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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 3 Recap

On the day of Mu Jia’s birthday, Wang Yiru made a special cooking and prepared a table of dishes, but her daughter did not appreciate it, and only reluctantly ate a bite after his father’s persuasion, and commented that it was not delicious. Return to the room to rest. No one thought that the birthday gift that Yiru prepared for Mu Jia was actually a pair of snow shoes.

Mu Jia was greatly stimulated, but Yiru insisted that she did so in the hope that her daughter would stand up and return to the ski resort soon. Jia angrily yelled at the doctor that she might never stand up! Recalling that he still had to argue with his daughter, Malevin interrupted her and asked Sister Dong to get the cake.

Sister Dong brought red wine, and Marlene accused her of buying wine for Yiru. Yiru disapproved, so Mu Jia said that she would die by drinking. Recalling that she was furious, Mu Jia plausibly said that she lost her temper at every turn. She used to be able to go skiing and hide, but now she can’t go anywhere on the wheel. Recalling that angry Mu Jia’s sister has never been like her, Mu Jia cried and knew that she was a substitute for her sister!

Feng Chunsheng heard that Marlene had simply dismissed in front of the students. He was angry that he should be asked to make compensation. He simply believed that Marlene was too arrogant and would be inferior to others if he did that. Feng Chunsheng felt that this was how people from a small place went to a big city. A kind of pain, he has also experienced, they can only put in more effort to be equal to the people like Malevin.

Jian Jian and his younger brother went to the restaurant of girlfriend Qiao Qingqian for dinner. Qing Qian asked Jian Jian to see the wedding dress she prepared for her marriage. The two laughed a lot and were really unhappy.

In the evening, Marlene persuaded Yiru to be away from home for too long, and to give Mu Jia some time, recalling that Marlene shouldn’t put away the photos of his daughter Mu Yun. After all, she had been with them for two years, and she regretted that she shouldn’t. Listening to Marlene’s words gave birth to Mu Jia. Mu Jia didn’t like herself since she was born.

She always quarreled with her. She couldn’t replace Mu Yun at all. Marlene interrupted his wife and told her that this was not what a mother should say. Mu Jia listened. It would be very sad, and he asked Yiru to rest early and go to the study downstairs by himself. As he passed the living room, he heard Sister Dong calling Lin Wanrou again to report on the day at home.

When Qiao Qingqian came to Jianjian’s house to play, she accidentally discovered the watch that Zhuo Xiaoting gave Feng Chunsheng. She told Jianjian that the watch was worth 800,000. After Chunsheng got off work, he was shocked to learn about this incident. He lied that it was a gift from a customer, and he had to return it immediately when he went out with his watch.

Zhuo Xiaoting rushed over after receiving Chunsheng’s call. Chunsheng forcibly returned her watch, and said that she was going to resign in Zhuoyuan Group and that she was about to marry Jianjian, and it was not appropriate to continue working in the company.

Feng Chunsheng went back and was depressed. He and Simple Crossing were almost hit by a car on the road. The owner yelled angrily. The evil fire in Feng Chunsheng’s heart was lit, and he rushed up and took the man. Later, the two sides arrived. The police station lost money. Simply aware that Chunsheng’s emotions are not right, Chunsheng conceals that he is almost middle-aged, and he has to borrow money from his parents to buy a house. It is enough to make up for the down payment. He simply comforts him that success is not only about money and status, but the two work together. Struggle is also happiness, Chunsheng still looks depressed.

At breakfast, recalling that she couldn’t understand Mu Jia’s undressing, and hoped that she would change her dress and her personality would become lively and cute to make up for her physical defects, so as to attract the attention of boys. Mu Jia got angry and threw away his chopsticks and said how cute she is in a wheelchair? Yi Ru left the table angrily.

Zhuo Xiaoting found Feng Chunsheng as soon as she went to work and said that she was going to resign and that Chunsheng didn’t need to grab the prize.

Teacher Yang finally came back, but Ma Mujia splashed it away again with a glass of water.

Marlene was very dissatisfied with the translation speed of Edward’s manuscript, and gave his assistant a severe training. Lin Wanrou took everything over and said that she would arrange it properly. She pointed out that Malevin was in a bad mood because of her daughter’s anger. She was so angry that she knew everything about her family. Even the Dong sister was recruited by her, and Lin Wanrou refused to admit it.

Zhuo Nanzhi was a little surprised by his daughter’s resignation. He heard some gossip and Zhuo Xiaoting said that he and Feng Chunsheng had nothing to do with him.

Recalling that she criticized Mu Jia for leaving her teacher too uneducated. If no teacher can teach her, she will have to go back to school, and she can’t be hostile to everyone because of her own defects. My daughter, Yiru was furious, and asked Mu Jia to apologize to herself. At this time, Marlene came back and Yiru left angrily. Mu Jia told her father that she would not want any teacher Lin Wanrou found. At dinner, the two of them didn’t go downstairs in anger, and Malevin had to eat alone.

Back at the company, Marlene asked Lin Wanrou and Teacher Yang if she was gone, what about Mu Jia’s studies? There is a mess at home now, and Lin Wanrou still asks Sister Dong to do her eyeliner all day long and make short reports. Lin Wanrou yelled her injustice. She suggested that she should find the simplicity again. Curious and simple, she still doesn’t know anything about Feng Chunsheng and Xiaoting. Marlene suggested that she remind her of the simplicity as soon as possible.

Lin Wanrou made an appointment by Lin Wanrou as soon as she received an interview call from the counseling agency. After Lin Wanrou explained her intentions, she simply did not want to go back. She believed that teaching is not a business and she needs to be respected. Seeing the simple attitude, she resolutely got up and left. She promised to give her another 5,000 yuan a month. She would persuade Mr. Ma to curb her temper and ask for leave at any time if she had something to do. After all, she spent a lot of money in Beijing, so she was easily moved and reluctantly agreed.

At the company meeting, Zhuo Nanzhi was very dissatisfied with the investment promotion speed of Feng Chunsheng’s team. He lost his temper and blamed Feng Chunsheng for his position. How many people were thinking about him, he was incompetent and got out!

Simply come back to teach Mu Jia, and Mu Jia asks her to take herself out, and simply go downstairs to ask Marlene for instructions. It just happened that Sister Dong had to take a leave of absence for two or three days because of her husband’s surgery. Mariewen disagreed and said that she would ask for leave. The replacement, simply can’t listen, promised to take care of her lover for a few days for Sister Dong, Sister Dong is grateful.

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