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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 5 Recap

Because Wang Yiru caused Mu Jia to be very scared last night, Malevin intends to send her back to the nursing home, but Yiru firmly disagrees. She hopes Malevin will give herself another chance to make her a good mother.

In the evening, Feng Chunsheng finally confessed to Jian Jian that the watch was given by Zhuo Xiaoting. The two have been together for almost a year. Simple and inexhaustible, asked him why he let himself come to Beijing. Feng Chunsheng explained that the two would be separated after she came. In the past, he thought he was a doctor who was superior to others, but after arriving in Beijing, he discovered that there was a hidden dragon and a tiger. He was nothing. He was afraid that he would never get ahead and wanted a fair competition chance. To be simple and straightforward Feng Chunsheng just wanted to take a shortcut, Chunsheng bowed to her and apologized, went out and fled, leaving the simple tears alone in the lonely night.

When Malevin came home from get off work, he saw Wang Yiru digging through boxes and cabinets looking for things, and asked her what she was looking for. Malevin hurriedly comforted Yiru to sleep and went downstairs to take care of his daughter. Mu Jia didn’t understand why his father took his mother home. Marlene hoped that they could help his mother recover sooner, but Mu Jia was afraid of Yiru. She said that if she didn’t let her mother go, she would run away sooner or later.

Early the next morning, Marlene called Jian and said that Sister Dong would not be back in these two days. He came to book Jian the return ticket, but Jian Jian was planning to quit the job. Chunsheng’s betrayal made her very painful. When she talked to her girlfriend Qiao Qingqian, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. At this time, her father called and said that Tian would come to Beijing with Chunsheng’s parents.

Lin Wanrou said that the chairman did not approve of Marlene’s holding of Edward’s copyright, and was also dissatisfied with his insistence on operating the Oulang Bookstore. Seeing Marlene’s mood was not high, Lin Wanrou suggested that he put his stubbornness at work in the family and resisted his father-in-law once. Yiru sent back. Marlene bluntly recalled that she was the child’s mother after all, so that she would fend for herself. I’m sorry for her. The most troublesome thing for him now is the simple resignation. Lin Wanrou wanted to save it, and Marlene planned to invite her personally.

Feng Chunsheng’s parents came to the company angrily to find his son. His father fainted in a hurry. Zhuo Xiaoting sent him to the hospital. She was overjoyed when she learned that Chunsheng had not returned to his hometown to get married. Soon the front desk called and told her Feng Chunsheng Has returned to the company.

Feng Chunsheng said that what he was carrying was the hope of his family for him. He hid and turned off his mobile phone and worked hard because he didn’t know how to face it. Zhuo Xiaoting gently squeezed Chunsheng’s hand and asked him if he didn’t go back to get married because of him. She is willing to accompany Chunsheng to face it from now on.

In the evening, his father forced Chunsheng to make a statement in front of both parents. He would return to his hometown tomorrow to get married. Chunsheng was silent. His father was so angry that he was about to fight. His mother was reluctant to protect him and simply slammed the door away. After receiving a call from Mariev, she was willing to pay double the salary to let her go back, and simply refused.

Simply go back to the room and talk to Chunsheng alone. She made it clear that she would not kidnap Chunsheng with her parents’ orders. This was the case when he came to Beijing, and now he will not. But if Chunsheng pinned her destiny on others, she would pay the price sooner or later. Chunsheng asked simply to give herself time to consider, but then asked what would happen to her if she was not together anymore? Simple and completely dead, proposed to break up. She stood lonely on the bridge, looking at the night view of Beijing with tears in her eyes, with mixed feelings in her heart. Chunsheng did not save herself. She was not reconciled. So many years of feelings ended in such a hasty end?

When Mariev came home from get off work, he smelled a smell of gas. After the inspection, he found that the gas stove in the kitchen was open and there was no flame. He was shocked and immediately pushed Mu Jia to the backyard, and then returned to look for Yiru, with a full face. Excitedly looking at her wedding dress in the front of the mirror, Malevin hurriedly took her to the backyard, recalling that he continued to talk about his father’s best student named Malevin. She spent the summer with him. That was the most memorable thing in her life. Time…, Mu Jia was terrified when she saw it.

The next day, Malevin called Professor Li to pick up Yiru to return to the nursing home. Yiru was very reluctant. Malevin told her that she was going to the dance party on the second floor of Xiaobailou. Only then was Yiru obediently going out with him before getting into the car. , She and Marlene hugged and bid farewell. Lin Wanrou told Malevin that she had signed a contract with Zhuoyuan Group for him, and had also fought for the maximum compensation.

Malevin was furious and accused her of not having the right to do so. Lin Wanrou eloquently argued that the bookstore lost money every year, and that termination was the only way out. Marlene immediately dismissed the assistant and asked Lin Wanrou to notify Sister Dong that she would leave as soon as she arrived. He was dissatisfied with Lin Wanrou’s monitoring of herself in the company and life, and hoped that she would stop interfering in her life from today. As soon as the voice fell, Marlene’s eyes suddenly hurt, but he insisted not to let Lin Wan take control.

Simply persuade the parents to go back, and feel that those who keep Chunsheng can’t hold his heart. Mother feels sorry for the daughter who has suffered so much for Chunsheng, how can she give up lightly? Chunsheng’s father also mentioned that he contracted hepatitis when he was running on a boat. It was a disease that Jian’s father showed him. He beat the two children together, and regarded Jian as his daughter-in-law a long time ago. Now his son has done this. It was impossible to tolerate it, and he was so angry that he was going to find his son to settle the accounts.

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