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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 1 Recap

Many years later, Simple still remembers this scene: the remote and unfamiliar Georgian Caucasus snowy mountains, deserted and icy, Malevin drove her halfway, suddenly the engine broke down, the road was blocked by the snow, and the rescue team also When she can’t get in, she often thinks: What makes herself and him go with him in this icy world?

Time goes back to three months ago: Jian Jian used to teach in Chongqing Fengjie Middle School and was about to be evaluated for senior titles, but for love, she resigned her job without hesitation and came to Beijing with her bags.

The night in Beijing was gentle and cold. Zhuo Xiaoting, the general manager of Zhuoyuan Group, had dinner with her subordinate Feng Chunsheng. Faced with the gift from Zhuo Xiaoting, Feng Chunsheng embarrassed that his girlfriend was coming to Beijing. I have been together for eight years, and I want to explain to her and prepare to get married. Zhuo Xiaoting was not entangled, but when she broke up, she insisted that Feng Chunsheng hold the watch, saying that it was a thought, and the two embraced and separated. Feng Chunsheng returned to the rental room, recalling the past with Zhuo Xiaoting, and felt uneasy.

After a brief ride on the train, Feng Chunsheng took her to a second-hand house that she had fancyed before, and simply suggested renting the house first, so that there would not be too much pressure. The two were discussing. Zhuo Xiaoting called, Shan In a simple and understanding way, Feng Chunsheng advised Feng Chunsheng to go back to work first.

After Feng Chunsheng hurried back, Zhuo Xiaoting took him to Oulang Shopping Mall and told him that the company had decided to give Feng Chunsheng full responsibility for the upgrade project of the mall. On the other side, it was as simple as the tutoring agency interviewing a tutor. Because she did not have the qualifications to teach in a prestigious school, the tutoring agency assigned her to a remote family to do tutoring for the sixth grade of elementary school.

When Zhuo Xiaoting took Feng Chunsheng to the most eye-catching bookstore location in the shopping mall, she just happened to stroll here. Zhuo Xiaoting offered to invite the two to have dinner. Feng Chunsheng was about to decline, and she simply agreed. During the meal, Zhuo Xiaoting heard that she was going to interview for a tutor job, she immediately called her best friend Lin Wanrou, and quickly agreed to let Simple go to the interview. Simple was very grateful.

In the evening, after simply and carefully calculating the salary and expenses of her and Chunsheng, she felt that they could buy a house in Beijing after 15 years of loan. She was full of longing for the future life of the two, but Feng Chunsheng at the moment was full of thoughts. He was shocked when he heard that Xiaoting added a simple WeChat account.

During the simple interview, she was late because of a subway stop, and her client was Marlene, who was a company boss and full of style. Before the brief introduction of herself was finished, Malevin interrupted impatiently and asked her to give herself a reason to hire her. Jian Yi hadn’t spoken yet, and there were calls coming in one after another. It turned out that it was a student who was called by his father again, calling Jian Jian for help.

When Marlene heard Lin Wanrou said that Teacher Yang would not come back for a while, he decided to hire a simple one, with a monthly salary of 15 thousand and five days of work a week. After the simple departure, Marlene complained that the teacher Lin Wanrou had invited was unreliable, and Lin Wanrou promised to let the teacher go simply after Yang returned.

Malevin did not get the copyright to the author Edward’s new book because of his lateness. On the way back, Lin Wanrou said that Oulang Mall might have to suspend the lease with the bookstore. They just took the opportunity to close the bookstore, but Malevin was bent on acquiring Edward’s copyright to maintain the bookstore. He planned to go to Edward directly through the agent.

When Jian Jian taught Ma Mujia for the first time, the community security told her that she was the third home teacher this month. After simply entering the door, the nanny introduced her to the area of ​​the room, and especially told her not to enter Mr. Ma’s room.

I simply didn’t expect Ma Mujia to be a disabled girl. When she saw her coming in, she immediately pushed her wheelchair into the bedroom, and then turned on the sound of the room’s audio so loudly, she simply ignored it. Simply through the nanny Dong Jie learned that Ma Mujia has always had such a temperament, and has already sent away several teachers.

Lin Wanrou bought a massage chair for Marlene on her own initiative. After the goods were delivered, Mu Jia asked who bought it. She simply didn’t understand the situation, and casually said that her mother bought it. Unexpectedly, Ma Mujia immediately picked up the fruit knife on the table and scraped the massage chair. spent.

After Malevin came back, he hurriedly explained to his daughter. He was angry and simply talked nonchalantly. He simply felt that he should tell him his daughter’s state in advance. Malevin told her to watch not to let her daughter have an accident. Simply angry, why should he hire a family teacher? ? Malevin said bluntly that she was hired because she took a call from a child during an interview.

Otherwise, she neither graduated from a prestigious school nor has a high degree of education, but had taught in a middle school in the county, and did not expect her to teach her children at all. He asked to simply clean up the glass slag in his daughter’s room and then leave. Simply saying that the massage chair is not answering properly is her own problem, but the hygiene in the room is not her job.

Feng Chunsheng brought the planned mall upgrade plan to the meeting for discussion. Manager Xu was full of difficulties. At this time Zhuo Xiaoting came. She brought everyone a supper, and deliberately expressed her enthusiasm for Feng Chunsheng and told everyone that she helped Chunsheng. It was to help himself and the chairman, Manager Xu understood and immediately agreed.

In the evening, Sister Dong secretly called Lin Wanrou to report the day at home. Marlene heard it when he passed by, but did not say anything. When Feng Chunsheng on the other side returned home, Jian Jian was already asleep. He looked at the message that Jian Jian sent and thanked Zhuo Xiaoting for helping him find a job. Chunsheng felt mixed.

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