiaoting’s family background, and her father interrupted her irritably, thinking that we should not be greedy of wealth and conscience.

The next day, after simply giving Mu Jia a lesson, Marlene once again begged her to read the manuscript for herself, simply wondering why he is the boss of the company, why must he use himself? Malevin said sincerely that there is only simplicity around him now. When he read a sensitive passage, he simply wanted to jump over it, but Marlene didn’t allow it. He asked them to take a step back and simply mark the passage for himself, and he thought of a way to read it.

When I got home in the evening, my mother told me that she was still thinking about giving lessons to others. She should take advantage of the fact that both parents are here to force Chunsheng to get married and smile simply.

Marlene ridiculed the simplicity and might not understand Edward’s book. He was simply angry that he couldn’t see why he was begging her to come back. The two were quarreling. Marlene received a call and learned that Lin Wanrou was going to have a meeting, so he immediately let it be simple. Driving me back to the company was simple and reluctant, but it was pitiful to see his sincere attitude and no one could help me. She reluctantly agreed. In fact, she was on the road for the first time after three years with her driver’s license.

Marlene attended the meeting and asked Jian to sit next to him. Lin Wanrou was a little surprised. She believes that Edward’s book audience tends to be aging and has no investment value. Malevin said that he introduced the book because he didn’t want to do business. After he finished speaking, Lin Wanrou chased it out. Malevin said he didn’t expect to replace her. The consequences were so serious that he asked Jian to take himself to Ruidu Hotel.

After meeting with Edward’s agent, Marlene hoped that the other party would give him another chance. He believed that only in his own hands would Edward’s book not waste his creative efforts. However, because the company’s CEO Lin Wanrou had notified the suspension of cooperation, the broker believed that there was a disagreement in the management of the company, and ultimately did not agree.

Zhuo Xiaoting brought a gift to the hotel to see Chunsheng’s parents. Chunsheng’s mother was flattered, and her father apologized to Xiaoting for her recklessness last time. Zhuo Xiaoting said that Chunsheng took him to see her father immediately after he had handled the matter here. Chunsheng’s father said that his son’s change of thinking made them unable to be humans, and suggested that the two should break up. Zhuo Xiaoting declared that the two are in love with each other sincerely, and she will not give up Chunsheng. When she left home, she bumped into Jian Jian’s parents. Simple mother satirized Chunsheng’s parents wanting to climb Gaozhi, and Jian’s father asked Chunsheng’s father to express his opinion.

Simply send Marlene to home and leave. Marlene begged her to read another paragraph to herself. Why did she still read it if she simply didn’t understand that she was no longer cooperating? Marlene stated that this is a good book regardless of cooperation.

In the evening, both parents negotiated with Chunsheng and asked him to resign. Chunsheng said with tears that it was not easy for him to work hard from a small county town to today. Resignation was for his life. Chunsheng’s mother persuaded that as long as the two are broken, Chunsheng should hurry. He made up his mind to say nothing about the relationship, and just wanted to work hard. He moved to the unit under the pretext of working overtime.

Simplicity also felt that Edward wrote a good book. Malevin asked her to take herself to see Edward. She simply did not want to. Malevin asked for simple help in the name of Mu Jia’s father, and simply agreed to help one last time. She saw Malevin look at her. Don’t know, help him put on shoes carefully.

Zhuo Xiaoting organized the bureau to celebrate Feng Chunsheng, congratulated him on winning the Tianfenglongyin, and toasted to colleagues one by one, asking them to help Chunsheng. Unexpectedly, halfway through the dinner, the simple parents came. Zhuo Xiaoting called and asked Jian Gu Dian to come over quickly, and Jian immediately called her mother to get them back, but her mother was very stubborn and didn’t listen at all. It’s easy to go, but Malevin has made an appointment with Edward, and he asks for simplicity to take himself somewhere.

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