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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 2 Recap

Edward went to the university to hold a lecture. Malevin specially came to the scene to discuss the views of the new book with Edward. His insights were appreciated by Edward. After the lecture, Malevin explained his intentions. Edward admired that he was the first to talk about copyright in this way. He is willing to give Marlene the opportunity to cooperate. Lin Wanrou sighed that Malevin’s perseverance really came to an end. Malevin said that he would spare no effort for the bookstore. At this time, he received a call from Principal Wang and promised to go there immediately.

Principal Wang is Malevin’s father-in-law. He hoped that Malevin would take Yiru home from the nursing home on Mu Jia’s birthday. Malevin was worried that his wife would be upset like the last time he took him back. Principal Wang asked him what he thought of Yiru. Planning, Marlene only said that Yiru will always be Mu Jia’s mother.

Sister Dong told the simple: Mu Jia’s leg was injured when he went skiing abroad two years ago. The previous treatment had no effect. Later, she stayed at home and didn’t go to school. Lin Wanrou was not Mu Jia’s mother. Sister Dong persuaded Mr. Ma to simply listen to Mr. Ma, and go to the class if she can, and she won’t be able to get her salary if she doesn’t. Jian Jian never thought that way. She gently walked into Mu Jia’s room and told her that she didn’t want to go to class and talked.

Mu Jia continued to play the game blankly, and simply picked up a book on the table and read it to Mu Jia. When she got up, she didn’t expect that as soon as she had read two sentences, Mu Jia would recite the following plot in French. She contemptuously said that she only read French books, but simply couldn’t understand it at all.

Feng Chunsheng complained that Zhuo Xiaoting shouldn’t treat herself like that at the meeting yesterday, and asked everyone to discuss that he was on top of the chairman’s daughter, and that she could not face the simplicity by doing so. Zhuo Xiaoting agreed to this project. She resigned. After she showed her father Feng Chunsheng’s Oulang shopping mall renovation and upgrade plan, Zhuo Zhinan praised him and encouraged Feng Chunsheng to let go of his hands and feet and do it boldly. The company will give him the green light all the way and never treat talents badly.

Feng Chunsheng was promoted quickly with Zhuo Xiaoting’s help, and the office was replaced by an independent room. He took Jian to see the house again with great joy, and the two decided to buy the house immediately, and moved in after simple cleaning. At this time, Zhuo Xiaoting called and asked Feng Chunsheng to go out to socialize with her, and simply and specially asked Chunsheng to thank Mr. Zhuo.

Zhuo Xiaoting took Feng Chunsheng to Marlene’s house and introduced him to her best friend Lin Wan and Marlene. Only then did Feng Chunsheng realize that he was simply a tutor at Mr. Ma’s house, and he was a little embarrassed. Marlene told him meaningfully in the bathroom that with Xiaoting’s assistance, his future is boundless. Feng Chunsheng emphasized that he is about to get married and that he is only working with Xiaoting. Marlene said that everything is changing and developing. not excluded.

After eating, Feng Chunsheng went out alone and angry. After Xiaoting caught up, Feng Chunsheng accused her of finding a job for Simple to put pressure on him. Although she is younger than Simple and rich, she cannot be despised. Don’t call yourself this kind of private gathering anymore. Xiaoting explained that the job search was purely coincidental, and that he had met Lin Wanrou for the purpose of carrying out work in the future. Feng Chunsheng said indifferently that he was going home, and that he was simply off work.

Chunsheng went home simply, feeling that after he graduated, he studied for a master’s degree and then a doctoral degree. Beijing is a city that can’t go back after he comes. He simply and affectionately said that he will always be with him. Feng Chunsheng decided to obtain the certificate as soon as possible and simply. Can’t wait for years to come.

Zhuo Xiaoting and Lin Wanrou came out to do beauty treatments. Lin Wanrou analyzed that Zhuo Xiaoting’s feelings for Feng Chunsheng was not a liking, but a desire to conquer. Zhuo Xiaoting denied it.

After eating breakfast the next day, Malevin told his daughter to wait for her to take her mother home for her birthday, so that her mother can take care of her at home in the future. Mu Jia strongly opposed, she resolutely said that her mother would leave by herself when she came back.

Lin Wanrou bought a necklace and had to ask Malevin to wear it for herself, so she simply went to the company to find Lin Wanrou to get the contract. When she ran into this scene, Malevin was a little annoyed and spoke very aggressively. In the evening, after simply telling Feng Chunsheng about the aggrieved matter, Chunsheng persuaded her that she hadn’t seen it and simply disagreed with his point of view.

The next morning, Malevin and his daughter were having breakfast when they simply came to work. Malevin told her that they would not use it after today. Mu Jia asked his father the reason. Malevin said that he had worked so hard to invite Teacher Yang back.

Mu Jia immediately rushed into the bedroom. Simply believe that Malevin fired himself because of yesterday’s affairs. If he admits that he still can afford him, Malevin reminds him that he has time to ponder his own affairs. She paid her a monthly salary for ten days. , Saying that she only took what she deserved, she asked Malevin to reflect: Is it appropriate to expel her teacher in front of the students?

Simply came to Mu Jia’s room and brought her the French book she bought. She didn’t expect that Mu Jia said that she didn’t like reading at all. It was her father who forced her, so she simply suggested that Mu Jia use other things for throwing things and refusing to communicate with people in the future. Instead, she will gradually become more and more happy when she is happy. Mu Jia coldly said that she is no longer her own tutor. There is nothing to say. I hope that Mu Jia will take classes with the new teacher. She believes here. The gold medal teacher of of will definitely be better than himself.

Lin Wanrou heard that Marlene was planning to take Yiru home. She was angry that he always compromised unconditionally to President Wang. She admitted that she was Marlene who she took the initiative to pursue, but wondered if he regretted it? Marlene said that life had pushed them into a situation, and there was no need to hold on to it. Lin Wanrou said that she just didn’t want to see Marlene being so unhappy, but he pushed herself into this situation.

Marlene met with Professor Li first when he went to the nursing home. He was worried that what happened last year after he took his wife back. Professor Li said that among the suicidal patients with bipolar disorder he treated, Yiru had the best control of his condition. This is also Marxist. As a result of Wen seeking medical treatment sincerely, he also hoped that Marlene could take Yiru back and accompany her in life. Professor Li told Marlene, remembering that she was born out of love, and don’t let her drink wine again after returning, and try not to mention the grievances between their husband and wife in the past few years.

When Malevin recalled it, she was waiting in her room in full dress. She was ashamed that her illness had dragged him down for so long. She said leisurely that she was really lonely living in this cold and cold place except for the doctor and the caregiver. Thinking of Levin paying so much for his illness, and remembering that Mu Mu still needs a mother, he said to himself that he must get better.

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