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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 18 Recap

Shumo could see that Ren Rufeng had a deep sense of affection for Shu Fang. He felt that it would be better to stop Shu Fang and not allow her to enter Wei Lianggong’s yard. Ren Rufeng knew that Shu Fang had an idea, and Wei Lianggong was in poor health. If she stopped her, Shu Fang would definitely hate him. Zhang Biao was not among the water bandits caught by the officers and soldiers today. Cao Wenbin’s master gave him an analysis, and Shen Cuixi suddenly provided clues for the prefect to arrest people, most likely because Li Zhao was involved.

Cao Wenbin was overjoyed. If Li Zhao was really involved, then this would be a big case that shocked Jiangnan. He asked him to patrol and seize Li Zhao’s handle and he would be rewarded. Soon, Li Zhao also learned that Cao Wenbin had sent people on patrols, and he was very upset about this. Master Liu suggested that he go to Jiangning and let people suppress Cao Wenbin.

Wei Lianggong is also going to go to Jiangning, bringing the evidence collected these days, Shen Cuixi made him a suit and talked to him about the past when he entered the Ren family. From the beginning, she and Zeng Baoqin had a special relationship. After her parents died one after another, her father left her a ring. Father had saved the life of Master Ren, and this ring was a token. Later, she came to the gate of Renfu by herself, and Zeng Baoqin just saw it and led her into Renfu.

Wei Lianggong looked into her eyes and couldn’t help singing to her. The next day, Shen Cuixi took Wei Lianggong out for a boat trip. Wei Lianggong said that before meeting Shen Cuixi and Zeng Baoqin, he was pessimistic and world-weary. After meeting them, he knew that there are so many beautiful things in the world.

There are so many restraints on women in this world, and both she and Zeng Baoqin can still live so strong, how can he be decadent and depressed. He met Shen Cuixi too late, but even so, he had to live with her well. There were women and children selling melon seeds outside. Shen Cuixi was very kind and asked Shu Fang to buy all her melon seeds, but she refused to give her name.

Wei Lianggong and Shen Cuixi continued to talk, Wei Lianggong couldn’t help coughing, and Shen Cuixi was very worried when he saw that he coughed up blood. They all understand that the short time they spent together is the most precious memory of each other. They swim the lake together, fish together, and grill fish together. Listening to the patter of rain, spend this last, rare time in peace.

Spring is coming soon, and Shen Cuixi’s picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water is almost complete. Wei Lianggong proposed to walk under the bridge tomorrow and listen to the gossip of a hundred schools of thought. He slowly leaned on Shen Cuixi’s shoulder, losing his anger. Shen Cuixi called his name but couldn’t get a response. Shen Cuixi’s heart was twisted like a knife, and tears fell on the picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water.

When Zeng Baoqin came to Ren’s house, he only saw Wei Lianggong lying on the bed with a lifeless appearance. Later, Wei Lianggong’s coffin was placed on the boat, and Zeng Baoqin sat on the boat and escorted the coffin away. Shen Cuixi was overwhelmed with grief, not eating or drinking, which made Shu Fang very worried. On the day that Wei Liang bowed out of the funeral, Shen Cuixi changed into white clothes to go to the funeral, but was dragged by Cao Wenbin unexpectedly.

She had to let Shu Fang go to the sacrifice shed first, and she arranged her emotions to deal with Cao Wenbin. Cao Wenbin asked her to pick materials for the girl who was about to leave the cabinet, and Shen Cuixi agreed. After dealing with Cao Wenbin’s family, Shen Cuixi hurriedly got into the carriage, changed into mourning clothes on the carriage, rushed to the sacrifice shed, and finally caught up to worship Wei Lianggong. After she burned the incense and worshipped, Zeng Baoqin made people spirits up.

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