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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 17 Recap

Tan Xuanlin accompanied Wanqing to the temple to pay homage to his mother, but he did not enter the inner room with Wanqing. Standing outside, Tan Xiulin secretly swears to Wanqing’s mother that she will let the truth come to light. Tan Xuanlin pressed Min Dacheng step by step, saying that he knew that he had concealed the truth about the killing of Mu Yuanhang, and guessed that he must have sought Xu Bojun.

If it weren’t for Tan Xuanlin’s help, Wanqing would be grateful for the gratitude of her mother and brother. Tan Xuanlin took Wanqing to the mountain and pointed her finger at the entire Shanghai city, indicating that it was her own site and promised that she would make Wanqing safe and sound. Wanqing stared at Tan Xuanlin affectionately, couldn’t help holding his neck, and kissed him actively. Tan Xuanlin was stunned. This time, he confirmed Wanqing’s heart.

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