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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 20 Recap

Lin Jin-Jin actively looking for work, Wang Xiaoan participate Banquet

When Ye Nan and Lin Jinjin went to the ski shop, they saw Sister Ai. Sister Ai asked if Lin Jinjin didn’t take up work because of Ye Nan? Lin Jinjin said that she had already said that if they refused to give her an explanation, she would not go back.

Sister Ai told Lin Jinjin to stop doing it, and the company’s superiors were particularly dissatisfied with her current negative attitude. If she continues to be so self-willed, she will not be able to keep her, she will be happy if she insists that the company hides her in the end. Sister Ai asked her one last thing, is she acting the second female number? Lin Jinjin said that she would not act, and then Sister Ai left angrily.

Ye Nan asked her if she was delayed at work again. Lin Jinjin said that this project was too long, and it took four months to shoot, and she couldn’t bear Ye Nan.

It is too difficult for the gaming platform to contact individuals. It has been several days, and there is no reply. He Feng said that before the holiday, if everyone has a lot of work, the efficiency of work is low. Xiao An said that spending money to buy copyrights is so inactive. Maybe it’s because the other party really has grudges against her and deliberately retaliate.

He Feng said that it is impossible. He abides by the law and must not sin against anyone. Wang Xiaoan asked him if it was because his emotional intelligence was not high that he had offended people and didn’t know. He Feng directly gave her a brainstorm.

He Feng said that his mother asked the two of them to go back for dinner tomorrow, but Wang Xiaoan still needs some psychological development. He Feng said that the two of them will get the certificate next month, and she always has to see his parents.

During the meal, He Feng told his mother that he and Xiao An were going to receive the certificate next month. The mother said that she was actually enlightened and that parents would never interfere with their children’s relationships. Since they had figured out that they were going to get married, she still had to put the shame on the front.

She said that Xiaofeng was busy working day and night, and she was the same as a screenwriter. When they get married in the future, who will take care of whom? He Feng said that they have already thought about it. Xiao An now resigns and plans to find a stable job with time. Feng Yiyi asked her what new job she was looking for?

Wang Xiaoan said that he was still looking for it. Feng Yi gave He Feng a small sweet and sour chop, and said that he made it specially for him. He Feng handed the bowl over. Wang Xiaoan kicked He Feng, and then He Feng gave the sweet and sour small row to his mother and let her eat. He also said that he had a toothache recently, and he couldn’t stand the sweetness and sourness. This meal is simply a Hongmen feast.

After washing the dishes, Wang Xiaoan cut the fruit out, and saw the three of them sitting together, suddenly worried about his future life. He Feng said that he wanted to take wedding photos, but Feng Yiyi said that he was so busy at work, how could he have time to take them? He Feng said that he wanted to give Xiao An an unforgettable wedding. But my mother feels that the wedding is a bit farther away now, and both parents still have to meet. In fact, they have their own plans, but He Feng’s mother always intervenes in his decisions.

Wang Xiaoan doesn’t want to go according to her plan, so now she must find a job as soon as possible.

Sister Ai asked Lin Jinjin, did she think it through? Lin Jinjin thanked Sister Ai for not giving up on her, and she will definitely work hard in the future. But she felt that she could not give up love, and finally walked with Ye Nan. She hoped that Sister Ai could arrange some shorter jobs for herself, and she promised to cooperate. Sister Ai smiled, how big is her wrist?

Lai Haoyun didn’t dare to say that while still picking a job, she didn’t know that the competition in the film and television industry was so fierce. She is so big that she hasn’t produced any works for a year, so she still fades out of everyone’s vision. And now many people are looking forward to her giving up this role. Lin Jinjin said she knows all about it, but falling in love also has the benefits of falling in love. She must have a deeper understanding of emotional drama and will have more breakthroughs in acting.

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